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My thoughts on the Maverick ET-735: Bluetooth Wireless 4-Probe Thermometer (2024)

My thoughts on the Maverick ET-735: integrating Bluetooth tech for smart, minimalistic home cooking.

John Goodrich


January 7, 2024


I recently decided to upgrade my outdoor cooking setup with a tool that fits my smart home and minimalist lifestyle. The Maverick White Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer caught my eye as it promised to blend in with my other smart devices and reduce clutter. I was looking for something that could enhance my grilling without the complexity, something straightforward that wouldn’t require reading a novel-length manual.


Property Value Property Value
Brand Maverick Special Feature Waterproof
Color White Age Range (Description) Adult
Display Type LCD Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Product Care Instructions Oven Safe, Wipe Clean Power Source Battery Powered
Number of Batteries 2 AAA batteries required. Response Time 500 Milliseconds


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Maverick et 735 bluetooth wireless 4 probe thermometer, white 12 Maverick et 735 bluetooth wireless 4 probe thermometer, white 13 Maverick et 735 bluetooth wireless 4 probe thermometer, white 10 Maverick et 735 bluetooth wireless 4 probe thermometer, white 14 Maverick et 735 bluetooth wireless 4 probe thermometer, white 20 Maverick et 735 bluetooth wireless 4 probe thermometer, white 7


Intuitive Cooking with Bluetooth

Maverick et 735 bluetooth wireless 4 probe thermometer, white 1

The convenience of the Maverick White Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer lies in its Bluetooth connectivity and companion app, making outdoor cooking monitoring more straightforward. Here’s what I find appealing about this tool:

  • Setup and Use: The setup process is uncomplicated. Connecting it to the app is as easy as pairing any other Bluetooth device. The user interface becomes intuitive once you’re familiar with it.

  • Smart Alerts: Receiving notifications promptly on my smartphone is beneficial. I no longer need to constantly check the BBQ; instead, I trust the alerts for reliable information.

  • Multi-Probe Feature: Monitoring four temperatures at once is beneficial. You can keep tabs on various meats or your grill’s ambient temperature.

Despite the numerous benefits, it’s essential to acknowledge the limitations of using wireless technology and backlit LCD displays. The wireless range, while generally sufficient, can be affected by physical obstacles, thus posing a limitation for those with larger spaces. Moreover, the readability of the backlit LCD screens can diminish in direct sunlight, which is another significant limitation. Although these issues may not significantly impact my setup’s functionality, they are worth considering when deciding whether to adopt such technology.

Another slight issue is that the app experiences some glitches. It generally functions well, but there have been instances where it struggles with connectivity after losing a signal. The interface design also requires enhancement as it can feel clunky at times.

For the power source, it requires 2 AAA batteries which are not included but easily obtained. Expect to change batteries every few months due to consistent use.

Product care is an essential aspect of using this device effectively. In terms of product maintenance, this device is suitable for use in the oven and can be effortlessly cleaned as part of proper product care. Additionally, the waterproof probes enhance its durability, ensuring reliability even during uncertain weather conditions, making it a valuable investment for those prioritizing product care.

While my use of this thermometer has mostly been positive, there have been some minor issues. It’s essential to understand that wireless technology and app development have limitations. This thermometer may not be perfect, but it significantly improves the control and enjoyment of grilling sessions.

Overall, the Maverick White Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer is a strong option for temperature monitoring. Its smart features provide convenience for both beginners and experts in grilling. However, there are some technical issues that need to be addressed.

Simultaneous Monitoring Mastery

Maverick et 735 bluetooth wireless 4 probe thermometer, white 2

As a grilling enthusiast who values both precision and convenience, I have been on the lookout for a device that could change the game in how I manage my barbecue sessions. The Maverick ET-735 thermometer came across as a promising candidate, boasting the capability of simultaneous monitoring of four different temperatures at once. Here’s a quick breakdown of how it fares:

Four input probes: This feature enables monitoring various meat types or different parts of a large cut, ensuring even cooking.

Through simultaneous monitoring, you can keep a close eye on your brisket, ribs, and smoker temperature in real time. This feature is essential for ensuring that each element of your barbecue cooks evenly and reaches the desired level of doneness. Simultaneous monitoring enables you to make adjustments as needed, resulting in perfectly cooked BBQ every time.

Smart notifications: The system informs you when the meat reaches your preferred temperature or if the probe goes beyond expected limits, preventing overcooking or undercooking.

One major drawback of this device is that the advertised range of 175 feet can be limited by walls, resulting in connectivity issues. These problems can make reconnection inconsistent, causing inconvenience when seeking a seamless tech experience for larger homes or thicker walls.

Amid the chaos, the benefits of the Maverick ET-735 grill monitor stand out. I enjoy monitoring all my meats without having to hover over the grill constantly, offering greater convenience and control. The waterproof probes impress me with their high heat resistance – a clear demonstration of Maverick’s dedication to durability.

The app integration offers several benefits, but it comes with some drawbacks. The interface usability requires enhancement for a more user-friendly experience. Pairing via Bluetooth can be inconsistent and may necessitate patience and potential workarounds.

