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My thoughts on the Inkbird IBT-4XS Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer (with 4 probes) (2024)

My thoughts on Inkbird IBT-4XS Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer: precision, smart home cooking, sleek design, in line with minimalism.

John Goodrich


January 14, 2024


I recently added the Inkbird IBT-4XS thermometer to my kitchen appliances. This gadget suits our household well, as we value technology while also preferring simplicity. Its accuracy is great, reducing clutter in the kitchen and near the grill.


Property Value Property Value
Brand Inkbird Special Feature Alarm
Age Range (Description) Adult Outer Material Plastic, Stainless Steel
Specification Met FCC Display Type Digital
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth Product Care Instructions Oven Safe, Wipe Clean
Unit Count 1 Count Power Source Battery Powered


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Inkbird ibt 4xs bluetooth bbq thermometer with 4 probes full view Inkbird ibt 4xs bluetooth bbq thermometer with 4 probes in kitchen Inkbird ibt 4xs bluetooth bbq thermometer with 4 probes cables Inkbird ibt 4xs bluetooth bbq thermometer with 4 probes connected


Accuracy and Setup

Inkbird ibt 4xs bluetooth bbq thermometer with 4 probes full view

Precise temperature control is not just desirable but non-negotiable when using a grill or smoker for cooking meats to achieve the desired doneness consistently. The Inkbird IBT-4XS thermometer has impressed me with its temperature accuracy based on my tests involving an ice bath and boiling water. This device provides readings within acceptable ranges, as stated by the manufacturer, and maintains a consistent reading of ±2℉/±1℃. These results are not only impressive but non-negotiable given the importance of precise temperature control in meat cooking. The price point is also favorable, making this thermometer an excellent investment for any serious grill or smoker user.

Here’s a description of my setup process:

  • Inserting the probes correctly ensured an accurate reading and avoided error message 572F.

  • Connecting the BBQGO device to my smartphone was easy: open the app, select “connect,” and power on the unit.

  • The app provides presets that save me time adjusting temperatures for different meats.

The unit’s LED display is sufficiently bright indoors but hard to read outside on sunny days. However, the app makes this inconvenience minor as it eliminates the need to depend on the unit’s screen. The magnetic design is excellent; it attaches strongly to the grill’s side.

On the downside, the Bluetooth range might be problematic for some users, particularly those who live in larger homes or move farther away from the grill. While I’ve managed a decent connection throughout most of my small suburban home, basements and significant outdoor distances could create connectivity issues.

In terms of setup, here’s the rundown:

  • Probing: Make sure probes click into the unit for accurate readings.

  • App Connection: Swiftly connects without issues.

  • Indoor digital displays have clear text. Outdoors, Readability can be poor in bright light.

  • Magnetic Connection: Provides a robust and dependable attachment on the grill.

  • Range: Suitable for shorter distances in a home but less effective for longer ones.

The thermometer’s setup and usage have been effortless and convenient for my cooking preparation, making it a true plug-and-play device. Its exterior feels plastic, but its functionality justifies the cost, as I can easily monitor multiple probes for accurate readings. Concerns about the plastic’s longevity are outweighed by the convenience of the multi-probe capabilities and rechargeable battery. With no need to worry about mid-cook battery swaps, this thermometer is a valuable addition to my kitchen gadgets.

The Inkbird showcases reliable performance within its price range, delivering a user-friendly experience that’s challenging to surpass.

App Functionality Review

Inkbird ibt 4xs bluetooth bbq thermometer with 4 probes in kitchen

When it comes to the app functionality of the Inkbird IBT-4XS thermometer, I’ve found it to be a mixed bag with more positives than negatives. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • The app offers exceptional Ease of Use, ensuring a straightforward experience for users. The setup process is simple, and you can easily connect it to your Bluetooth thermometer with minimal effort and no complications.

  • Pre-set Temperatures: I appreciate the pre-set temperatures for different meats, it’s handy for those times when I’m multitasking and need the guesswork taken out of cooking times and temps.

  • Setting personal temperatures and Custom Alarms is a useful feature for skilled cooks who prefer customizing their meat preparation. With Custom Alarms, they can set specific alerts based on desired cooking times or temperature thresholds, ensuring consistently perfect results every time.

While I use the app regularly, there are certain problems I’ve encountered:

  • The Notification System functions, but I find it somewhat bothersome. Particularly annoying is the alarm’s repetition every 10 minutes.

  • Bluetooth Signal Range: The range works for my small house, but larger properties or thick walls could disrupt the signal.

  • User Interexperience (UX) of the app is clean and intuitive. The User Interface (UI), in particular, is well-designed and easy to navigate. Adding a dark mode feature would significantly enhance my User Experience (UX), especially during low light conditions.

Now, let’s discuss the specifics. Connecting the device to my phone was effortless. The BBQGO app is user-friendly – download the app, switch on the gadget, and it pairs automatically. This effortless technology integration enhances the grilling experience with a contemporary touch.

