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My thoughts on the Govee Smart WiFi Electric Kettle (2024)

My thoughts on the Govee Smart WiFi Electric Kettle: smart home convenience, precision brewing, minimalist design, and tech integration.

John Goodrich


January 14, 2024


I recently bought a Govee Smart Kettle for my smart home setup. It’s essential that any gadget I purchase enhances my life while adhering to my minimalist aesthetic. This kettle appeared to be an ideal combination of technology, sleek design, and uncomplicated functionality. It boasts the ability to add convenience and a contemporary appearance to my daily routines, from morning coffee to evening tea. My thoughts on it are below.


Property Value Property Value
Brand Govee Color Black
Special Feature To-the-degree Temp Control, Schedule Start, App Control and Voice Control Package Information Gooseneck Kettle
Finish Type Powder Coated


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Govee smart wifi electric kettle, 0.8l matte black with app Govee smart wifi electric kettle, 0.8l matte black buttons Govee smart wifi electric kettle, 0.8l matte black box Govee smart wifi electric kettle, 0.8l matte black on furnace Govee smart wifi electric kettle, 0.8l matte black power


Smart Home Revolution

Govee smart wifi electric kettle, 0.8l matte black on furnace

In the midst of the smart home revolution, I recognized the need to incorporate advanced technologies into my daily life. To accomplish this, I made the decision to bring the Govee Smart Kettle into my home setup. This device not only provides convenience but also adds a contemporary flair to my routine. Our homes are undergoing remarkable transformations as we embrace devices like the Govee Smart Kettle that significantly enhance our lives in countless ways.

Here are some of the key advantages and drawbacks I’ve noted:

  • With Seamless Integration of WiFi and Alexa voice commands, controlling the kettle becomes more than just convenient - it’s effortless. Starting the kettle from another room is no longer an interruption to your multitasking routine but a seamlessly integrated part of it.

  • Faster Boiling: This kettle’s 1200w power significantly reduces boiling time compared to conventional models.

  • Temperature Control: Ability to set exact temperatures benefits brewing various teas and coffees, showcasing technology’s role in creating perfect beverages.

  • This device is equipped with robust Safety Features to ensure maximum security. Its Safety Features include an auto shut-off and NTC temp sensor. The auto shut-off function turns off the device automatically to prevent overheating, while the NTC temp sensor monitors temperature in real-time for safe usage. Constructed from 304 food-grade stainless steel, this device provides peace of mind with its durable and safe design.

However, every rose has its thorns:

  • WiFi Setup: Setting up WiFi can be a simple yet frustrating process. It’s a one-time task but could be made easier.

  • The container boasts an impressive 0.8L volume, making it suitable for preparing a few cups but potentially insufficient for larger events. This 0.8L volume allows users to mix and store sufficient ingredients for their needs.

  • Smart Features Necessity: The smart aspects, while novel and useful on paper, sometimes feel more like a luxury than an essential component.

In a world where technology can make things more complex, the Govee Smart Kettle finds a nice middle ground. It offers extra features like pre-scheduling and phone notifications without being overly tech-heavy. These functions are enjoyable for someone who values these specifications in their daily routine.

It’s also true that Govee prioritizes quality. The construction seems robust, and the powder-coating gives it an elegant appearance. Although setting up with 2.4GHz WiFi presented some challenges initially, these issues didn’t significantly impact my overall experience. After the initial hurdles, using the product has been a smooth process.

This kettle is a smart home appliance that suits minimalist lifestyles well. Initially, I had doubts about the need for a “smart” kettle. However, I now value its features, such as starting it from bed. Though not essential, this convenience seamlessly fits into a modern home setup. For those hesitant about investing in smart appliances, the Govee Smart Kettle is an excellent introductory experience to the blend of technology and comfort within your living space.

Precision Brewing Simplified

Govee smart wifi electric kettle, 0.8l matte black with app

When using a kettle for making coffee or tea, accurate temperature control significantly impacts taste and quality. The Govee Smart Kettle offers simplicity in this precise brewing process that I’ve found to be a valuable addition to my daily routine. This smart kettle boasts the following noteworthy features:


  • App Control: Adjust and monitor the kettle’s temperature remotely. This feature allows me to start the kettle from any location in the house.

  • Temperature Presets: Convenient for making a quick choice when I’m pressed for time or don’t feel like adjusting settings for various beverages.

  • Quick Boiling: The water reaches boiling point in a short time, saving me from lengthy waits.

  • Keep-Warm Function: Heats water to desired temperature for immediate use, saving time for subsequent cups.


  • Wi-Fi Setup: A bit tricky to nail down initially, especially when distinguishing between 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections.

  • Size Issue: The 0.8L container sometimes requires refilling when I have numerous guests or need multiple cups in quick succession.

With a 1200w heating element, I quickly heat water from cold to boiling. This efficiency is important to me due to my busy mornings. The keep-warm function is useful; it allows me to step away without worrying about a quick temperature drop when my attention is needed elsewhere.

Moreover, the precision pour spout enhances my pour-over skill development. Its balanced pour is crucial for anyone aiming to excel in coffee preparation.

Now, the capacity is sufficient for individual use but may necessitate multiple boiling cycles when serving guests. This has been an inconvenience in certain situations.

The Wi-Fi feature, which I looked forward to, caused some initial confusion but is now running smoothly. I prefer using the manual buttons over starting up remotely with my phone or smart speaker, a matter of personal preference.

