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My experience with the Orbit 50022 Automatic Sprinkler System Kit with B-hyve Timer (2024)

My thoughts on the Orbit 50022 Sprinkler System: water management, ease of installation, eco-friendly materials, and smart home integration.

John Goodrich


January 6, 2024


I’ve always sought ways to bring my love for smart home technology and minimalist living into my garden. With the Orbit 50022 Sprinkler System, I’ve found a solution that not only simplifies the process of lawn care but also aligns with my eco-friendly values. This system has caught my attention because it inspires a blend of functionality, environmental consciousness, and aesthetic simplicity that complements my lifestyle.


Property Value Property Value
Brand Orbit Color Blue, Black
Material Plastic Style Small Area with Wi-Fi
Item Dimensions LxWxH 19.5 x 17.75 x 5.38 inches


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Simplifying Garden Care

Orbit 50022 automatic sprinkler system kit with b hyve timer 1

As someone who values an efficient garden, the Orbit 50020 Medium Area All-in-One Automatic Sprinkler System Kit is an excellent choice. This system streamlines garden care, making it a must-have for anyone aiming for a balanced technology-nature living space. The convenience this system offers is highly appealing.

The B-hyve Smart Faucet Timer is a notable feature. It automates the entire watering process, allowing me to control my garden’s irrigation from anywhere using my smartphone. This goes beyond mere remote access; it’s about intelligent watering. The system adjusts itself based on local weather conditions, which is essential for conservation and efficient water use.

Here are the key points I’ve pondered about this system:


  • The Blu-Lock system simplifies DIY lawn installation for individuals like me. Its push-and-go design reduces installation time significantly, saving frustration and allowing more time to enjoy the lawn.

  • The B-hyve Gen 2 Smart Hub keeps your garden connected through advanced technology. It integrates easily without requiring complex tech setups.

  • I use a product that doesn’t require sealants or solvents. This benefits the environment without the need for metaphors. I approve of this reduction in my carbon footprint.


  • While this system is comprehensive, there’s still the need to test your water pressure. Not everyone has a pressure gauge handy, and that could be a minor inconvenience.

  • Multiple kits for larger areas may create complexities instead of simplifications in the system.

Beyond the clear time savings, what’s reassuring is the durability of the Blu-Lock pipe, designed to withstand up to 220 psi of pressure. Plus, being able to adjust the sprinkler heads’ angles from 40° to 360° ensures every nook of my garden receives attention, reducing the risk of those pesky dry spots.

This kit suits both plant enthusiasts and tech lovers. It represents contemporary gardening by offering a balance between automatic care and hands-on gardening experience.

As far as smart home integration and minimalistic design are concerned, Orbit’s solution caters to both aspects. The sleek, predominantly blue and black components blend seamlessly into the garden without appearing intrusive. Orbit recognizes that a good product should be unobtrusive and only visible when desired.

Handling the installation process, you might find the terminology confusing at first, but once you grasp the fundamentals, it becomes simple. Moreover, this system offers an ecological advantage. By avoiding toxic adhesives and primers, I maintain an organic garden.

All in, sprinkler systems have advanced significantly, and the Orbit kit simplifies the process for homeowners like me. While there’s a learning curve, this system suits those who are handy and enjoy smart technology for their gardens.

Smart Watering Precision

Orbit 50022 automatic sprinkler system kit with b hyve timer 2

Embarking on installing the Orbit 50022 Sprinkler System in my garden has eliminated the need for manual watering, which was a tiring task for me. Here are the reasons why this system excels:

  • Installing Blu-Lock System: The Blu-Lock system simplifies pipe installation. Just push and fit the pieces together for a secure connection.

  • The B-hyve timer is a part of our Smart Watering system, intelligently scheduling watering according to real-time weather updates to conserve water when it’s unnecessary.

  • Expandability: One might expect a system like this to be limited, but the B-hyve hub allows for expansion. It’s a relief to know I can add on should my green kingdom grow.

However, the B-hyve app is not flawless. It may encounter connectivity issues at times. Furthermore, water pressure should be verified for compatibility; those with lower pressure might not reach its full potential.

The system effectively determines watering schedules in various weather conditions, leading to efficient water usage and a reduced water bill for me. Impressed by its capabilities, I also appreciate the adjustable range of the sprinklers. They provide adequate coverage without wasting water on sidewalks.

One thing to note is the difficulty in setting up the watering zones at first. It requires patience and adjustments for optimal coverage. However, maintenance becomes easier once this is accomplished. You can fine-tune the sprinkler heads with the water on or off, simplifying the process.

