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Trying out the Govee Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer with 2 Probes (2024)

My thoughts on the Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer: setup, smart features, accuracy, and smart home integration.

Mary Goodrich


April 2, 2024


I recently purchased the Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer for my smart home setup, seeking a streamlined grilling experience. I prefer devices with essential features without unnecessary complexity. This thermometer appeared to be the answer – an uncomplicated tool to monitor grilling from afar without constant supervision.


Property Value Property Value
Brand Govee Special Feature 1. 2s fast refresh,
5. 6 different types of food preset temperatures recommended by USDA., <b…
Color Black Age Range (Description) Adult
Included Components Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Outer Material Food Grade Waterproof Probes
Specification Met Beef Display Type LCD
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth Product Care Instructions Oven Safe, Hand Wash Only


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Govee wireless bluetooth meat thermometer with 2 probes with manual on table Govee wireless bluetooth meat thermometer with 2 probes unpacked Govee wireless bluetooth meat thermometer with 2 probes showing temperature Govee wireless bluetooth meat thermometer with 2 probes full view


Setting Up the Govee Thermometer

Govee wireless bluetooth meat thermometer with 2 probes full view

Setting up the Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer piqued my interest despite some apprehension about its performance. As a grilling enthusiast, the prospect of remotely monitoring meat temperatures was enticing. Here’s what transpired during the setup process:

  • Downloading and Connecting to the App: The Govee Home App was easy to find and install on my iPhone. The pairing process was straightforward – it was practically plug-and-play.

  • In the realm of temperature monitoring for food-grade applications, the utilization of food-grade waterproof probes brings a sense of reassurance. These probes boast an impressive precision of ±1.8°F. The partnership between probes and magnetism is effective in this system. The thermometer base, outfitted with a robust magnetic backing, ensures a strong bond to the smoker’s side through the harmonious collaboration of food-grade waterproof probes and magnetism.

  • Calibration and Presets: I appreciated the USDA-recommended temperatures handy in the app but did find myself wishing for a little more customization. It took a bit of time to sift through preset temperatures to find what I was looking for.

While I typically prefer the advanced functions of the thermometer, there were some issues that stood out to me:

  • The connectivity between my thermometer and app, referred to as “Connectivity Hiccups,” experienced noticeable disruptions at times, causing notable inconveniences. These Connectivity Hiccups were most prevalent when my phone entered sleep mode. This inconsistency was a slight annoyance.

  • Probe Sensitivity means that the probes need to be fully inserted for proper functioning, which might not be possible with smaller meat pieces like chicken wings.

  • Temperature Graph Gaps: If Bluetooth connectivity is interrupted, there is a gap in the temperature graph history, which is inconvenient when monitoring long smoking sessions.

Despite these drawbacks, the benefits outweighed them. The smart alerts allowed me to relax without constantly checking the grill. Placing the base unit on the counter or hanging it while the probe worked in the oven/grill was convenient.

The Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer provided peace of mind and convenience during my grilling experience. With its advanced Bluetooth technology, I was able to step away from the grill while monitoring my cooking progress through the user-friendly app on my smartphone. The alarm feature was a valuable addition, alerting me in advance when attention was required, ensuring that my meat was cooked to perfection. Overall, this thermometer’s flexibility and smart monitoring are features that modern grilling enthusiasts will find appealing and highly beneficial.

Grilling with Smart Technology

Govee wireless bluetooth meat thermometer with 2 probes with manual on table

Grilling has advanced with smart technology like the Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer. I’ve been evaluating its capabilities as a remote monitoring tool. The prospect of managing multiple tasks while cooking is an appealing proposition for many. Here are my observations:

  • Remote Monitoring: Checking my meat from a distance using my smartphone is convenient. It allows me to move around freely while ensuring the food’s progression.

  • I highly regard the USDA Recommendations in the Govee Home app when it comes to cooking different meats. These guidelines from the United States Department of Agriculture are essential as they help determine the doneness for beef, lamb, poultry, and other foods without the need for guesswork.

  • Smart Alerts: The alerts and notifications are essential to prevent overcooking. I’m reassured knowing that I’ll be informed immediately if anything goes beyond the preset range.

  • Durable, Accurate Probes: The food-grade, waterproof probes are accurate and robust, an essential feature when grilling different cuts at variable cooking temperatures.

However, the benefits of smart features aren’t without disadvantages. For example:

  • I experience various connectivity issues that can significantly disrupt my continuous monitoring process. These issues, commonly referred to as connectivity problems, can arise when my phone goes to sleep or when it moves out of Bluetooth range, resulting in a loss of connection. The connectivity issues I encounter can lead to inconvenience and potential data losses, making it essential to address them promptly.

  • The unit’s dependence on the phone app for temperature logs poses an issue. If Bluetooth connection is lost, data gaps result.