In terms of safety and construction, the 304 food-grade stainless steel body and NTC temp sensor exceed my requirements. The auto shut-off function provides peace of mind on busy days.

Integrating the Govee Smart Kettle into my smart home routine aligns perfectly with my minimalism approach to kitchen gadgets. It has replaced several of my older appliances and has brought a level of sophistication to my brewing that I hadn’t realized was missing. The black finish and powder-coated appearance make it a discreet yet stylish counter inhabitant that doesn’t clamor for attention.

Overall, despite its minor flaws, the Govee Smart Kettle is a valuable tool for easy and accurate brewing. Its connectivity and productivity are notable features that I often suggest to friends and family.

Design and Practicality Combined

Govee smart wifi electric kettle, 0.8l matte black buttons

As someone who appreciates both design and functionality in home appliances, using the Govee Smart Kettle as part of my smart home system has been a mainly satisfying experience. This kettle boasts an attractive appearance alongside useful features that enhance daily use, although it has its disadvantages. Below is a brief list of pros and cons for the Govee Smart Kettle from my perspective:


  • Modern design kitchens with a black finish are particularly popular in contemporary settings.

  • Precise pour feature is a dream for pour-over coffee aficionados.

  • Boils water fast is a feature that saves time in my daily routine.

  • The “Keep-Warm” feature ensures consistent water temperature for multiple cups.


  • The 0.8L capacity container may not be sufficient for larger households.

  • WiFi setup can be a bit finicky and unclear, causing initial frustration.

  • Only connects to 2.4GHz WiFi, which may require some adjustments to home networks.

I take great pride in owning a black gooseneck kettle with its distinctive appearance. The powder-coated finish of this sophisticated appliance mirrors that of a professional barista’s tool, enhancing my kitchen’s appeal. Its sleek design, reminiscent of high-end equipment, frequently ignites intriguing discussions with my guests about my smart home gadgets.

Practically speaking, the Keep-Warm option is beneficial when hosting friends. I can brew a batch of tea or coffee, and the kettle keeps it at the ideal temperature for multiple servings without requiring reheating, thanks to its four easy presets. The appliance simplifies the process, allowing me to effortlessly select the desired temperature for various beverages with just a press of a button.

The Rapid Boil feature is invaluable for me as it heats up to 0.8L of water in just 3-5 minutes. This time-saving advantage is particularly beneficial in the morning when I’m rushing and need my caffeine fix quickly. Moreover, the app notification alerts me once the desired temperature at Rapid Boil is reached, allowing me to multitask efficiently and start brewing my coffee right away.

While I’m pleased with the teapot’s durability due to its 304 food-grade stainless steel construction, its capacity is too small for my needs when filling a larger teapot. However, it’s a convenient option as it fits well on my countertop without requiring much space.

Setting up the WiFi was a challenge. I had to heat water in a kettle to keep it in pairing mode, which wasn’t obvious. But once connected, I controlled it through voice commands with my smart speaker, setting it to turn on at specific times.

In all, the Govee Smart Kettle enhances my tea and coffee routine with its smart design and functionality. It adds value to my daily life, serves as a conversational topic, and seamlessly integrates into my smart home setup. Despite minor limitations, the convenience it offers far outweighs these issues.

Connectivity and User Experience

Govee smart wifi electric kettle, 0.8l matte black box

Integrating the Govee Smart Kettle into my home setup has been an interesting journey of balancing high-tech functionality with the simplicity and elegance that minimalism demands. At the heart of this experience is the kettle’s connectivity abilities, which are both its strong suit and the source of some frustration.

Here’s a quick breakdown of my thoughts:


  • WiFi and Bluetooth functionality: A significant advantage for me as it allows controlling the kettle from any location in my home.

  • Controlling the kettle with Alexa: This feature allows me to start the kettle using voice commands, which integrates well with my smart home setup.

  • I find App notifications handy, especially when multitasking. They keep me informed in real-time.


  • Experiencing WiFi setup challenges, connecting to my network proved more complicated than anticipated.

  • Using only 2.4GHz for WiFi: This restriction excludes faster 5GHz band, reducing available connectivity options.

  • Manual entry: Having to type in my WiFi credentials was a step back from the expected ‘smart’ experience.

During the setup process, I encountered most of my issues while attempting to integrate the kettle with my smart speaker and grant it remote access to my WiFi network. It took several attempts before I could successfully achieve both tasks. The minor inconvenience was frustrating but once functional, the seamless integration between the kettle and my smart speaker, enabling me to control it remotely through remote access, have become valuable enhancements to my daily routine.

The app acts as a central hub in my kitchen, controlling various appliances including the kettle. This alignment with my preference for a clutter-free kitchen is particularly appealing. However, I often find myself preferring to press the button on the kettle directly when making a quick cup of tea. The scheduled start feature significantly enhances my morning routine by ensuring water readiness at desired times in the central hub, allowing me to focus on other tasks while the kettle is being heated automatically.

In essence, the Govee Smart Kettle is a modern technological convenience for my minimalist home without disrupting its clean look. Setting it up requires some effort, but once integrated, it’s a discreet and powerful addition to my kitchen.

Lastly, while making my decision to buy the Govee Smart Kettle for my smart home, I relied on reviews and user experiences available on Amazon. These real-life accounts confirmed that the appliance would deliver both functionality and style as required. Now, the Govee is an essential addition to my daily life, offering modern efficiency without disrupting minimalism’s serenity.