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My experience using the Geeni Hawk 3 HD Outdoor Security Camera (2024)

My experience with the Geeni Hawk 3 security camera: setup, day/night performance, app features, minimalist camera.

Mary Goodrich


January 11, 2024


For a while I have been testing out the Geeni Hawk 3 Outdoor Security Camera for my smart home setup. I was looking for something affordable, easy to use, and effective without additional gadgets. The camera’s simple installation process, clear instructions, and outdoor performance are all great - more on this below.


Property Value Property Value
Recommended Uses For Product Outdoor Security Brand Geeni
Connectivity Technology Wired Special Feature HD Resolution, Local Recording, Motion Sensor, Night Vision
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Outdoor


Installation and Setup

Close-up of the camera mounted on a house siding in broad daylight

When I chose to set up the Geeni Hawk 3 Outdoor Security Camera, my feelings were cautiously hopeful, considering its affordable price and extensive features. Below is an account of my installation and configuration process:

  • Simple Setup: The camera was easy to use right out of the box. I plugged it in and began recording without delay.

  • With the luxury of No Hub Necessary for connecting my device to Wi-Fi, I am saved from both financial expenses and setup complications.

  • Mounting Process: The design allowed flexibility in placement, whether indoors or outdoors in the backyard. Installing it required effort but was straightforward by choosing a spot and securing it.

  • Some Patience Required: As a heads-up, during the registration process, a good dose of patience is a must. It’s slow, but it’s a one-time thing, so not a deal-breaker.

During the set-up process of your camera, you may encounter a few challenges. It is crucial that the device is situated close to a robust Wi-Fi signal to ensure optimal performance. The importance of a strong network connection extends beyond just the camera setup; it’s a reminder to maintain a solid internet connection throughout your property.

Another thing I observed is that installation difficulty can differ based on an individual’s tech proficiency. What’s simple for a tech-savvy person might present a learning curve for someone else. I’m over 80, and despite taking some time, the setup instructions were clear enough for me to complete without needing tech assistance from my grandchild.

The ease of install process and the strong feeling of security*** it provides make up for any minor setup inconveniences. It’s truly remarkable to have the ability to monitor your home from a distant location with such ease, knowing that your property is well-protected.

The outdoor product’s weatherproof construction makes it ideal for outdoor usage. I have installed it in an exposed location to test its capabilities. However, its durability will only be fully understood through outdoor usage over extended periods of time and under various weather conditions. Keeping a close watch on its performance during outdoor usage is essential to ensure its longevity.

In the final analysis, the straightforward setup process outweighs the advantages. It’s about aligning hopes with results, and the outcome is mostly in line with my anticipations.

Day and Night Performance

The camera overlooking a garden during night time showing the night vision capability

When considering the day and night performance of the Geeni Hawk 3 camera, there’s quite a bit to unpack. Having used this camera for some time now, I’ve noted several key features and a few drawbacks that might influence one’s decision on whether this is the right choice for home security.

Daytime Performance:

  • The 1080p HD video capture delivers clear images during daytime, providing good detail in the camera view at an affordable price.

  • A 120-degree field of view ensures no blind spots and allows monitoring of large areas with each camera, which is necessary for open spaces.

Nighttime Performance:

  • The Hawk 3 monitor provides adequate night vision through its infrared feature, allowing me to see clearly after sunset.

  • The night vision quality of this device isn’t top-notch. Some users may encounter afterimages during recordings at night, which could be problematic if identifying individuals clearly is essential.

Motion detection is another aspect of performance that’s worth highlighting. The Hawk 3’s motion sensor is on the sensitive side, picking up passing cars, bugs near the lens, or humans within a close range. For some, this sensitivity is a boon, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed. Yet, for others, it may result in a barrage of notifications for benign movements. Not having sensitivity adjustments available in this model can be a significant drawback for those needing fewer false alarms.

In my experience, motion detection is a useful feature, but it comes with the downside of frequent false alarms. After a power outage, I learned that these cameras require a physical reset to reconnect, which can be inconvenient when I’m away from home.

In summary, the Geeni Hawk 3 camera delivers good daytime surveillance with clear images and a broad field of view. While it performs reasonably well at night within its price range, it might not meet the expectations of those seeking high-quality night vision. The motion sensor’s high sensitivity can lead to numerous alerts but ensures comprehensive monitoring. Overall, it’s an excellent option for individuals aiming to upgrade their home security with smart technology.

