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My experience with the Smart SHARP IoT Microwave Drawer (Easy Wave) - (2024)

My thoughts on SHARP’s IoT Microwave Drawer: its smart integration, unique features, performance in daily use, and my customer service saga.

John Goodrich


January 8, 2024


I recently upgraded my kitchen with the SHARP Smart Microwave Drawer, aiming to blend smart home convenience with minimalist design. This modern appliance promises to streamline cooking with its app-enabled features and fit seamlessly into the look of my kitchen. I was excited about the potential of controlling my microwave with just my voice or a smartphone tap, all while keeping my counters clutter-free and stylish.


Property Value Property Value
Brand SHARP Product Dimensions 20.87”D x 23.62”W x 19.5”H
Capacity 1.2 Cubic Feet Special Feature Concealed, Touch Glass Controls, Easy Wave Open, Smart-Home Ready with Alexa Compatibility and Sh…
Recommended Uses For Product Residential Installation Type Built-In
Material Stainless Steel, Glass Included Components Turntable
Controller Type Touch Control Import Designation Made in USA and Imported


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Sharp iot easy wave stainless steel microwave drawer 2 Sharp iot easy wave stainless steel microwave drawer 4 Sharp iot easy wave stainless steel microwave drawer 8 Sharp iot easy wave stainless steel microwave drawer 9


Smart Home Integration

Sharp iot easy wave stainless steel microwave drawer 1

Integrating modern appliances into a smart home setup brings numerous conveniences. My latest acquisition, the SHARP Smart Microwave Drawer, advertised advanced features including Wi-Fi connectivity. The ability to control kitchen appliances via an app is an exciting prospect for tech enthusiasts. However, the experience can be more intricate than imagined.

For starters, the ability to download the Sharp Kitchen app and connect the microwave to my home Wi-Fi network seamlessly was a big selling point. I found the idea of starting my microwave from my smartphone ultra-convenient. Plus, being compatible with Amazon Alexa meant I could use voice commands, which is a delight when my hands are busy with food prep.

Here’s a list of the smart features I’ve discovered:

  • Wi-Fi Control: Operate your microwave remotely using your smartphone.

  • Smart Home Feature: Control your devices using Amazon Alexa’s voice commands.

  • Use Sharp Kitchen App: Control cooking modes and check progress on your iOS or Android device in real time.

Despite the benefits, I encountered some difficulties. The setup wasn’t as easy as anticipated, and I had to address some issues to ensure everything functioned properly. Moreover, the app and Wi-Fi capabilities have been intermittently unresponsive, making it unreliable for me to depend on those smart features. Adapting to this new kitchen technology requires patience, as I’ve discovered.

The Easy Wave Open feature is convenient as it’s touchless, giving a futuristic feel. However, it takes slightly longer to operate compared to manually opening a microwave. This could be a consideration if speed is your priority.

With a generous 1.4-cu. ft. interior capacity, this appliance provides ample space to accommodate large dishes, making it a practical addition to my kitchen without compromising precious counter space. Moreover, the built-in airflow control allows for flush mounting, resulting in a sleek and integrated look that aligns perfectly with my minimalistic design preference.

SHARP’s IoT Microwave Drawer presents an intriguing blend of innovation and challenges in the realm of smart home integrations. Its convenience and impressive features are certainly noteworthy, but mastering the technology requires a learning curve and patience. For those pondering a kitchen tech upgrade, staying updated on advancements and enhancements for SHARP’s IoT Microwave Drawer is crucial. As time passes, these devices will only grow more intelligent and dependable.

Innovative Features Unveiled

Sharp iot easy wave stainless steel microwave drawer 2

I’ve always been attracted to the newest kitchen appliances that make life easier and add a touch of elegance. The new Sharp Smart Microwave Drawer grabbed my attention with its modern design and Wi-Fi connectivity, which led me to purchase it for my smart home. Some standout features include:

  • 24-inch Wi-Fi Microwave Drawer: This microwave fits well in modern kitchens, integrating with cabinetry. Controlling it via an app on iOS and Android devices is convenient.

  • Easy Wave Open: This touchless sensor is incredibly convenient, especially when my hands are full or messy. A simple wave, and it opens — no smudges left on the panel.

  • Controlling with Voice: Connecting it to Amazon Alexa enhances functionality, enabling voice commands for microwave operation.

  • Multi-Functional Cooking: The array of cooking options like Air Fry, Toasting, and Bread Proofing, make it a versatile appliance beyond just microwaving.

However, the microwave’s power rating of only 950 watts is a disappointment. Heating items takes longer than expected compared to my older model. This difference in performance impacts convenience and my assumptions about advanced kitchen technology.

Another point of concern is California Proposition 65 Warning, which addresses potential chemical exposure, including lead. This is an important issue to consider, particularly if prioritizing health and safety in your home choices. Although the flush mounting and built-in airflow control contribute to sleek design, they do not alleviate my worries regarding the product’s internal materials.

The functional standpoint of my kitchen is enhanced by the concealed controls and modern black glass design, giving it a sleek and contemporary appearance. The microwave, featuring a controller type that blends seamlessly into the glass surface, boasts a spacious 1.4-cu. ft. interior capacity, allowing ample room for larger dishes. However, despite the controller type’s smooth feel and futuristic appearance, operating the microwave lacks the expected level of intuitiveness.

