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My impressions of the ARENTI 4MP Indoor WiFi Security Camera: 3PCS Pet & Baby Cam (2024)

My thoughts on Arenti security cameras: setup, quality, features, and durability for a smart, minimalist home.

John Goodrich


January 1, 2024


I recently installed the Arenti 4MP Indoor WiFi Security Camera in my home and wanted to give an overview of my experience. As a fan of smart home tech and someone who appreciates the simplicity of minimalism, finding gadgets that fit both these criteria can be a challenge. This camera seemed to offer a good mix of both worlds with its sleek design and smart features.


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Initial Setup and Connectivity

Arenti 4mp indoor wifi security camera, 3pcs pet & baby cam 1

Setting up the Arenti 4MP Indoor WiFi Security Camera was a simple process. Connecting and securing my home is crucial, especially with a busy lifestyle and children and pets. The setup process followed the usual steps for smart home devices:

  • Powering up: Simply plugging in the cameras and waiting a few seconds for them to boot up was fuss-free.

  • App installation: Downloading the Arenti app was a quick affair, and it was easy to locate on my smartphone’s app store.

  • Device recognition: The app recognized the cameras almost instantly, making the pairing process seamless.

  • Connectivity: Here’s where I hit a small snag; the camera only supports 2.4GHz WiFi, not 5GHz. If your home network is set to 5GHz, you’ll need to adjust the settings.

The catch with Connectivity Technology is that it only works on Android and iOS devices, excluding PC support. This may be inconvenient if you prefer managing your home security system from a desktop or laptop.

As for voice assistants, integrating with Alexa and Google Assistant was straightforward. Using voice commands to access the live feed felt modern and aligned with the minimalism design, reducing the need for physical interaction. However, encountering occasional misunderstandings from the system can be frustrating.

One of my concerns was about managing alerts from the camera system. Notifications for motion or sound detections are convenient, but can be disruptive during meetings or focused work periods. Customizing sensitivity and alert areas helps, but there’s no option to temporarily pause alerts. This means I have to disable the motion sensor alert entirely if I want a break from notifications.

Here’s a clear explanation of the setup process:


  • Powering up and connecting is a simple process for the app.

    • This product works well with voice assistants like Alexa and Google.
  • Adjustable settings for alert threshold and coverage area.


  • This device only works with 2.4GHz WiFi networks, it doesn’t support 5GHz.

  • Lack of PC compatibility is a disadvantage for certain users.

  • Instant alerts can be distracting without the ability to temporarily mute them.

To sum up, the Arenti camera delivers a clear view of your home, syncs effectively with smart home platforms, and offers customization through its app. Although encountering some connectivity and alert management issues during setup, overall, the process was straightforward. The user-friendly interface and reasonable cost contribute to my favorable opinion. I anticipate future upgrades to address these concerns.

Image Quality and Storage

Arenti 4mp indoor wifi security camera, 3pcs pet & baby cam 2

When evaluating the image quality and storage capabilities of the Arenti 4MP Indoor WiFi Security Camera, several noteworthy features stand out. The following provides a straightforward analysis:

  • 4MP UHD Resolution: The indoor camera’s video footage is of high quality. The details are clear during daytime activities and nighttime recordings.

  • Advanced Night Vision: The night vision feature is impressive, providing clear images up to 32 feet away. This capability brings me comfort knowing I can see in total darkness.

  • I value the various Storage Options my camera provides, including the use of a MicroSD card for local storage. This flexible Storage Option can accommodate up to 128GB, enabling me to save my files independently of cloud services if desired. Employing this Storage Option is advantageous for safeguarding privacy and avoiding ongoing costs.

But it’s important to note that while the video quality is good, there can be occasional skips or freezes in the live feed. This isn’t a major issue, but something to be aware of. Additionally, the audio feature allows for two-way communication, but the sound can be relatively quiet. To optimize usage, position the camera closer to interactions for clearer audio.

As for cloud storage, the three-month free trial is beneficial for trying out the service before subscribing. However, keep in mind that long-term use necessitates a subscription. I discovered the event recording feature particularly useful as it saves space by only recording clips upon detection of movement or noise, instead of continuously recording.

There’s a constant debate over whether local or cloud storage is more suitable. I generally choose local storage due to the enhanced security and control it provides for my data. Nonetheless, some people might opt for cloud services because of their convenience and additional features.

