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My experience with the Amazon Light Bulb Camera 2MP HD 360° (2024)

My thoughts on the Amazon Light Bulb Camera: setup, performance, smart home synergy, and overall value, enhancing my minimalistic smart home.

Mary Goodrich


January 30, 2024


I recently purchased the Homisogi Light Bulb Security Camera for my smart home. This device appealed to me because it offers security features while maintaining a minimalist design, making it an unobtrusive addition to my living space. As someone who values both technology and simplicity, I was attracted to the concept of a covert security solution that functions as an ordinary household item.


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Recommended Uses For Product Indoor/Outdoor Brand Homisogi
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Amazon light bulb camera 2mp hd 360° ptz with alexa unpacking with guie Amazon light bulb camera 2mp hd 360° ptz with alexa box Amazon light bulb camera 2mp hd 360° ptz with alexa mounted


Initial Setup Experience

Amazon light bulb camera 2mp hd 360° ptz with alexa mounted

When I wanted to enhance my home security system, I opted for the Homisogi Light Bulb Security Camera. My fascination with smart home technology drew me to this product’s innovative concept of integrating lighting fixtures and security devices. Here’s a straightforward account of my setup process:

Ease of Installation:

  • Screw-In Design: The camera installation was as straightforward as screwing in a light bulb, quite literally. No wiring or electrical work required which I found incredibly convenient.

  • App Setup: The process of configuring the camera app was quite straightforward. I managed to pair the device seamlessly with my Wi-Fi network during the App Setup stage, without encountering any significant difficulties.

Early Hiccups:

  • Memory Card Requirement: Before you can even start setting up, you’ll need a microSD card, which isn’t included, so make sure you have one on hand.

  • Potential Connectivity Issues: Some initial patience was needed, as it took a few tries to connect the camera to my Wi-Fi network.

The Homisogi camera’s simple installation attracted me. It fitted into any standard E27 bulb socket, making setup quicker than anticipated. I was drawn to its promise of 2MP HD resolution for clarity, and night visibility was a must-have feature for me. The Homisogi camera boasts advanced infrared technology, ensuring optimal night vision capabilities.

Since the camera is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, I was excited to test its integration into my smart home system. The feature of multi-user sharing intrigued me as it allows access for family members and friends.

However, one challenge I encountered was the inconsistent performance of the app’s playback feature. This issue was particularly problematic for a security camera application since instant access to feeds is essential. It was disheartening when attempting to view the feed only to be met with a loading screen.

The two-way audio function was excellent. Its clear transmission provided reassurance when video issues arose. I communicated through it without any noticeable delay, making this feature highly effective.

Despite the occasional hiccup, the thought of having motion detection and auto tracking gave me peace of mind. Knowing that the camera could lock onto a target and send an alert to my phone felt reassuring. However, I’ll confess that these features, while impressive on paper, require real-world testing over time to validate their reliability.

The Homisogi Light Bulb Camera setup presented some challenges, primarily concerning the app functionality and playback issues. These problems significantly hindered the overall user experience. However, the camera’s effortless installation process and economical price still make for a generally favorable impression. The prospect of extending coverage by incorporating an additional unit remains enticing. In summary, despite the substantial hurdles posed by the app functionality and playback issues, the Homisogi Light Bulb Camera provides an intriguing value proposition at its affordable cost.

Performance and Functionality

Amazon light bulb camera 2mp hd 360° ptz with alexa unpacking with guie

The Homisogi Light Bulb Security Camera provides several desirable features for a smart home setup. Its 2MP HD resolution guarantees sharp, clear images and videos for security purposes. The panoramic view, which covers 355° horizontally and 90° vertically, ensures extensive area surveillance.

What I appreciated about this camera:

  • Clear images day and night, which means that the camera’s functionality is effective around the clock.

  • The security feature of Motion detection and auto tracking focuses on identifying movement within the camera’s field of view and follows the moving subject.

  • Two-way audio is beneficial for interactions with family or acting as a deterrent against intruders.

These features offer protection and control in a home security system.

However, the camera installation was generally easy - merely screw it into a socket and connect to WiFi via an app. Yet, some users might find the network connection and settings adjustment less than intuitive. Additionally, clearer instructions could help prevent frustration during this process.

I also need to consider the cost of a memory card for storage, as it’s not included with the camera. This adds to the overall expense. Moreover, the camera doesn’t have its own light source, so using it means losing a light in your home. It’s important to strike a balance between security and the functionality of a light fixture.

While some users encountered issues with the app’s performance and design, syncing the camera and installing the memory card offers significant benefits. These include monitoring pets, children, and ensuring home safety in real-time.

