Education Resources on Minimalism and Austere Living

My favourite resources on minimalism, including university courses, online learning, and research for a sustainable, simple lifestyle.

John Goodrich

Embracing minimalism and austere living can also be an educational journey. Below are resources from academic institutions and educational platforms that offer structured learning opportunities on these topics.

University Courses

  1. Harvard University - Environmental Science and Public Policy
  2. Stanford University - Philosophy and Literature
  3. Yale University - Happiness and the Good Life

Online Learning Platforms

  1. Coursera
    • Offers a variety of courses related to sustainability, well-being, and lifestyle design that align with minimalist principles.
    • Explore Courses on Coursera
  2. Udemy
  3. edX
    • Access courses from universities around the world on topics such as sustainable living and consumer behavior.
    • Discover edX Courses

Educational Articles and Research

  1. “The Minimalist Lifestyle: A Framework for Personal Development”
  2. “Sustainable Consumption in Everyday Life: A Qualitative Study of UK Consumer Experiences of Meat Reduction”
    • Research exploring sustainable consumption, which often overlaps with minimalist and austere living principles.
    • Access the Study

Educational Organizations and Non-Profits 1. The Center for a New American Dream - Promotes awareness of the impact of consumer culture and encourages more sustainable and minimalist living. - Visit New Dream

  1. The Simplicity Institute

Educational Forums and Communities 1. Simple Living Forums - A community for discussing strategies and experiences related to simple, minimalist living. - Join Simple Living Forums

These educational resources offer a structured approach to understanding and implementing minimalism and austere living in your life. Whether through formal university courses or self-guided online learning, there is a wealth of knowledge available for those seeking to deepen their understanding of these lifestyles.