In terms of power efficiency, the AAA batteries perform adequately for longer BBQ sessions. Avoiding tech failures during cookouts is essential.

To summarize, the Maverick ET-735 grill offers several desirable features but encounters some modern technology challenges. It’s an excellent option for individuals who can tolerate occasional connectivity issues and prioritize extensive control over their barbecue setup. Despite its imperfections, I generally recommend this tech-integrated grilling partner as a significant advancement towards intelligent grilling within a minimalist or smart home environment.

Range Reality Check

Maverick et 735 bluetooth wireless 4 probe thermometer, white 3

Grilling enthusiasts praise the convenience of wireless thermometers, and the Maverick ET-735 stands out for its Bluetooth connectivity. Using this product enhances the grilling experience, particularly for those who prefer a minimalist approach while still enjoying the benefits of smart home technology.

Positive Aspects:

  • A grill with a 175-foot range lets you move around freely among guests or handle other tasks without staying close to it.

  • four probes can be connected simultaneously with this device, making it convenient for monitoring multiple meats or adjusting both meat and smoker temperatures.


  • The actual range of connectivity for the device may not align with the advertised distance due to interference from walls and appliances.

  • Reconnecting after losing the signal isn’t as seamless as one might hope, requiring manual intervention more often than not.

In the clear presentation of facts, let’s examine the crucial aspects:


  1. The concept of monitoring your grill from your phone is revolutionary and convenient.
  2. The back-lit LCD display remains visible at all hours.
  3. Two included probes, and the ability to add more, let you monitor different meats or grill zones.
  4. Water resistance gives peace of mind during unexpected drizzles.


  1. Bluetooth range may disappoint if you’re expecting to use it at its maximum claimed distance.
  2. Reconnecting issues could lead to missed alerts and overcooked meats.
  3. Additional probes needed for all four inputs increase the investment.

From a user standpoint, the ET-735 certainly enhances the grilling experience with its smart monitoring capabilities. The reliance on a smartphone as the receiver and remote is a nod towards both smart homes and minimalism, doing away with the clutter of additional gadgets. However, the range limitations present a setback. In my experience, the 40 to 60 feet through walls is still adequate for a comfortable grilling experience, though it falls short of the advertised 175 feet.

As for the probes, they work well and are robust. However, it’s necessary to wrap them correctly for high-heat applications, as all technology can be damaged in a grill or smoker’s harsh conditions.

In terms of battery life, this device lasts around 6 months with regular use on 2 AAA batteries. This feature is convenient as it eliminates the need for frequent replacements.

The Maverick ET-735 grill monitor represents a significant step in the right direction for smart grilling. Although some skepticism exists regarding its range claims, this innovative device offers valuable and unique features. With potential app upgrades and advances in Bluetooth technology, this tool could prove indispensable for modern grillers.

App Usability and Functionality

Maverick et 735 bluetooth wireless 4 probe thermometer, white 4

As a tech lover and avid griller, I appreciate combining technology with classic cooking techniques. The Maverick ET-735 Thermometer claimed to enhance my smoking experience by reducing the requirement for extra monitoring devices in my smart home. Here’s an assessment of the app’s usability and features:


  • Selecting Meats and Desired Doneness: A few taps are all it takes to make your selections.

  • Monitoring temperatures with the help of Smart Alerts is a relaxing experience. These alerts ensure that you are notified promptly if the temperature goes beyond a set threshold, allowing you to rest assured that your environment is within desired limits without the need for constant checks.

  • Custom Temperature Adjustments: Handy for unique recipes that don’t match standard options.


  • Bluetooth Monitoring: Can be unreliable during longer sessions, leading to annoyance.

  • Range Limitations: The advertised distance is optimistic, and walls seem to be a major obstacle.

  • App Issues: Menus overlapping each other can hinder the user experience. The app seems less refined as a result.

In a simple world, I expected this grill monitor to make my process more efficient. I imagined controlling it from my couch and receiving notifications at precise moments. Sometimes, this happened; setting temperature alerts was a great help. Yet, it wasn’t perfect. The Bluetooth connection inconsistencies disrupted the seamless experience.

I’m caught between appreciating and being frustrated with the app. Setting up temperatures is a breeze, with presets proving useful, and custom temperatures catering to individual preferences, significantly enhancing functionality. However, the app’s occasional unresponsiveness at times undercuts its strong features, necessitating optimization for improved stability.

Reaching out for help from customer service was unsuccessful, indicating a need for enhancement in this aspect. The lack of prompt support may disappoint those who prefer hands-on experiences, reducing the appeal of the high-tech product.

While the ET-735 can blend into a minimalist or smart home environment by reducing clutter, the sporadic disconnections and reconnection issues force me to stay nearby, making it challenging to fully embrace the device’s intended purpose.

In conclusion, this device has the potential to be a centrepiece in any smart kitchen, but as it stands, the app needs a smidgen more development for it to be reliable in the diverse construction environments of most homes. The experience has been unlike what I’ve had with any other meat thermometer, though not without its challenges. With some updates and polish, I truly believe it could revolutionize smart grilling.