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My new kitchen tool: the MEATER Plus Long Range Smart Meat Thermometer (2024)

My thoughts on using the MEATER Plus: a wireless thermometer for precision, smart home connectivity and minimalism in cooking.

Joseph Goodrich


January 17, 2024


I recently purchased the MEATER Plus, a wire-free meat thermometer. Its sleek design and intelligent features make cooking easier for me in my minimalist kitchen. I describe my experience with it below.


Property Value Property Value
Brand MEATER Special Feature Timer, App Companion, High Accuracy, Programmable
Color Dorado Age Range (Description) Adult
Included Components 1 AAA batteries required. Outer Material Stainless Steel
Display Type Digital Connectivity Technology Bluetooth 5
Product Care Instructions Oven Safe, Hand Wash Only Unit Count 1 Count


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Meater plus long range smart meat thermometer front in stea Meater plus long range smart meat thermometer in meat Meater plus long range smart meat thermometer in steak


Cooking with Wireless Freedom

Meater plus long range smart meat thermometer front in stea

Embarking on culinary adventures with the MEATER Plus has been largely a game-changer for me. The standout benefit I’ve experienced is the liberty of movement around the kitchen, or even my home, without the inconvenience of wires or constantly hovering over the cooktop or grill. To provide a balanced view, here’s a quick rundown of my insights:


  • Wire-free design offers flexibility in cooking arrangements.

  • Bluetooth lets you monitor remotely using smart devices.

  • The Guided Cook System manages the cooking process for uniform outcomes.


  • Bluetooth signals can be disrupted by walls, resulting in connection drops.

  • The estimation of finishing times may not always be accurate, requiring close supervision.

The freedom to move away from the grill is important to me, as it allows me to socialize and multitask without the constant fear of a forgotten steak turning into charcoal. However, this freedom comes with its own limitations. Thick walls can significantly reduce the Bluetooth range, which may impact the precision of meat doneness alerts. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that there are minimal obstructions between the grill and the connected device for optimal performance.

Moreover, while some appliances don’t work with the MEATER Plus, I find the wireless feature beneficial enough to accept this limitation.

The MEATER app offers a user-friendly interface and unmatched convenience in meat cooking. Its intuitive design and ease of use surpass that of standard meat thermometers. Users are drawn to its personalized alerts and the assurance provided by its dual temperature sensors, which offer accurate readings for both the meat and surrounding temperatures. The result is juicy meals with peace of mind.

One thing to note about the MEATER Plus is its Bluetooth connection, which has a limited Bluetooth range and can be inconsistent in my home due to several walls between the kitchen and where I usually use the device. This has resulted in occasional disconnections. Despite these challenges, the cooking time estimates provided by the device are generally accurate, but I’ve learned to double-check manually for more accuracy.

Overall, the MEATER Plus has streamlined my cooking process. No more second-guessing if my roast is cooked evenly or if my BBQ is getting the right amount of heat. While the wireless range and cooking time predictions could use a tune-up, the benefits of hands-free, stress-free cooking have been worth it. Would I recommend it? Absolutely, especially to anyone looking to simplify their cooking routine while embracing a bit more freedom in the kitchen.

Precision Meets Convenience

Meater plus long range smart meat thermometer in meat

In my search for the best cooking gadget, I discovered the MEATER Plus. This device claimed to offer both accuracy and ease in my kitchen tasks. With Bluetooth connectivity, it seamlessly integrated into my smart home setup, enhancing my cooking routine with tech features. Below are my thoughts on this tool:

  1. Precision: The grill’s internal and ambient temperature sensors ensure accurate cooking of meats to the desired doneness.

  2. Convenience: The MEATER app’s push notifications let me focus on other tasks without constantly checking the cooking progress in the kitchen.

However, the MEATER Plus has limitations. Its Bluetooth range, though long in open spaces, can be obstructed by walls and other household items. Additionally, while the app’s cooking estimations are useful, they may not be accurate for thick meat cuts or in unstable outdoor cooking conditions.

Let’s explore the convenience of MEATER Plus and the streamlined cooking process it facilitates through its wireless freedom. Previously, I disliked the clutter of wires on my kitchen counter during cooking. However, MEATER Plus resolves this issue with its wireless design, allowing me to insert the probe and seamlessly monitor temperatures using my smartphone. This streamlined cooking process results in a tidy and efficient meal preparation experience.

I also use the MEATER Link feature. It extends WiFi range by connecting a second device as a bridge. Although this setup isn’t perfect—it needs an extra gadget—it’s helpful when I leave the kitchen.

When using MEATER Plus, I have observed the following:

  • The Bluetooth connectivity is robust and effortlessly links my devices via this wireless technology.

