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My experience with the LaView 4MP 5G Bulb Security Camer (360° 2K) - (2024)

Review: the the LaView 4MP 5G Bulb Camera as a smart home upgrade: quality, setup, performance, minimalist design.

Joseph Goodrich


January 10, 2024


I recently installed LaView 4MP 5G Bulb Cameras for improved security at my house. These cameras can be placed in light fixtures, eliminating bulky equipment. They offer high-resolution video and smart features including motion detection and night vision, which are controllable via an app.


Property Value Property Value
Recommended Uses For Product Indoor, Outdoor Brand LaView
Model Name LV-PWL2-W-5G-2PK Connectivity Technology Wireless
Special Feature Motion Sensor


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Laview 4mp 5g bulb security camera, 360° 2k, 2 pack box Laview 4mp 5g bulb security camera, 360° 2k, 2 pack on table with box Laview 4mp 5g bulb security camera, 360° 2k, 2 pack unpacked Laview 4mp 5g bulb security camera, 360° 2k, 2 pack front view


Initial Impression and Quality

Laview 4mp 5g bulb security camera, 360° 2k, 2 pack front view

Having recently installed the LaView 4MP 5G Bulb Cameras in my home, the initial impressions are fairly positive, though not without a couple of reservations. Upon unboxing, the ease of installation is the first thing that stands out—a delight for someone who appreciates a minimalistic approach to tech. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • The camera boasts impressive Wireless Connectivity capabilities, allowing it to support dual-band Wi-Fi. This feature grants the device the ability to connect to both 5GHz and 2.4G networks, providing flexibility and ensuring a seamless operating experience.

  • The camera’s Image Quality, achieved through its 4MP HD resolution, is commendable, given its affordability. This high Image Quality is particularly noteworthy in low-light conditions, as the starlight color night vision effectively captures intricate details within a 30-foot range.

  • Motion Detection: The camera’s motion sensor is responsive and adjustable in sensitivity, ensuring effective security.

  • Audio and Alarm: Two-way audio is particularly useful for interacting with visitors or warding off unwanted guests. The alarm siren’s volume, however, could be improved for outdoor use.

  • Multi-user Sharing: Supports up to 20 users simultaneously, which is excellent for family use and sharing with trusted individuals.

While the camera’s features are appealing, its durability in outdoor conditions is questionable. I experienced damage to one of my cameras after it was exposed to a storm, even though it was marketed as suitable for outdoor use. Although it was covered under warranty, this raises concerns about its long-term resilience. However, other users have reported successful outdoor installations. It’s possible that my experience involved a faulty unit.

More specifically, using the LaView app for the camera had a positive beginning. The user-friendly interface made setup and customization effortless. However, frequent prompts to buy extra services proved annoying until I found the option to turn them off.

To touch on compatibility, the integration with Alexa is an advantage for building a connected smart home ecosystem. This feature is significant for users seeking interconnected devices.

The LaView 4MP Bulb Cameras offer an appealing value proposition in the market, delivering a comprehensive feature set while keeping costs affordable. Their wireless design aligns with minimalistic ideals by eliminating the need for extensive wiring and installation complexities. Despite potential drawbacks such as weather vulnerability and intrusive in-app ads, these issues appear insignificant when weighed against the cameras’ overall benefits and value proposition.

Setup Process and App Integration

Laview 4mp 5g bulb security camera, 360° 2k, 2 pack box

When integrating new tech into a smart home, the ease of setup process and app integration are crucial for a positive experience. I can confirm that the LaView 4MP 5G Bulb Camera delivers in this regard. Here’s my straightforward account:

  • Downloading the App: A necessary step for using LaView. The app can be obtained from app stores. It plays a vital role in the setup process.

  • Wi-Fi Compatibility: Ensuring the phone is connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network is essential—it’s a common requirement for many smart home devices.

  • Account Creation and Verification: Receiving an unlock code via email adds an extra layer of security, although it’s an extra step.

  • Camera Setup: A straightforward process for wireless cameras.

  • QR Code Scanning: The process was modern and tech-savvy, with the camera promptly identifying the code.

  • During physical installation processes for various settings, such as in the case of a wall or a lamp fixture, the socket adapter in the package proves to be particularly valuable. The term “physical installation” refers to the process of mounting or positioning a component in place, and the socket adapter plays a crucial role in ensuring a successful installation.

One drawback of the app’s otherwise efficient process is its persistent advertising of premium features, which some users find intrusive. Fortunately, this issue can be addressed within the app’s privacy settings.

The initial setup didn’t take long, and my home’s sense of security rose almost instantly. The camera’s connection to Wi-Fi and the app remained strong—I didn’t experience any random disconnections. Controlling the camera through the app was intuitive: swiping to pan the view, zooming with a pinch, and tapping to interact with the various features. There’s also the neat tie-in with Alexa, allowing for voice controls that fit well within a smart home setup.

Now, I used the TF card slot for local storage in the app to avoid subscriptions for cloud storage. The camera has an IP65 rating, which is supposed to protect it from jets of water. However, I will be cautious during rainy weather as a notification mentioned that it isn’t waterproof.