Another aspect that pleased me was the battery life. It lasts for several hours, avoiding the need for frequent recharging or buying AAA batteries. Additionally, retaining personalized settings after power off is a thoughtful feature, saving time and effort in resetting them.

However, there are some areas for improvement in the alarm system app. I’d prefer a one-tap silence function on the notification bar instead of having to open the app entirely. Additionally, enhancing Bluetooth connectivity would ensure a stronger and more consistent link over longer distances.

The Inkbird IBT-4XS app and device are a solid cooking companion, offering a user-friendly interface and essential functions. This includes temperature graphing for meticulous cooking process monitoring. Even during extended cooks when attention to minor nuisances is crucial for a satisfying meal, this reliable device with its app proves invaluable, delivering control and feedback to ensure optimal results. Overall, the Inkbird IBT-4XS system effectively manages minor inconveniences, providing significant convenience and assurance during culinary pursuits.

Design and Durability

Inkbird ibt 4xs bluetooth bbq thermometer with 4 probes cables

When unpacking the Inkbird IBT-4XS thermometer, its design stood out as practical and user-friendly. The device is primarily made of plastic with stainless steel components for durability, such as the probes. The magnetic back allows easy attachment to grills or smokers, while the power key’s double-tap feature rotates the LED screen for better visibility from various angles. This design balances affordability and functionality.

Here’s a simplified version of my assessment on design and durability:

  • The Plastic Body is lightweight and durable, but may have longevity concerns if dropped or exposed to harsh weather.

  • Stainless Steel Probes are robust and built for use in grilling and smoking at high temperatures.

  • Secure Hold: This feature ensures the unit stays put, conserving workspace.

  • Rotatable LED Display: This feature allows users to easily read temperatures from different angles.

I appreciate that the probes need to be fully inserted for accurate readings, indicated by a confirming click sound. The outer plastic material is of good quality, but should not be exposed to temperatures above 80℃/176F or to significant impact. The build quality appears reliable, though not indestructible.

A feature I appreciate is the magnet design that enables me to attach the thermometer to the smoker’s side, keeping my work surface clear for food preparation. This enhances the thermometer’s functionality and aligns with my preference for an organized cooking setup. The design syncs with my smart home system by linking to my smartphone, granting me real-time temperature monitoring with a modern touch.

However, there are areas for enhancement. The plastic build raises concerns regarding durability against drops or rough handling over extended periods. Additionally, the screen reflections under direct sunlight need improvement through a brighter or anti-glare display in future iterations.

Overall, the Inkbird IBT-4XS thermometer offers a blend of intelligence and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for home cooks who prioritize functionality and smart home integration. Its design demonstrates how kitchen gadgets have evolved, providing tech-driven convenience without cluttering the kitchen. The thermometer’s materials, secure magnetic backing, and responsive LED display all contribute to its impressive design and durability. While there are a few minor concerns, they do not significantly impact its value proposition.

Overall Value and Performance

Inkbird ibt 4xs bluetooth bbq thermometer with 4 probes connected

Considering the integration of modern technology in our kitchens, the Inkbird IBT-4XS thermometer offers a good balance of functionality and discretion for those with smart homes or minimalistic lifestyles. After testing it extensively, I find its value and performance to be respectable, although it does have some minor shortcomings.

Here are the key points I’ve identified:

  • With just a simple probe insertion, this feature boasts one-touch connectivity to the BBQGo app, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

  • This device is equipped with a magnetic back and a rotational display, making it an optimal choice for modern kitchens or outdoor grill setups without adding unnecessary bulk. The rotational display allows for convenient access to various functions and settings, enhancing the user experience.

  • The Bluetooth connectivity is quite stable within a reasonable range. However, I did experience signal drops when traipsing to my basement - something potential buyers should be aware of.

  • Battery longevity impressed me, easily lasting through long smoking sessions, which is crucial for slow-cooked meats.

  • The given preset temperatures simplify the process of cooking different meats. Users can also customize settings for specific preferences.

However, no product is perfect. For example:

  • The Bluetooth range needs enhancement for larger properties or multi-story homes. It functions adequately for standard use.

  • alarm notifications are useful, but the ability to customize them would be preferred to prevent repetition and annoyance.

  • The app’s interface could be enhanced with additional features such as a dark mode and more distinct alarm dismiss options for a better user experience.

In a smart home, the Inkbird thermometer improves cooking by providing real-time temperature readings to your phone. This aligns with the trend of remote monitoring and control in home devices. Its sleek design doesn’t crowd cooking spaces, and its wireless feature means fewer cables to manage.

From a practical standpoint, this meat thermometer provides me with precise temperature readings, allowing me to focus on other tasks without being tethered to the grill. The affordability of the device matches its useful features.

In conclusion, the Inkbird IBT-4XS thermometer is ideal for tech-savvy and minimalistic cooks who value precision. It’s a useful addition to any modern home with its practicality, simplicity, and clear purpose.