The construction of this structure, despite some performance-related concerns, instills confidence due to the use of top-notch material quality. Specifically, the high-quality stainless steel and glass are not only robust but also contribute to a simple maintenance routine. Their superior material quality provides a sturdy feel and is easily cleanable.

If I had to simplify, it would be:


  • Seamless smart home integration

  • Aesthetically pleasing flush design

  • This appliance offers various cooking functions.


  • A lower power output leads to longer cooking times.

  • Some people might be put off by health warnings.

  • The controls on this device may take some getting used to if you’re using the touchscreen.

In essence, the Sharp Smart Microwave Drawer offers smart features and a sleek design, but it may have drawbacks. Consider this appliance if these advantages outweigh the potential disadvantages for you.

Real-World Performance

Sharp iot easy wave stainless steel microwave drawer 3

The Sharp Smart Microwave Drawer was a central piece in my plan to transform my kitchen into a smart and convenient space. I was intrigued by its modern appearance and excited about its role as this key appliance, offering numerous cooking options for maximum flexibility. When it arrived, I looked forward to trying out its various functions - Air Fry, Toast, Warming Drawer, Bread Proofing, and more. I anticipated having easy access to these cooking options via Amazon Alexa integration for maximum convenience.

However, living with the appliance has had its ups and downs. I’ll outline my experiences in a clear-cut manner:


  • The Wi-Fi connectivity and smart app controls are advanced features for modern smart homes.

  • 1.4-cu. ft. interior capacity is large enough for large dishes.

  • The “Easy Wave Open” feature enhances the microwave’s convenience and promotes better hygiene.

  • The design is appealing with its edge-to-edge black glass that matches my kitchen’s look. I find it interesting.

  • This microwave offers multiple cooking modes beyond the typical functions.


  • At 950 watts, this microwave may take longer cooking times compared to standard models.

  • Some features, like Air Fry, may not produce the same outcomes as specialized appliances.

  • A few technical hiccups did occur, like the unresponsive drawer mechanism and issues with the Wi-Fi connectivity.

I found the touch controls responsive and user-friendly, placed at a convenient angle during my practical use. However, I encountered some connectivity issues that hindered my experience with the device. The drawer felt clunky at times, adding to my frustration. These incidents served as reminders of the potential glitches that come with added features, especially when dealing with connectivity problems.

I was disappointed with the microwave as it took longer than expected to pop corn, around 5-6 minutes instead of the usual 2 minutes. However, for defrosting and reheating tasks, it functions well.

This device, although not a powerhouse in terms of microwave capabilities, provides notable convenience and modernity. It is an alluring option for numerous consumers due to its sleek design and commendable performance when functioning optimally. However, it might not suit those in search of a powerful microwave or individuals less accustomed to technology who favor a more straightforward experience without a steep learning curve.

Would I purchase it once more? I might, considering its advanced features against its actual performance in daily use.

Customer Service Experiences

Sharp iot easy wave stainless steel microwave drawer 4

When integrating a SHARP IoT Microwave Drawer into a smart home, excellent customer service is crucial. The convenience and connectivity features attract customers, but the support they receive after purchase ensures their satisfaction.

Here’s a quick rundown of experiences:

  • Tech support interaction: Generally speaking, the quick response from tech support when issues arose was appreciated. However, the effectiveness varied. There were instances where the support was exceptional, leading to quick solutions, whereas, at other times, the support process felt slow and convoluted.

  • Service scheduling: Setting up service appointments was a mixed bag. On one hand, the remote diagnostic capability is impressive but initially feeling dependent on service technicians that were difficult to schedule could be frustrating.

  • Warranty and repairs: The fine print is critical. If an appliance is purchased ahead of a remodel or project, confirm the warranty period against your timeline. The extended warranty issues between SHARP and the warranty provider were particularly challenging. It goes to show the importance of understanding the warranty’s scope and the responsibility of each entity involved.

  • Microwave Use: Using a microwave requires some learning. It’s essential to read the manual and try out its features for optimal use. After mastering it, you’ll enjoy advantages like air fry and convection modes.

  • Performance versus expectations: While innovative features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and touchless operation are captivating, they come with a reality check. For instance, a lower wattage than expected results in longer cook times. There’s a balance to be struck between the cutting-edge appeal and day-to-day practicality.

A microwave’s appeal from a minimalist perspective lies in its aesthetic simplicity and sleek design. This minimalistic approach appeals due to its simple aesthetic, while all-in-one features help reduce clutter in the kitchen. However, minimalism doesn’t compromise functionality. Therefore, advancements in microwaves should prioritize both aesthetic simplicity and meeting performance expectations.

In a modern, minimalistic home, my experience with the SHARP IoT Microwave underscores the importance of both excellent customer service and product features. Purchasing new technology for a streamlined minimalistic home often involves encountering initial teething problems that come with innovation. With patience, taking charge of warranty claims, and maintaining reasonable expectations, an enjoyable and smart kitchen experience can be achieved in this clutter-free environment.