The LaView camera stands out for its user-friendly design, offering an intuitive user experience that feels like a breeze to navigate. I’ve encountered complex tech setups in the past, but this one was remarkably effortless and simple, a welcome change from the labyrinthine interfaces of some other devices. Although I could do without some of the premium features, their absence doesn’t deter me from being satisfied with the camera’s performance. As long as it functions effectively in outdoor conditions and provides convenient monitoring capabilities for my home, its user-friendly interface makes up for any missing features and allows me to easily adjust settings on the go.

Performance and Features

Laview 4mp 5g bulb security camera, 360° 2k, 2 pack on table with box

The LaView 4MP 5G Bulb Camera offers numerous impressive features and excellent performance. Here are some of its significant aspects:

  • Dual-Band WiFi: Having two frequency bands, 5GHz and 2.4GHz, ensures a stable connection and improved performance, particularly when streaming high-definition videos.

  • High-Resolution Imaging: The 4MP HD resolution offers a significant improvement over 1080p cameras, with sharp details both day and night.

  • The starlight color night vision system delivers clear and vibrant footage up to 30 feet in low light conditions.

  • Motion Detection: This feature is highly responsive, detecting motion within a wide 355° angle. As a result, you’re less likely to miss significant movements.

However, the camera’s ability to withstand outdoor weather conditions is uncertain based on user experiences, with some reporting malfunctions after encountering moisture. Although marketed as suitable for outdoor use, it only has an IP65 water-resistance rating. This means it can resist water jets from all directions, but prolonged exposure or submersion is not recommended.

Another point to note is the two-way audio function. This feature allows effective communication with family members or deters unwanted visitors. It is a practical addition that enhances daily usage.

As for features, multi-user sharing is beneficial when granting access to camera feeds for family members or friends. Alexa compatibility is an added advantage for those with smart homes, enabling voice control to view feeds on compatible devices.

Where it underperforms is in the user experience provided by the companion app. The app repeatedly prompts users to upgrade to the premium version, which can be annoying. Fortunately, this feature can be disabled through adjusting the app settings.

The installation process for the device is straightforward and hassle-free. Upon completion, you have the option to save your recordings on an SD card, ensuring that not only is the installation a breeze but also that your data remains securely in your possession.

In a clear explanation, here are my thoughts on the product’s functionality and aspects:


  • Dual-band WiFi provides a reliable wireless connection.

  • 4MP HD resolution is a clear step up.

  • Starlight color night vision effectively captures images in low light conditions.

  • Motion detection and tracking can monitor a large area.

  • Sharing features are beneficial for family use.

  • Alexa can effectively work with smart homes.


  • This product isn’t completely waterproof, which might be a problem outside.

  • Premium upgrade notifications in apps can be bothersome.

To sum up, the LaView 4MP 5G Bulb Camera delivers clear images, has dual-band WiFi, and includes night vision capabilities, making it a strong option for affordable home security. Despite some minor issues, its overall convenience and performance exceeded my expectations at this price point.

Overall Verdict and Recommendations

Laview 4mp 5g bulb security camera, 360° 2k, 2 pack unpacked

In considering the LaView 4MP bulb security camera for a smart home setup that values functionality and simplicity, my assessment is generally favorable, despite certain limitations. The camera’s dual-band Wi-Fi compatibility and ETL certification make it a dependable option for individuals aiming to boost their home security system without introducing excessive intricacy. Here are my thoughts:


  • Dual-band Wi-Fi (5GHz and 2.4GHz) provides flexible connectivity options.

  • High-definition 4MP camera offers clear images, while starlight night vision ensures good color quality during nights.

  • The motion detection and tracking are responsive and accurate.

  • Two-way audio feature adds convenience for real-time communication.

  • Support for multiple users is beneficial in family homes.


  • Lack of robust waterproofing limits outdoor use.

  • Setup can be delayed by constant in-app ads.

  • The quiet siren may be less effective in deterring due to its reduced volume.

The high-resolution video and 12x digital zoom produce clear images essential for detail identification, even in low light conditions. While the dual-band Wi-Fi ensures stable connections, the setup process was slightly problematic due to the app’s constant upgrades and cloud subscription service requirements.

For those who prefer minimalist living, the camera’s simple design that fits into light bulb sockets is ideal. It eliminates extra brackets and wiring, making installation a breeze. Furthermore, connecting it to smart assistants like Alexa enhances its compatibility with a smart home ecosystem.

I’d like to highlight the usefulness of the motion-tracking feature in this device, as it enhances monitoring with an intelligent layer. Nonetheless, its disadvantage becomes apparent when multi-user access is utilized, but the alarm siren lacks sufficient volume for all connected individuals, particularly those outdoors.

Speaking of the camera’s outdoor use, its design saves space and minimizes visual clutter, but its lack of complete water resistance is a potential concern. With an IP65 rating, the camera may be vulnerable to moisture in harsh weather conditions. Users should be aware of this limitation when installing it outside.

Saving footage directly onto an SD card is a welcomed function, giving users control over their data without obligatory cloud storage fees. Even still, the efficiency of a minimalist and smart home might be undercut by any feature that’s not entirely functional or dependable, such as the rather subdued siren noise.

In wrapping up, the LaView 4MP 5G Bulb Camera is an excellent choice for those seeking a modern and discreet home security solution. Its sleek design, high-resolution imaging capabilities, and user-friendly features are noteworthy. However, potential buyers should consider the importance of weather-appropriate placement and app-related annoyances before making a purchase. With these factors in mind, the camera remains a strong contender for individuals looking to enhance their home security setup.