From a minimalist viewpoint, the camera’s small size blends seamlessly into home decor without being intrusive. Despite its compact design, it offers extensive coverage. The mounting or standing capability enhances its versatility. The installation process is uncomplicated, requiring no lengthy manual or specialized technical skills.

In summary, the Arenti camera provides a good blend of quality and functionality despite occasional lags and two-way audio limitation. Its affordability and offered features make me generally satisfied with its performance, security, and convenience for my home.

Security Features and Alerts

Arenti 4mp indoor wifi security camera, 3pcs pet & baby cam 3

Navigating the security settings of the Arenti 4MP Indoor WiFi Security Camera is essential for any home security system. The camera’s motion detection and real-time alerts offer valuable peace of mind. During setup, I found that adjusting the motion detection sensitivity helped prevent false alarms. One notable feature is the real-time alert system, which notifies you through the app of detected human activity, motion, or unusual sounds.

Here’s a description of the security features that stood out for me:

  • Human detection alerts provide you with necessary information in a non-intrusive way.

  • You can customize the sensitivity and adjust the motion and sound alert settings to suit your environment and personal preferences. This level of customization allows you to receive only the notifications that are relevant and significant to you.

  • The Privacy mode is a useful feature that enables you to switch off the camera remotely when required for security or personal reasons.

However, the instant alerts have some limitations. I value the notifications, but during meetings, I wish for more fine-tuned control. The ability to momentarily quiet notifications from specific cameras without disabling all motion alerts would be helpful.

On the positive side, the integration with Alexa and Google Assistant lets you easily view live feeds or use two-way audio communication hands-free. This is helpful when your hands are occupied. Additionally, up to five family members can share the camera, ensuring everyone stays informed about home activities.

While the camera system offers strong features, its use of a 2.4GHz WiFi connection can be a drawback for those who have faster 5GHz networks. Many smart devices lack support for 5GHz connections, which might disappoint users with newer routers that prioritize this frequency for its speed advantages.

In summary, the Arenti cameras deliver a robust security solution that’s largely user-friendly and efficient. The smart alert system adapts to users’ needs, and the privacy mode respects personal space. Despite minor issues like 2.4GHz WiFi limitation and occasional false alerts, the cameras’ reliability and integration with smart home systems outweigh these inconveniences. As a result, the Arenti indoor camera is an appealing choice for those desiring advanced surveillance features and user-centric operation within their smart homes.

Long-Term Usage and Reliability

Arenti 4mp indoor wifi security camera, 3pcs pet & baby cam 4

Over time, I’ve found the Arenti 4MP Indoor WiFi Security Cameras to be both reliable and presenting some minor issues. Their compact design and unobtrusive presence make them a great fit for my smart home focused on minimalism.

Here’s a quick rundown of my long-term usage:

  • Reliability: The cameras have been quite steadfast, recording without interruption and maintaining a good connection to the WiFi network. I’ve experienced very few issues concerning their day-to-day operational stability.

  • Software updates: Firmware and app updates have been consistent, bringing new features and improving existing ones, which has been a positive aspect of their longevity.

  • Customer support: The team was responsive when I needed help, which is important for any tech user.

However, like any tech product, there are some disadvantages:

  • Occasional skips/freezes in video: While generally reliable, I’ve noticed brief moments when the video feed skips or freezes. It’s not a deal-breaker but can be a nuisance.

  • Two-way audio feature: This innovation can have some issues with sound clarity, depending on your internet’s speed.

These user-friendly cameras are perfect for indoor use in tech-savvy households. Ideally suited for monitoring your home when you’re managing work and personal life in different areas of the house or when you’re away, these cameras have proven to be indispensable indoors.

Their minimalist design is effective as it doesn’t take up much space in living areas with large hardware. The swivel feature is beneficial; once you adjust the camera, it stays put securely.

** however,** I’ve identified some areas for improvement in the device. The motion detection alerts can be overly sensitive, resulting in excess notifications which can disrupt focus, particularly during work meetings. Another limitation is the lack of PC compatibility.

In summary, the Arenti 4MP Indoor WiFi Security Cameras provide good surveillance with a sleek design. However, they could improve in sound clarity and reducing false alerts. For individuals aiming to add smart home technology without adding clutter, these cameras are a suitable option, offering functionality, discreet appearance, and reasonable value.