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Great smart coffee maker: My experience with the Hamilton Beach Alexa (2024)

My thoughts on the Hamilton Beach Alexa Smart Coffee Maker: setup, design, smart home integration, and daily use in a quest for minimalism.

Mary Goodrich


January 17, 2024


The Hamilton Beach Alexa Smart Coffee Maker blends modern technology with simplicity - quite a great addition to my minimalist and smart lifestyle. More on my thoughts below.


Property Value Property Value
Brand Hamilton Beach Color Black and Stainless Steel
Product Dimensions 12.91”D x 7.95”W x 13.9”H Special Feature App-Controlled, Programmable
Coffee Maker Type Drip Coffee Machine


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Hamilton beach alexa smart coffee maker, 12 cup, black/stainless steel internals Hamilton beach alexa smart coffee maker, 12 cup, black/stainless steel settings Hamilton beach alexa smart coffee maker, 12 cup, black/stainless steel front


Initial Setup Experience

Hamilton beach alexa smart coffee maker, 12 cup, black/stainless steel front

In my quest for a smart home and minimalistic lifestyle, I’ve added the Hamilton Beach Alexa Smart Coffee Maker to my daily routine. The setup process was straightforward and surprisingly fast despite the advanced technology. Here’s what happened:

  • Unboxing: The coffee maker was packaged securely. Everything was in place and undamaged.

  • Initial Setup: It required no tools, and the instructions were clear and concise. I followed a few simple steps to install the Alexa skill on my smartphone, which connected promptly with the coffee maker.

  • Setting up the clock was easy. A drawback is that it doesn’t have a battery backup or programmable settings, so any power interruption resets the Configurations.

The front-fill design was appealing to me due to its convenience. I could easily add water and coffee grounds without having to move the appliance. However, I discovered that if I push the carafe too far back, it dislodges the brew basket, an oversight in design that required some adjustment on my part.

Moreover, this coffee maker worked seamlessly with Alexa after connecting it to the network. No complicated setup required! The ability to brew coffee using voice commands from my bed adds a level of convenience and luxury to my mornings.

I appreciate the device’s Works with Alexa certification, which reassures me of its compatibility and responsiveness to voice commands. It’s comforting to know that the manufacturers take the smart integration aspect seriously, ensuring a harmonious fit within the ecosystem of my other smart home devices.

There’s also a comforting feeling that comes from the appliance’s automatic shut-off function. No longer worrying if I forgot to turn off the coffee maker before leaving for work is a relief, making the Hamilton Beach an even better choice for me.

On the downside, the coffee maker doesn’t have an audible alert when brewing is finished or turned off. This is disappointing for a smart appliance. Additionally, while it promises ease of use, pressing “Ready to Brew” each time before issuing a command or setting has been a small inconvenience.

After adding the Hamilton Beach Alexa Smart Coffee Maker to my kitchen, I’ve noticed an improvement in my morning routine. The small design issues don’t outweigh the device’s overall positive impact on making my home more connected and minimalist.

Design and Functionality

Hamilton beach alexa smart coffee maker, 12 cup, black/stainless steel settings

When assessing the Hamilton Beach Alexa Smart Coffee Maker, I find it offers a good blend of modern convenience and both traditional and classic brewing methods. The design is sleek with a black and stainless steel finish, which fits neatly under the counter at 12.91”D x 7.95”W x 13.9”H dimensions. It doesn’t introduce anything revolutionary but smartly integrates with existing home setups for those exploring smart appliances, providing options for both automated and classic brewing methods to cater to diverse coffee preferences.

Let’s examine some key points and a few disadvantages:


  • The front-fill water reservoir, also known as Easy Water Addition feature, is an easy and practical design that saves space and effort in your coffee making routine. With this convenient addition, you can easily add water to the coffee maker without having to move it first, streamlining your morning routine and making your coffee experience more efficient.

  • Integration with Alexa: The “Works with Alexa” certification ensures seamless connection between your Alexa-enabled devices and this product.

  • Auto Shutoff: This feature ensures the coffee maker turns off automatically, preventing accidental energy usage.


  • One-Sided Water Gauge: While not a deal-breaker, a dual-sided gauge would offer better visibility regardless of the machine’s placement.

  • “Ready to Brew” Button: It can be seen as a slight hindrance because it adds an extra step in the brewing process.

In terms of functionality, this coffee maker is more intuitive than I anticipated. Controlling brew strength through voice command is surprisingly practical. Changing between regular or bold flavor profiles with my voice adds a level of convenience I didn’t realize I required. The cleaning cycle reminder is a helpful feature that prompts users to maintain the machine for optimal coffee taste.

