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Using the BFOUR Wireless Bluetooth Grill Thermometer with 3 Probes (2024)

My thoughts on good grilling with the BFOUR Bluetooth Grill Thermometer: combining smart home functionality with culinary minimalism.

Joseph Goodrich


March 25, 2024


I recently purchased the BFOUR Bluetooth meat thermometer for my kitchen, adding another device to my smart home setup whilst trying to keep a minimalist lifestyle (trying….). As a grilling enthusiast and host, I sought a device that offered both cooking accuracy and ease of use. This advanced thermometer promised to simplify outdoor cooking, so I was excited to start cooking with it


Property Value Property Value
Brand BFOUR Special Feature timer, light, Lap-timer, dual-Time-display
Color Bright Black Age Range (Description) Adult
Included Components Bluetooth thermometer; 3 probes with winder; 1 probe clip Outer Material Stainless Steel
Specification Met CE, FCC, RoHS Display Type LCD
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth Product Care Instructions Wipe Clean


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Bfour wireless bluetooth grill thermometer with 3 probes phone interface Bfour wireless bluetooth grill thermometer with 3 probes front view with temperature Bfour wireless bluetooth grill thermometer with 3 probes unboxed Bfour wireless bluetooth grill thermometer with 3 probes back view


Cutting-Edge Technology Features

Bfour wireless bluetooth grill thermometer with 3 probes front view with temperature

The BFOUR Bluetooth meat thermometer piqued my interest due to its advanced technology. It offers several impressive features, making it an ideal choice for a contemporary, clutter-free kitchen. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Bluetooth 5.0: Provides a robust and dependable connection up to approximately 196ft, allowing me to oversee my grill from various locations around my house.

  • Multifunctional app with USDA presets: This expands my cooking repertoire with preset temperatures for different meats and cooking levels. The ability to manually add preferences is a plus.

  • Real-time temperature tracking: This feature provides valuable insights into my grilling process for better results in the future.

  • Multiple probes for different foods: I appreciate being able to monitor up to six different items, which is great for larger gatherings or varied meals.

  • Clear LCD screen: An beneficial feature with clear text for easy understanding.

Though technological advancements are significant, there are potential downsides:

  • App needs constant location permission: This worried me due to security reasons, but I adjusted the app settings to deny this without impacting its performance.

  • Initial setup needs the app: It would be preferable if the device had a more plug-and-play approach, reducing dependence on the app from the start.

Despite these challenges, the device excels in its primary function: delivering precise and real-time temperature readings from multiple probes. An additional advantage is the use of the relay unit’s digital display and beeper without the app, offering monitoring flexibility.

In terms of the app itself, once I got past the setup hurdles, I found it quite useful and easy to navigate. Although the interface could use a more professional design, it didn’t detract from its practicality. Plus, the option to seamlessly switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit is a minor but appreciated detail.

The BFOUR Bluetooth meat thermometer, a modern addition to a contemporary kitchen setup, modernizes cooking experience through Bluetooth connectivity and smart apps. By connecting to your home network via Bluetooth, it streamlines your kitchen appliances, saving valuable counter space. Setting it up may require some initial effort, but the technological advancements, including Bluetooth connectivity and smart apps, greatly enhance the overall efficiency and convenience of cooking. This device, along with other Bluetooth-enabled appliances and apps, represents a significant stride towards a more advanced and modernized cooking experience.

Culinary Precision and Versatility

Bfour wireless bluetooth grill thermometer with 3 probes phone interface

In the world of outdoor cooking, obtaining consistent optimal results depends on accurate temperature control. The BFOUR Bluetooth Meat Thermometer provides necessary precision and adaptability to my grilling collection. As a proud cook, whether organizing a large family event or creating an elaborate dish, this device’s versatility is a significant advantage for diverse culinary projects.


  • Easy-to-use interface and set up

  • Multifunctional with various probe channels. This device offers different capabilities through its multiple channels.

  • **Pros of using an accurate temperature monitor:

  • To use the app, you’ll need to set it up initially and grant necessary permissions.

  • Serious BBQ enthusiasts might find the range less satisfactory.

I have found that the BFOUR thermometer’s multifunctional app significantly broadens my cooking abilities. The USDA preset temperatures and customizable settings cater perfectly to my preference for medium-rare steaks and smoked brisket. The timer function is invaluable, ensuring I neither overcook nor undercook my food. The temperature chart, a feature of the multifunctional app, provides enlightening insights to elevate my culinary skills.

The use of three precise meat probes in the device allows for monitoring multiple items simultaneously at dinner parties, catering to various preferences. However, some might find the necessity of utilizing the app for the initial setup a hindrance. I recognize this could be an issue for others; nonetheless, it did not affect my experience adversely.

