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My review of the BEENOCAM Solar 4K PTZ Camera (2024)

My thoughts on BEENOCAM’s Solar 4K Camera: evaluating its surveillance, energy use, interface, and storage in the smart home setting.

John Goodrich


January 30, 2024


I’ve always prioritized home security while maintaining a smart and clutter-free lifestyle. The BEENOCAM 4K Solar Security Camera seemed like the perfect fit with its advanced features and streamlined design. As an advocate for less mess and more functionality, I was eager to test this camera in my smart home setup.


Property Value Property Value
Recommended Uses For Product Outdoor Security Brand BEENOCAM
Model Name 4K Solar Security Camera Connectivity Technology Wireless
Special Feature HD Resolution, 2-Way Audio, Built In Light, PTZ Technology, Motion Sensor


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Beenocam solar 4k ptz camera, dual lens, wireless, ip66 cable Beenocam solar 4k ptz camera, dual lens, wireless, ip66 app Beenocam solar 4k ptz camera, dual lens, wireless, ip66 hanging on wall Beenocam solar 4k ptz camera, dual lens, wireless, ip66 front view


Advanced Surveillance Capabilities

Beenocam solar 4k ptz camera, dual lens, wireless, ip66 front view

When using home security systems, I prioritize features that enhance surveillance capabilities. The BEENOCAM 4K Solar Security Camera particularly appealed to me due to its innovative dual-lens system. This is not just a gimmick; its 4K/8MP resolution and 8x Zoom offer remarkable surveillance capabilities, allowing for clear observation from a distance without pixelation. During my usage, it effectively boosted my property security by making it easy to detect even the slightest movements in the periphery.

Here’s a clear explanation of the benefits and required enhancements:


  • 4K resolution: Provides clear footage day and night with the integrated spotlight.

  • Dual lenses: Provide a broader perspective and allow for close-up examination.

  • 360° PTZ Cameras: Provide comprehensive coverage without any blind spots.

  • PIR Motion Detection: Precisely identifies human movement, minimizing false alarms.

  • Local and Cloud Storage: Options that bypass the need for monthly fees.


  • Doesn’t have 5GHz Wi-Fi: This device is limited to using the 2.4GHz band for Wi-Fi connections. Some users may find this a disadvantage as 5GHz offers faster connections.

  • SD Card Not Required: Local storage isn’t included in the purchase.

Now, let’s discuss some key features of this monitor in detail. The built-in spotlight and three night vision modes enable me to see distinct features even during the night. PIR Motion Detection functions accurately. This feature activates an alarm sound and spotlight when motion is detected, acting as both a deterrent and providing peace of mind when not live streaming the feed.

One feature that makes this camera stand out is the lack of a subscription fee for recording. This decision was appealing to me as it results in cost savings over time and allows me to share the camera access with family members, adding an extra layer of security and peace of mind. Some cameras may have unclear subscription terms, so having clear information upfront is beneficial when deciding whether to share the camera access.

The versatility of storage options with up to 256GB Micro SD card support is great, but it’s slightly disappointing that the card is not included. However, given the affordability of SD cards, it’s not a deal-breaker.

Weather resistance is an essential feature for the BEENOCAM. The camera’s waterproof material enables it to withstand various weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor use.

The camera’s mechanics felt solid to me, though I didn’t encounter the issues others mentioned regarding quality control. Although some prefer a wider angle and sharper zoom, the current features satisfied my needs.

The BEENOCAM is a remarkable home security solution that offers not only advanced features but also a straightforward user experience. This feature makes it an excellent option for individuals who seek both sophisticated technology and a hassle-free interaction with their security system. Regardless of one’s technological inclination or preference for uncomplicated operation, the BEENOCAM is a compelling candidate for upgrading home security. Although there are some cons related to this device, they do not largely overshadow its merits, especially considering its competitive price point and impressive collection of advanced features.

Efficient Energy Usage

Beenocam solar 4k ptz camera, dual lens, wireless, ip66 cable

When considering purchasing a solar-powered security camera like the BEENOCAM 4K, my focus is on its energy efficiency and ability to provide a steady stream of energy. The allure of a security system that doesn’t necessitate frequent battery replacements or power outlet availability appeals to me as I aim to maintain a smart, secure, and energy-independent home. Solar panel integration enables the camera to generate a steady stream of energy through sunlight once installed. This setup should theoretically provide a consistent energy source for the device, ensuring uninterrupted operation and peace of mind.

However, the camera’s use of solar power raises some concerns. Will it function effectively during overcast days or prolonged bad weather? Additionally, solar technology often comes with a greater upfront cost.

Despite concerns, let’s examine the energy sector’s balance sheet:

  • Pros:

  • A sustainable energy option that’s easy on the environment.

  • No need for complex wiring or frequent battery changes.

  • Savings on long-term electricity bills are achievable.

  • Cons:

  • The performance can be influenced by weather conditions and seasonal variations.

  • Solar security cameras cost more initially than non-solar ones.

In practical terms, I prefer a self-sustaining security camera for its alignment with my minimalist philosophy on smart home technology. The ecological footprint of my security system brings me satisfaction. Additionally, electricity savings and the convenience of ‘set-and-forget’ suit a minimalist lifestyle well.