Here’s a clear explanation of my findings:


  • High-quality video resolution.

  • This monitor offers generous angles for viewing with pan and tilt capabilities.

  • Easy installation.

  • Motion tracking and push notifications for enhanced security.


  • Can be challenging to set up for some.

  • Requires a separate memory card.

  • Loss of a functional light source.

In essence, the Homisogi Light Bulb Camera is a powerful security device that easily integrates into smart home systems. Although some users have reported issues with setup and usage, its functions meet the demands of contemporary home security systems. It serves as an additional surveillance tool, providing the reassurance that often justifies overcoming initial difficulties.

Smart Home Integration

Amazon light bulb camera 2mp hd 360° ptz with alexa box

The Homisogi Light Bulb Security Camera is an excellent addition to any smart home, facilitating seamless integration through platforms such as Alexa and Google Assistant. This smart home integration allows for effortless voice command control, enhancing the overall user experience.

Pros and Cons:


  • Easy integration with smart home systems

  • Effective pan and tilt range for extensive coverage

  • Motion detection with alerts enhances home security by notifying you of any movement in your property.

  • Two-way audio feature: This enables real-time communication.

  • Sharing among multiple users is suitable for families.


  • Some users encounter issues during the setup process.

  • A memory card is required for setup. This might be an inconvenience.

  • Potential issues with app playback

  • Occupies a light socket without providing light functionality

Smart home integration is a significant feature of this device. It transforms it from a solitary security camera into a component of a connected system of devices. With voice commands, you can view camera feeds, grant access to multiple users, and obtain real-time motion alerts. Consequently, I remain informed about my home’s security, regardless of location.

The device offers several advantages, such as easy installation and portability. However, there are some drawbacks that should be considered. A memory card is required for operation, which may be frustrating for some users. This can add an extra cost and inconvenience. Another drawback is the lack of a light feature, which can be inconvenient when installing it in an existing fixture, making the installation process more challenging.

Due to the convenience of voice commands, I use the camera features frequently for quick checks without having to touch a device. This hands-free control fits well with my goal of living efficiently.

In my smart home, this camera integrates well beyond security. It blends in and cooperates with other devices. The Homisogi light bulb camera achieves this. Its compatibility with my home’s smart system offsets its drawbacks, making it an essential part of my living space.

Final Verdict and Value

Balance scale with a bulb camera on one side and stacks of coins on the other

In the world of smart home devices and minimalist living, the Homisogi Light Bulb Security Camera offers an appealing choice for home surveillance without the hassle of traditional security systems. The product showcases both conveniences and challenges in my usage, resulting in a generally favorable evaluation, albeit with some concerns.


  • Straightforward installation: Attach it to any light fixture using a standard E27 bulb base by screwing it in.

  • Clear HD images: The 2MP camera captures sharp day and night footage.

  • Detects and tracks motion: This device identifies moving objects and sends alerts.

  • Two-way audio: I can communicate with anyone in range of the camera.

  • Multiple user access: Up to thirty users can make use of this feed for monitoring. This feature allows for multiple user access, enabling effective collaboration and real-time data sharing among team members.


  • Playback issues: At times, the playback wouldn’t load in the app.

  • User-friendly setup: Setting up may not be as straightforward for everyone.

  • Incompatibility with light: Installing this camera means losing a light source in that fixture.

With its wireless connectivity and adjustable settings, this camera is perfect for modern homes. I found it convenient to monitor my kids and pets from anywhere at any time. Its integration with Alexa and Google Assistant made it an effortless addition to my smart home ecosystem.

However, the drawbacks shouldn’t be ignored. There were moments when the product did not perform as advertised, with playback issues being the most notable. For some, the initial setup was less intuitive than expected, requiring patience and perhaps a bit more technical know-how. Additionally, losing a light fixture’s primary function for the sake of surveillance is a tradeoff that needs consideration, especially within a minimalistic design philosophy.

In evaluating its value, this camera offers a cost-effective solution compared to many other security devices, offering notable features without breaking the bank. I would recommend this product for those who value the incorporation of smart technology and can tolerate the occasional hiccup.

When considering the Homisogi Light Bulb Security Camera for your home, keep in mind its limitations as well as its minimalistic design. This discreet device offers an excellent balance between aesthetics and functionality, making it a valuable addition to any home decor. Due to its overall minimalistic nature, the Homisogi camera blends unobtrusively into your living space, providing a cohesive home surveillance solution. Keep in mind the limitations of this innovative device and you’ll find it an invaluable investment for enhancing your home security.