App Functionality and Control

Smartphone screen displaying the geeni app with camera feeds and controls

As a homeowner who prioritizes smart devices for convenience and security, the app functionality and control of the Geeni Hawk 3 Outdoor Security Camera are essential. Notable features of the Geeni app include:

  • Simple Prose: The Geeni app is user-friendly, allowing easy access to features like scheduling and sharing control.

  • Functionality: The app allows for full control over the camera’s features, including live video feeds and motion detection alerts.

  • Prompt Execution: Instructions given in the app are processed immediately, without significant delay.

Despite its advantages, the app occasionally experiences issues. The cameras may reboot unexpectedly and the app can be unstable at times. However, these problems occur seldom and haven’t significantly affected my usage.

I take great comfort in being able to monitor my home from anywhere, especially given its secluded location. Whether I’m out getting groceries or supplies, I can easily access the app on my phone, view the live camera feed, and ensure that everything is in order. This peace of mind is invaluable to me.

From an user’s perspective, the Geeni Hawk 3 is ideal for smart home enthusiasts who value simplicity and functionality. The camera connects directly to your home Wi-Fi without the need for an extra hub, making setup easy. I prefer the no subscription fee approach as it lets me utilize all device features without recurring costs, especially when using multiple cameras.

The app features motion sensor alarms. This is beneficial, but the sensitivity may cause false alarms due to small insects or environmental movements. Additionally, after a power outage, cameras require physical resetting, which can be inconvenient if not on-site.

Here are the essential app control elements to consider:

  • Customizable motion alerts are a feature of this monitor. While adjusting sensitivity could use improvement.

  • Live video streaming with impressive clarity

  • You can access historical videos through local recording.

In summary, the Geeni Hawk 3 app and camera provide good value for their price, catering to most home security requirements. However, there are minor drawbacks such as overly sensitive motion detection and occasional manual reset after power outages. Despite these issues, the advantages of remote monitoring, easy installation, and cost-efficiency outweigh the disadvantages.

Final Verdict on Geeni Hawk 3

A sleek minimalist home showing a subtle security camera by the front door

After extensive testing, my overall impression of the Geeni Hawk 3 outdoor security camera is mostly positive, especially when considering the integration into a smart home ecosystem that favors minimalism. The camera’s standout features, such as the 1080p HD video and the wide 120° field of view, substantially add to the security setup of a modern home without cluttering it with unnecessary hardware, aligning well with minimalist principles.

Here’s a summarized take on the product:


  • High-quality daytime video capture.

  • No extra hub is necessary for a streamlined setup.

  • Constructed for outdoor use with robust design.

  • The Geeni app gives you full control and checks on your device.

  • Installation is straightforward and user-friendly.


  • The night vision needs enhancement. Afterimages pose issues.

  • Motion detection can cause unnecessary alarms.

  • After a power loss, the camera requires manual reset. This can be an inconvenience.

The ease of installing and using the app was noteworthy. I prefer devices that are both practical and visually appealing, making the camera’s discreet design a great fit for my home’s exterior. Having the ability to manage my security system from anywhere via a smartphone provides not only peace of mind but also control. The scheduling and automation features through the app are invaluable for regulating energy usage and maintaining a minimalist lifestyle.

On the other side, there are some drawbacks. The motion detection feature is at times too sensitive, triggering alerts for mundane movements like insects or leaves, which can be a nuisance. The night vision is decent, but it leaves room for improvement. Clearer images during low-light conditions would enhance the overall security aspect. Moreover, the need to physically reset the cameras after a power outage can be a hassle, particularly if you’re away from home.

Importantly, the absence of a subscription fee is beneficial for those aiming to avoid continuous expenses. This aligns with a minimalist spending attitude. However, if you require advanced features such as pan or tilt, or high-resolution night vision, this might not be the ideal choice.

In conclusion, the Geeni Hawk 3 provides a simple and effective outdoor security solution for homeowners in search of an affordable option. Its uncomplicated design seamlessly integrates into a smart home setup, reducing the necessity for numerous devices and subscriptions. Although there are some limitations, the benefits of ease of use and affordability make this system a compelling choice for prioritizing security solutions.