The BEENOCAM 4K addresses the concept of high-resolution monitoring with its 4K resolution and dual lenses. I had considered the potential issue of excessive energy consumption, but the solar feature eases this worry to some degree. Additionally, user feedback suggests that the built-in spotlight and PIR motion sensor improve efficiency - the spotlight activates only when required, and the motion sensor decreases false alarms by discerning between human and non-human movements.

Would I recommend the BEENOCAM 4K based on its energy usage? Yes, considering the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, especially for those living in sunny areas. However, it’s crucial for buyers to assess their unique environmental context when evaluating a solar-powered device’s efficiency. Although an investment towards a more sustainable and streamlined home environment, having a backup energy source or alternative plan for less sunlit days is advisable.

In sum, the BEENOCAM 4K solar security camera is energy efficient, making it suitable for a smart home setup. It offers a balance between eco-friendliness and minor weather-related performance issues.

User-Friendly Software Interface

Beenocam solar 4k ptz camera, dual lens, wireless, ip66 app

Navigating the BEENOCAM 4K Solar Security Camera software interface is a straightforward experience. I quickly paired the camera with my mobile device, and the app connectivity was seamless. The intuitive design allows easy access to settings and features without navigating through cluttered menus.

Here are the key points about the user experience:

  • The app offers an exceptional level of Ease of Use from the very beginning. Its features and settings are intuitively labeled, making it easy for users to navigate and utilize effectively.

  • Real-time Notifications: It’s easy to set up alerts and I value receiving them instantly on my phone.

  • Accessing Live Feed Accessibility is a breeze with just one tap on the screen. Live Feed Accessibility offers seamless experiences, free from lags or connection issues.

I noticed some issues that could be improved for a better experience:

  • The two-way audio, specifically the Audio Delay, requires significant improvement to ensure seamless communication.

  • Advanced Settings Navigation: To help users access advanced functions more easily, consider integrating an advanced settings navigation menu. Some advanced functions in this menu may be less visible due to the simplicity of the basic features.

Sharing access to the BEENOCAM app among family members is a convenient feature that provides us with peace of mind at home. This functionality enables us to monitor our homes collectively, ensuring that we never miss important events or movements. With its advanced motion tracking feature, the app effectively detects movements and alerts us in real-time, enhancing our sense of security. Although there is a slight delay when using the follow feature to observe swift subjects, this issue is not significant for most users monitoring stationary objects or slow-moving individuals.

The night vision capability of the camera was truly impressive, producing crisp nocturnal images even in complete darkness. This feature is crucial for security systems as it enables clear identification of potential threats. custom detection zones allowed me to concentrate on areas of interest, preventing unnecessary triggers by passing cars or animals.

A gripe I had is about the SD card function. The camera can support up to 256GB for local storage, but not including an SD card feels like a missed opportunity. Some users reported issues with SD cards, but this seems more related to quality control than software interface.

In my assessment of the BEENOCAM, I was impressed by its lack of subscription fees for recording, ensuring a cost-effective home security solution. The camera’s wireless setup and solar power make it an ideal choice for those embracing a minimalist smart home design. With a reliable 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection, this dependable device is an excellent addition to any home security system, providing peace of mind without the burden of ongoing fees.

Hardware and Storage Options

Beenocam solar 4k ptz camera, dual lens, wireless, ip66 hanging on wall

In the smart home security field, BEENOCAM 4K Solar Security Camera stands out with its advanced dual-lens technology and impressive storage capabilities. I value gadgets that are minimalist in design, user-friendly, and blend seamlessly into my living space. The camera’s ample storage capabilities allow for longer recording periods without the need for frequent data transfers or external hard drives.

Here’s a quick rundown:

Dual Lenses with High-Resolution: The dual lenses offer a broad view up to 50 feet away, while the high-resolution 4K ensures clear images even at 8x zoom. This feature is important for observing any unusual activity.

Storage: The device offers up to 256GB SD card capacity for extended recording. While cloud storage is an alternative, having access to local storage without a subscription is beneficial.

Simple Installation: With no wires and solar power, installation is hassle-free. It’s a system that can be set up and left alone, reducing clutter and maintenance requirements.

That said, the camera’s hardware and storage options have advantages and disadvantages. I appreciate that there are no subscription fees for accessing my recordings, which can be accessed at any time. This cost-saving feature is significant to me. The expandable storage options, including the support for an SD card (though it isn’t included), provide flexibility in managing data.

Turning to the camera’s wireless connection, while some may view the 2.4GHz support as a disadvantage due to the prevalence of 5GHz networks, this feature ensures better signal penetration and stability for outdoor cameras that are often situated far from Wi-Fi routers.

Another point to note is the camera’s durability. It is weatherproof, allowing it to function effectively in various environmental conditions without frequent maintenance. This robustness aligns with a minimalist approach by minimizing replacement or repair needs.

In conclusion, the BEENOCAM 4K Solar Security Camera delivers on key features including high-resolution video capture and flexible storage options. Its minimalist design makes it a suitable addition to any smart home without cluttering physical space or user experience. These features provide essential security while maintaining an unobtrusive presence.