The device’s hands-free monitoring feature and the ease of placement make it particularly appealing, despite the identified issues. This flexibility allows users to place the device in various locations that suit their needs best.

On a positive note, the backlit LCD makes nighttime grilling easier. I can now see temperatures clearly without needing a flashlight.

The Govee Thermometer offers an excellent interactive cooking experience in terms of smart home devices for cooking. Although it has some areas for improvement, this device significantly enhances a more streamlined and engaging kitchen routine. With its integration into my smart grilling practices, I’ve become an advocate for this innovative technology despite its occasional quirks.

Inclusion of personal care instructions is thoughtful. They help users maintain device integrity. The Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer simplifies grilling with smart home technology, despite potential complexities. The convenience surpasses the intricacies, resulting in a hassle-free, futuristic experience.

Accuracy and Functions Reviewed

Govee wireless bluetooth meat thermometer with 2 probes unpacked

In the world of smart home gadgets, the Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer offers a significant advancement for grilling enthusiasts seeking accuracy and convenience. Key features include:


  • Real-time temperature monitoring with Bluetooth connectivity ensures I’m not chained to the grill.
  • The ability to set audio alerts via the Govee Home App is a game-changer—no more overdone steaks.
  • Waterproof probes and a backlit LCD make it both durable and user-friendly.
  • Placement versatility with its magnets, stand, and hook means I can have it where I need it.


  • Bluetooth disconnects can disrupt monitoring, particularly when my phone goes to sleep. Probes may be too long for smaller meats, restricting their use.

The thermometer, equipped with high-precision food grade waterproof probes, is a noteworthy addition to my cooking arsenal. These probes, accurate to ±1.8°F/1°C and constructed to meet food-grade standards, perform reliably up to 302℉. In perfect harmony with USDA-recommended temperature settings in the Govee Home App, these food grade waterproof probes have been instrumental in achieving my most accurately cooked meats.

However, the wireless meat thermometer’s connectivity can be problematic. The screen going to sleep or moving out of range can cause loss of connection, disrupting temperature tracking. Additionally, the app frequently asks for access permission each time it’s opened, adding a level of inconvenience. This issue is particularly aggravating given that consistent monitoring is essential for a wireless meat thermometer.

Despite that, the smart alerts are a significant advantage. They’ve prevented my barbecues from burning on numerous occasions when I was occupied elsewhere or deeply engaged in a conversation. The reassurance of not having to constantly monitor my food is priceless.

One point of concern was a malfunctioning probe. The chicken it detected as cooked at 165°F was actually undercooked. This incident underscores the importance of manual checks despite technology’s usefulness.

On a positive note, this design offers convenient placement options through a strong magnet, folded stand, and hanging hook. Its thoughtful considerations make it an essential addition to any grill or smoker setup. Moreover, its backlit LCD is beneficial for evening cookouts.

The overall experience with the Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer has been predominantly positive. This device not only ensures accuracy in temperature readings but also offers functionality and convenience through its smart technology. During my grilling sessions, the thermometer’s precision, practicality, and functionality have proven to be valuable assets, significantly outweighing any occasional issues encountered.

Product Reliability and Verdict

Govee wireless bluetooth meat thermometer with 2 probes showing temperature

In the realm of smart home gadgets, efficiency and minimalism are key in every aspect, including cooking. The Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer stands out as an excellent accessory for grill lovers seeking accuracy without being tethered to the BBQ. My encounter with this device showcases its usefulness and understated elegance that enhances the grilling experience.

Here are the key takeaways from my use:

  • One of the most significant benefits of smart home devices is the ability to perform remote monitoring. With this feature, I can keep an eye on various aspects of my home from a distance, including temperature. Remote monitoring enables me to manage other tasks more efficiently by allowing me to check in on my home’s conditions anytime and anywhere.

  • Using USDA-recommended presets for different meats simplifies cooking by eliminating the need to guess the doneness level. These settings ensure a perfect result without constant grill supervision.

  • The audio alerts and app notifications prevent burnt food, which is useful when hosting or handling multiple dishes.

  • Waterproof probes offer accurate readings and hold up well after multiple uses in hot environments. Their durability provides reassurance for any kitchen tool frequently exposed to sizzling conditions.

However, no Govee thermometer is perfect. It experiences occasional connectivity issues, which can disrupt readings if your phone goes into sleep mode. Additionally, the app could be improved with fewer presets for a more streamlined interface.

Lastly, while there have been some inaccuracies with my meat cooking, this is an uncommon occurrence rather than a major concern.

To sum up, the Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer is a functional tool for grilling that integrates well with smart devices. It focuses on essential features and enhances the contemporary grilling experience. Despite some areas for improvement, its advantages make it an attractive option for those aiming to simplify their grilling process.