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My impressions of the SensorPush HT1 Wireless Thermometer Smart Sensor (2024)

My thoughts on the SensorPush HT1 related to intelligent home management and minimalist living: design, performance, alerts, and connectivity.

Joseph Goodrich


February 13, 2024


I recently obtained the SensorPush HT1 Smart Sensor for testing in my smart home setup. As a proponent of minimalist living, I look for tools that meet specific criteria: they must function well, be uncomplicated, and harmonize with my surroundings. This sensor quite fits the bill.


Property Value Property Value
Brand SensorPush Product Dimensions 1.57”W x 1.57”H
Item Weight 1.44 Ounces Lower Temperature Rating 233.15 Degrees Celsius
Mounting Type Wall Mount


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Sensorpush ht1 wireless thermometer/hygrometer smart sensor front Sensorpush ht1 wireless thermometer/hygrometer smart sensor box Sensorpush ht1 wireless thermometer/hygrometer smart sensor item Sensorpush ht1 wireless thermometer/hygrometer smart sensor back


Product Design and Versatility

Sensorpush ht1 wireless thermometer/hygrometer smart sensor front

In exploring the SensorPush HT1 Smart Sensor, I’ve been impressed by its suitability for a modern home and minimalist lifestyle. Its design is unobtrusive and sleek, making it an ideal addition to such environments.

The sensor meets my requirements in terms of design and adaptability. It performs the following tasks for me:

  • Size: With dimensions of 40mm x 40mm x 16.5mm, it can be placed almost anywhere due to its small size.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: With a clean, minimal design, it blends well with various home decor themes.

  • User Replaceable Battery: The CR2477 battery is a user-replaceable component, enabling users to change it conveniently without encountering downtime or the need for a service center visit.

While I value the design of SensorPush, I’ve faced some issues. It’s not waterproof, making it unsuitable for outdoor or damp areas. Additionally, battery life exceeds a year usually, but cold temperatures can shorten it, leading to more frequent replacements than advertised.

One aspect I appreciate about SensorPush HT1 is its flexibility. It can be utilized in various settings, ranging from monitoring a guitar or violin case to maintaining ideal conditions in a wine cellar. This versatility saves costs by eliminating the need for multiple types of sensors and reduces electronic waste.

However, keep in mind that using this sensor beyond its suggested conditions might influence its precision. This is important to consider for precise monitoring tasks.

Another minor issue I have is with the sensor’s mount. Although I prefer having a sensor mounted, there is room for improvement in making the installation process more stable or providing diverse mounting options for different surfaces.

Despite these small concerns, I’m satisfied with the design and adaptability of the SensorPush HT1 for my smart home. It suits various monitoring needs without being obtrusive or requiring complicated setup processes.

Connectivity and Data Access

Sensorpush ht1 wireless thermometer/hygrometer smart sensor box

In evaluating the SensorPush HT1 Smart Sensor’s connectivity and data access, several key points emerge:

  1. Bluetooth Range: The claimed 325 feet line-of-sight range is impressive, but real-world use with walls and other obstructions significantly reduces this. In my home, the range was sufficient for most rooms, although it struggled in a few ‘dead spots’.
  2. Data Logging: Having 20 days of on-board data storage is reassuring, especially for times when I’m unable to sync the sensor with my phone.
  3. App Integration: The free app does a great job at displaying and logging data, and unlimited in-app data storage is a boon for long-term monitoring.
  4. Remote Monitoring: The option to use the SensorPush G1 WiFi Gateway for remote access is great for peace of mind when away, although it does add extra cost.

I appreciate the straightforward Bluetooth connectivity for its ease of use and the ability to operate the device in real-time without an internet connection. However, the WiFi Gateway is essential for consistent remote monitoring due to Bluetooth’s limited range. Setting it up was seamless, and once operational, it enabled me to monitor conditions from any location with an internet connection.

The SensorPush app offers a user-friendly design, but could benefit from expanded smart home integrations. For example, improved compatibility with Google Home and IFTTT would boost its capabilities. Additionally, occasional data refresh lags require optimization for a smoother experience.

Another point I appreciate is the CSV data export function. This feature allows me to export data in a format that can be opened in Excel or Google Sheets for further analysis. With this capability, I can perform custom analyses or integrate the data with other home automation systems.

The product delivers a satisfactory user experience for initial use from a user perspective. However, there is a moderated learning curve for less tech-adept individuals, primarily surrounding calibration and setting up advanced features such as alerts. Enhancing the overall user experience by simplifying these processes would greatly benefit our user base.