The physical components, including the Blu-Lock tubing and gear-drive sprinkler heads, are robust and well-suited for enduring outdoor conditions. The inclusion of auto drain valves adds to their durability by safeguarding against winter damage.

This system primarily uses heavy-duty plastic with a blue and black color scheme. Despite common concerns about plastic’s durability, its performance is robust, as evidenced by its 220 psi burst pressure capability.

In essence, the Orbit 50022 provides dependability, productivity, and intelligence in a compact design. The initial investment of time yields benefits through hassle-free operation, allowing me to spend more time enjoying my garden sanctuary without worrying about constant watering.

Installation Journey Shared

Orbit 50022 automatic sprinkler system kit with b hyve timer 3

Embarking on installing the Orbit 50022 automatic sprinkler system was an experience filled with excitement and some anxiety. I sought a durable solution, and the prospect of a kit offering smart features appealed to me greatly.

Here’s a quick rundown of my installation experience:

  • Ease of Use: The Blu-Lock tubing is a game-changer. The “Push and Go” design meant I could assemble the system much faster compared to traditional methods. No glue, no sweat!

  • Quick-release collars: Easily remove and adjust layout with these collars. Their convenience was particularly useful for minor modifications.

  • Installation: Cutting and connecting the Blu-Lock tubing was straightforward. The 200 lb pressure gauge ensured that I had the right water pressure, and the adjustable sprinkler heads made fine-tuning the coverage simple.

  • The B-hyve Smart Hub connects all garden components for remote control via smartphone. WeatherSense Technology prevents overwatering, providing peace of mind.

Wielding the PVC cutter, I assembled the parts according to the instructions. The materials’ 220 psi burst pressure reassured me of their durability. However, connecting the B-hyve timer to Wi-Fi was challenging initially due to weak signal strength at the outdoor location.

One notable advantage of Saturn III Gear-Drive Rotor Sprinklers is their flexibility in adjusting water coverage from a part to full circle, accommodating the diverse landscaping in my garden effectively.

I appreciated the ease of installation with Orbit’s Blu-Lock fittings and smart timer. No use of harmful solvents or sealant tape for the environment was required. Orbit prioritizes safety and sustainability.

However, installing an irrigation system involves effort and persistence. Despite its advertised convenience, setting it up requires burying tubing and ensuring proper head placement to avoid dry spots.

In summary, the Orbit 50022 kit is a good DIY project for improving your gardening experience. Although it requires initial time and effort, the advantages of a self-regulating, water-saving system are significant. It saves time, conserves water, and seamlessly integrates with modern technology for your home and garden.

Sustainable Product Design

Orbit 50022 automatic sprinkler system kit with b hyve timer 4

In the world of gardening and home management, a product’s sustainability is essential for responsible homeowners. The Orbit 50022 Sprinkler System offers some commendable eco-friendly features. Although most components are made of plastic, this is offset by their removability and reusability. Reconfiguring parts without buying new ones minimizes waste in landfills. The system’s blu-lock fittings facilitate effortless modifications, eliminating the need for additional tools or resources that might contribute to environmental damage.

Here’s a list of pros and cons about the product’s sustainability:


  • Reusing components lessens overall waste.

  • No need for solvents in push-and-go design.

  • WeatherSense technology saves water by adapting to current weather situations.


  • Construction using plastic may not be the most environmentally friendly option.

A significant advantage is the WeatherSense technology. This feature uses real-time weather data to adjust watering schedules, preventing wastage in gardens. In areas with water scarcity, this technology makes the sprinkler system a responsible choice.

The blu-lock system is praised for eliminating the need for messy and toxic glues in PVC pipe installation. I appreciate this aspect, as it means no harmful chemicals are required for assembly. This consideration is essential for our environmental responsibility.

Turning to concerns, this product offers convenience in installation and adaptability. However, it is primarily constructed from plastic. I’ve researched its long-term resilience against UV rays and weather conditions.

Expressing my concerns, I value how the system’s design aligns with minimalism. Its slim profile and underground installation maintain a neat yard while enhancing my smart home without adding clutter. This is in line with minimalist principles.

Concluding, The Orbit 50022 Sprinkler System is a great option for those wanting to combine technology and sustainability in their gardening. While it has some drawbacks, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. This system prioritizes water conservation and uses reusable materials, making it an eco-friendly addition to your home. It fits well with a smart, minimalist lifestyle.