The Connectivity feature of this thermometer is appealing due to its convenience. However, it can be problematic at times, leading to unexpected disconnections that impact the temperature history log. These interruptions may cause frustration for heavy users relying on accurate data.

I appreciate the large LCD display for quick updates while moving around the kitchen or grill area. However, the app’s design needs improvement. A more professional look would boost my confidence in the device and enhance the overall user experience.

On a functional note, the thermometer’s probes with winders facilitate easy storage and perform well in high-heat environments. However, I’ve observed that the device itself and probes don’t come with a case for added protection and organization. While not essential, having a protective case would be advantageous.

By and large, the BFOUR thermometer enhances my cooking experience and productivity. Its practical features, despite minor concerns about connectivity and initial setup, make it a worthwhile investment for my culinary tasks.

Smart Home Integration Benefits

Bfour wireless bluetooth grill thermometer with 3 probes unboxed

Integrating the BFOUR Bluetooth thermometer into a smart home setup provides several advantages. It enhances the grilling experience in numerous ways.

  • Convenience: Being able to monitor your grill’s temperature from your phone means you can mingle with guests or manage other cooking tasks without being tethered to the grill.

  • Multi-tasking: Juggling different dishes is a breeze with multiple probe functionality, especially when each probe’s data feeds directly to your smart device.

  • Data tracking: The app’s history feature is great for refining your grilling techniques by reviewing past grills.

However, these benefits come with difficulties. For example, the initial setup of the app can be time-consuming and the interface may seem less refined, which might impact users’ trust in data security. Moreover, there are allegations of inconsistent connectivity, leading to disruptions in temperature monitoring history. This is problematic, particularly during prolonged smoking sessions where maintaining a constant temperature is crucial for an excellent cook.

On a personal level, I’m thrilled about a Bluetooth meat thermometer for my smart home setup. The real-time alerts excite me, but it’s the freedom that truly appeals. As an enthusiastic host, this tool lets me mingle effortlessly instead of being tethered to the grill.

The BFOUR thermometer integrates seamlessly into my smart home setup. Although Bluetooth connectivity is generally dependable, it occasionally displays inconsistencies, with reported range falling short of advertised specifications. Despite simplifying your life’s intent, the app’s demand for continuous location permissions raises security concerns. Security-conscious users should adjust their app settings post-installation for added peace of mind.

In my kitchen, which serves as both a culinary space and tech workshop, the BFOUR is an essential tool. Its unique features may not appeal to those who shy away from technology. However, for tech-savvy individuals and avid grilling enthusiasts like me, the benefits are undeniable: efficient cooking with a modern touch.

All considered, adding the BFOUR Bluetooth thermometer to a smart home is a wise decision for those who want to combine traditional grilling with modern ease. Despite some drawbacks, this integration offers numerous benefits for anyone seeking the best of both worlds.

Overall Value Assessment

Bfour wireless bluetooth grill thermometer with 3 probes back view

In assessing the BFOUR grill thermometer, I find its overall value quite impressive with a few minor issues to address. This device integrates seamlessly with a smart home setup, adding simplicity and minimalism to my grilling experience. Here are my thoughts:


  • Ease of Use: Setting up the thermometer is simple, and the LCD screen provides clear readings, making it suitable for a minimalist smart home.

  • The use of Accurate Readings delivered by the probes is crucial for achieving culinary perfection. These readings ensure that every ingredient and cooking process is executed with precision, leading to consistent and delicious results in the kitchen.

  • Multiple Probes, specifically six of them, are a substantial advantage in my culinary endeavors. With Multiple Probes, I can monitor various foods simultaneously, streamlining my multitasking abilities and ensuring optimal cooking results for each dish.

  • Bluetooth 5.0: This device’s Bluetooth connectivity meets my requirements. The app on my smartphone enhances usage and control, aligning with the smart home concept.

  • Responsive Customer Service makes investing feel secure.


  • The app’s user interface requires App Design improvement for a more refined and sleek look. A sophisticated App Design would enhance users’ trust in the product as a advanced smart home integration solution.

  • During the Initial Setup process of using the app, some challenges may arise. However, after this stage, the app becomes convenient to use.

  • Security Concerns: The full-time location permission requirement is a downside I didn’t expect and something that requires immediate attention for those with privacy concerns.

The thermometer’s design in sleek Bright Black fits modern kitchens. It lacks a case but includes a plastic winder for probe organization.

When using a Bluetooth thermometer for grilling, the ability to monitor temperature remotely is beneficial as it allows for greater flexibility. However, its limited range may pose an issue for those with large homes or those who prefer to move further away from the grill.

In essence, this thermometer is easy to use, precise, and integrates well with technology. While it has some minor issues, I find its simplicity aligns with a smart home’s minimalist approach. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks for me, making the BFOUR grill thermometer a worthy upgrade option for streamlined grilling experiences.