  • The rechargeable battery in this device eliminates the requirement for disposable batteries and spares. It is located within the stylish bamboo charging block.

I have experienced only a few issues while using the MEATER Plus, but some users have reported concerns regarding its connectivity stability. Fortunately, such occurrences have been rare in my experience. The device has notably improved my cooking precision and granted me the freedom to move around while preparing meals.

Integration with smart home assistants like Alexa is beneficial. It’s convenient to receive cooking updates through voice commands without having to use your phone.

In all, the MEATER Plus is a worthy investment for those who want accurate cooking with modern ease. The device has areas for improvement, like adjusting cooking time predictions. However, its intuitive design and performance make it a valuable kitchen tool I’d recommend.

Smart Home Integration

Meater plus long range smart meat thermometer in steak

In integrating the MEATER Plus into my smart home setup, I’ve noticed its benefits in making cooking more efficient and contributing to my minimalist lifestyle. Here are its key features:

  • Alexa Integration: Asking “Alexa, query MEATER for steak doneness time” is convenient – you can get updates without even touching a thing.

  • Smartphone Notifications: Getting an alert directly on my phone, even when I’m in another room, prevents overcooking and aligns beautifully with my desire for a multi-tasking, uncluttered environment.

  • MEATER Link Over WiFi: Extending the range over WiFi by using a second smart device to bridge the connection is incredibly ahead of what wired thermometers offer. It’s efficient and plays well with my need for sleek tech solutions.

While the MEATER Plus offers impressive features that go beyond being a simple cooking tool, I’ve identified some areas for improvement:

  • Constant internet connection is necessary for cloud functionality, which can be problematic when WiFi is unreliable. A disconnected WiFi during cooking can cause anxiety, particularly during crucial stages.

  • Non-tech-savvy users may find the initial setup process complex. This could initially hinder them from fully experiencing the benefits of integration.

Despite these setbacks, I appreciate the MEATER Plus for its simple design and seamless integration with my smart home devices. Its sophisticated algorithms and dual temperature monitoring make it a valuable addition to my minimalist kitchen setup, reducing wires and clutter for a more harmonious space. The MEATER Plus enhances my smart kitchen by automating a manual task without causing additional chaos.

My smart home ecosystem prioritizes efficiency and aesthetics, and the MEATER Plus fits perfectly. Its functional design is unobtrusive yet powerful, contributing to my goal of a kitchen space that’s both useful and visually appealing.

The app determines optimal rest times for my food preparations, providing me schedule flexibility and releasing me from constant kitchen supervision.

In sum, adding the MEATER Plus to my smart home setup significantly enhanced my kitchen appliances without compromising minimalism.

Cooking Outcomes with MEATER

A perfectly cooked roast beef on a cutting board surrounded by fresh herbs

In the world of smart homes and the quest for minimalism, the MEATER Plus has made quite an impact on my kitchen routine—mostly for the better. Here’s a straightforward run-down of my experiences with this modern cooking gadget.

Cooking Outcomes with MEATER:


  • This tool accurately measures both meat’s internal and external temperatures. It prevents over or undercooking issues, ensuring consistent results.

  • Long-range Bluetooth: This feature allows me to monitor my grill or oven without being physically present. I’ve checked on my ribs from my living room, offering convenience and a sense of futuristic control.

  • I’ve discovered the Guided Cook System to be very useful, assisting me in managing multiple kitchen tasks efficiently. It functions like a helpful virtual assistant guiding me through recipes.


  • Experienced cooks may find finish time estimates inaccurate. I rely on intuition to determine when food is ready.

  • I’ve encountered some issues with Bluetooth connectivity when using multiple probes. Yet, these occurrences have been rare rather than the norm.

  • The Meater Link feature is convenient, but requiring a separate device to stay connected to home WiFi seems excessively complex in a streamlined kitchen setup.

The MEATER Plus simplifies my cooking process and suits my minimalist lifestyle. It eliminates excess gadgets, wires, and unreliable thermometers, making it an even more streamlined solution for my kitchen needs. The modern design and wireless technology of the MEATER Plus make it an indispensable tool in my streamlined kitchen.

Despite the minor issues, the MEATER app’s alerts and notifications are accurate, allowing me to remove food from the heat at the right moment. This feature significantly reduces kitchen stress by preventing missed opportunities.

Moreover, integrating MEATER into my smart home setup, such as linking it to Alexa, enhances convenience. It looks good on the appliance with its magnetized base and fits my minimalist aesthetic.

My journey toward a functional, uncluttered kitchen led me to discover the MEATER Plus. Despite some connectivity issues and inaccurate time estimates, its consistent delivery of delicious meals outweighs these drawbacks.