Overall, the SensorPush HT1 provides a good blend of usability and data access. It functions well straight out of the box, but adding the WiFi gateway for remote monitoring enhances its capabilities significantly, especially for those seeking smart home integration.

Monitoring and Alerts

Sensorpush ht1 wireless thermometer/hygrometer smart sensor item

When using a sensor to monitor environmental conditions in valuable or critical areas at home, such as freezers and wine cellars, having a reliable option is crucial. For me, the SensorPush HT1 Smart Sensor has proven effective. It constantly records temperatures and humidity levels while sending alerts when readings deviate from predetermined thresholds. Below is my assessment of the SensorPush HT1’s monitoring and alert system based on my experience:

  • Setting Alerts for minimum and maximum limits is essential. I’m informed promptly if the conditions in my freezer change, helping me prevent food loss.

  • Ease of Setup: Pairing with my phone took less than a minute. No complex instruction manual was needed – just a few quick taps on the app and it was all set.

  • Through the implementation of Remote Monitoring with the G1 WiFi Gateway (sold separately), I can keep track of updates from a distance. This valuable feature instills confidence when I’m away from home.

Let’s start with the benefits of this monitor. I can receive instant notifications anywhere, whether at home or outdoors, for any unusual occurrences such as an open door or HVAC issues. The SensorPush app is user-friendly with easy-to-understand graphs that display environmental changes over time.

However, it’s important to note that the sensor doesn’t have waterproof protection, so positioning it outside carefully to shield it from the elements is necessary. Furthermore, some users have mentioned that the integration with Google Home could be enhanced. Additionally, they reported limited functionality within the Alexa skill, which may affect those anticipating a smooth smart home experience.

Notwithstanding the quirks, I’m still impressed by SensorPush HT1’s performance. Some may find the price high, but the ease of use and rich app experience make it worthwhile for those monitoring sensitive items or areas. As I added more sensors, the benefits became clearer. The system shines not only as a standalone tool but also when used to monitor multiple environments, providing valuable insights. It’s an essential part of any smart, minimalist home setup.

Accuracy and Performance

Sensorpush ht1 wireless thermometer/hygrometer smart sensor back

In the world of smart home devices, the SensorPush HT1 Smart Sensor stands out for its precision in minimalist and environmental monitoring applications. For individuals like me who require accurate conditions to maintain sensitive items such as musical instruments and perishable goods, this sensor is a valuable tool. The sensor boasts an accuracy of ±3% RH for humidity and ±0.3°C / ±0.5°F for temperature. After utilizing it extensively, I have found these specifications to be consistent and reliable.

Here are significant features of the sensor’s functionality:

  • Understanding Environmental Fluctuations: Minute-by-minute updates offer detailed information about changes in the environment.

  • Calibration: This feature allows for simple adjustments, aligning readings with trusted references to maintain the sensor’s accuracy and reliability.

As for the sensor’s performance under different conditions, it remains accurate across a wide temperature range, which is commendable. However, prolonged exposure to high humidity might cause slight inaccuracies in readings. Yet, this impact is reversible, indicating the sensor’s durability.

Now, despite its excellent performance, there are some disadvantages to consider. Firstly, this sensor isn’t waterproof, which can be a concern for outdoor use. However, this issue can be resolved by placing it in protective housing. Secondly, while the battery life usually lasts over a year, extreme cold weather may shorten it. I have to prepare for this possibility by keeping spare batteries on hand.

From a minimalist viewpoint, the SensorPush HT1’s sleek design is uncluttered and discreet. It blends well with my philosophy of “less is more.” The application is straightforward, allowing me to promptly access necessary data without being weighed down by complicated interfaces.

In a smart home, SensorPush is an ideal choice for environmental monitoring. It connects via Bluetooth and can be accessed remotely through Wi-Fi with the G1 Gateway. This makes it perfect for users who want to incorporate monitoring into their system without intrusion or inconvenience.

In conclusion, the SensorPush HT1 is a sleek, accurate, and discreet device that suits my smart home requirements while aligning with my minimalist preferences. Although it isn’t waterproofed and its battery life might be shorter in colder conditions, these drawbacks don’t outweigh the overall positive user experience and dependability of the sensor. The device comes with a slightly higher price tag, but for me, the reassurance and convenience it offers make the investment worthwhile.