This machine aligns perfectly with my minimalistic lifestyle as it is equipped with smart features, certified for humans. The device’s “Certified for Humans” certification ensures that complexity is minimized by eliminating unnecessary steps and tools. The machine stays true to its promise, making intricate smart devices more accessible and easier to use for all users, regardless of technical expertise.

However, I had an issue with pressing the “Ready to Brew” button. This seemed unnecessary for a smart device. Although it’s a small inconvenience, the additional step felt contradictory to its advanced features.

The Hamilton Beach Alexa Smart Coffee Maker is well-designed, focusing on a good user experience. functionality is prioritized over design, but it doesn’t neglect looks. Its appearance matches my other kitchen appliances without being too noticeable, which I prefer for everyday items.

Smart Integration Benefits

A smartphone showing the alexa app with the coffee maker device connected

The benefits of having a smart coffee maker in your modern kitchen are numerous and have become increasingly popular for enhancing daily conveniences. I’ve recently added the Hamilton Beach Alexa Smart Coffee Maker to my collection of smart devices, and I’ve been generally satisfied with its ease and functionality. Here’s why having a smart coffee maker is an excellent addition to your home:

  • Voice Control for Appliances: Activating my coffee maker with a simple voice command is a significant improvement. It’s effortless and reliable from my bed, making mornings more convenient.

  • Automatic Coffee Brewing: I’ve simplified my mornings with automatic brewing routines. These start before I wake up. The coffee machine now serves as my alarm clock, with the scent of freshly brewed coffee signaling morning.

  • Remote Control Options: Being able to control the machine from my phone means I can start a fresh pot from anywhere in my home. No need to interrupt what I’m doing just to make coffee.

Smart integration offers numerous benefits, but there are a few drawbacks that should be considered. These include:

  • Initial Complexities: Learning to navigate the app and custom commands was a bit fiddly at first, and the actual benefits of having a smart coffee maker versus a regular programmable one may not be revolutionary for everyone.

  • Dependence on Smart Ecosystem: Your coffee habit is now dependent on your Wi-Fi and Amazon’s cloud. If one fails, so does your automated brewing, but thankfully, manual controls are a fallback.

Despite the cons, the Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker’s features match current smart home technology trends and minimalist design. Its Alexa integration lets it work with other smart devices. Users can create and adjust routines via the app for a customized experience.

The “Works with Alexa” certification ensures responsiveness and reliability for me. The cleaning cycle reminder is a useful yet clear sign that smart appliances require routine maintenance.

Overall, using the Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker has made my morning routine easier. It fits well with my smart home setup and minimalist preferences. The ability to start a pot without lifting a finger is a nice luxury, but I’m aware of potential downsides if Wi-Fi or Amazon have issues. Fortunately, these occurrences are rare, and manual controls ensure I always get my coffee.

Real-Life Performance Feedback

A steaming cup of coffee next to a modern coffee maker in a sunlit kitchen

In my goal for an efficient morning routine and a clear kitchen counter, I decided to test if the Hamilton Beach Alexa Smart Coffee Maker would meet the expectations of a minimalist smart home.

Here’s what I’ve found:

  • Ease of Use: I appreciate the ‘set it and forget it’ approach. With voice commands and a user-friendly app, my mornings are more efficient.

  • Front-fill feature: This convenient design prevents the need to move the coffee maker from under the cabinets, keeping the kitchen tidy.

  • Controlling Coffee Maker with Alexa: Using Alexa to operate my coffee maker makes my kitchen experience modern and convenient.

But, it’s not without its drawbacks:

  • Reliability: I wish the app allowed more flexible scheduling. For those with irregular schedules, this could be a limiting factor.

  • I find the cleaning reminder useful, but I prefer designs that need less Maintenance.

The Hamilton Beach Alexa Smart Coffee Maker seamlessly connects with other smart home devices, reducing clutter and streamlining functionality within the smart ecosystem. However, its occasional spilling issues and quirks when setting a brewing schedule are minor inconveniences to note.

As an early adopter of smart home technology, I enjoy the advantages more than the drawbacks. The app-controlled coffee maker programming is useful for my daily routines, and the voice activation from Alexa device enhances my mornings. The automatic shut-off feature offers reassurance, fitting well with the minimalist approach of having devices that serve multiple functions and alleviate concerns.

In essence, the Hamilton Beach Alexa Smart Coffee Maker enhances my smart home experience. Its design aligns with a minimalist lifestyle, making daily tasks easier and reducing clutter. This coffee maker achieves this by allowing voice-activated commands instead of manual interactions and having a discreet design that fits well in the kitchen space.

All in, despite some areas for improvement, especially in programming flexibility, the device shines through in creating an uncluttered environment and seamless integration with other smart devices. On well-synchronized days, the user experience is remarkable, turning a mundane task like brewing coffee into an effortless component of my smart home ensemble.