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My experience with the Zinus Dachelle Upholstered Platform Bed Frame (2023)

My thoughts on the Zinus Dachelle Upholstered Platform Bed Frame: stylish, sturdy, and user-friendly design from unboxing to long-term use.

John Goodrich


November 19, 2023


I recently got my hands on the Zinus Dachelle Bed Frame. I was looking for a balance of affordability and functionality, and this seemed to fit the bill. Here are my thoughts on whether the Zinus Dachelle stands up to everyday use and whether it’s worth your investment.


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Unboxing and First Impressions

Zinus dachelle upholstered platform bed frame 1

When the Zinus Dachelle Bed Frame arrived, I was surprised by its weight. The box weighed 125 lbs. This could be seen as a disadvantage due to the difficulty of transporting it up stairs or through tight spaces. However, I saw it as a sign of sturdy construction.

Maneuvering the box into the room required some strength. If you prefer not to handle heavy items yourself, consider opting for Inside delivery.

Unpacking the Zinus bed frame was a mini-adventure in itself. The components were thoughtfully packed into the headboard using a zipper at the back for easy access. This space-saving method not only protected the pieces during shipping but also added an element of surprise, making it feel like opening a hidden compartment in an old treasure chest. Although the packing was perfect, the outer box had some damage upon delivery, likely due to rough handling by the shipping services.

Now, I didn’t find any bed bugs despite some concerns based on reviews. New furniture may have unpleasant smells, but mine was clean and well-sealed. The reviews mentioned a smell, but I didn’t notice anything off-putting. It would be wise to let it air out as suggested for new furniture.

As for the concerns about the height of the headboard — while it’s true that with a thicker mattress, much of it could be obscured — the look really depends on your mattress thickness and your aesthetic preferences. My 10” mattress, for instance, left a good portion of the headboard in view while providing a modern, low-profile silhouette that I was after. Similarly, for those interested in achieving a minimalist aesthetic in other areas of their home, the Perfect minimalist blender: Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender can serve as an inspiration.

The storage compartment in the headboard is a nifty feature that functions as a hiding place for valuable items and provides an additional storage space. This nifty feature was beneficial for keeping extra linens out of sight yet easily accessible.

Upon finishing the unboxing process, I felt a blend of excitement, gratitude, and profound appreciation for the product’s high-quality packaging. I ensured all bed frame parts were present and carefully inspected the high quality headboard material with anticipation and appreciation. It was time to assemble what I hoped would become my bedroom’s centerpiece, igniting my eagerness and enthusiasm for this valuable investment. The meticulously crafted boxes protected each piece with care, showcasing the manufacturer’s commitment to high-quality products from the very beginning.

Overall, my assessment is generally favorable. The weight may pose a problem without assistance, and some users might find the headboard too short. However, Zinus’ bed frame offers several advantages: it’s compactly packaged, free of pests and odors, and includes hidden storage. I was eager to put it through its paces during setup and regular use to determine its durability.

Ease of Assembly and Design

Zinus dachelle upholstered platform bed frame 2

Assembling the Zinus Dachelle Bed Frame was a straightforward experience for me. Contrary to past furniture construction projects that required additional help, advanced knowledge, and hope, this time around the instructions were clear and easy to follow. I’ve dealt with complex flat-packs before, but this wasn’t the case here.

The clever design of the bed showcased everything required for assembly zipped up in the headboard itself, making it easily accessible and eliminating the need to search through packing materials for screws and tools. This thoughtful touch ensured that all components were securely kept in place, ready for use whenever required, thanks to a hidden storage compartment.

The instructions were visual with no written steps. I found them clear and didn’t doubt my actions. The process involved assembling the side frames and fastening slats in place. Notably, the slats came with Velcro strips already attached. This feature kept the slats securely connected to the frame, preventing any potential bed-slipping incidents.

One of the thoughtful inclusions was the ratcheting allen wrench provided. It’s an ingenious little tool, much more convenient than the usual tiny wrenches that gobble up hours and patience. This one actually made the process somewhat enjoyable, and I could tighten everything up quickly and effectively. Importantly, there’s a note advising to leave the screws slightly loose until all components are in place, which is an important detail to allow for easier assembly and alignment before final tightening. For those who appreciate tools that make life easier, the ErGear Electric Standing Desk is another product that demonstrates thoughtful design and user-friendly assembly.

A potential disadvantage is the weight and bulk of the packed bed frame. This could make it difficult for those in apartment buildings or homes with many stairs to move the heavy box. For some, this might be a deterrent, especially if they live alone or don’t have assistance readily available.

In terms of design, the low-profile headboard attracted me due to its sleek appearance and absence of overpowering presence in a room. However, for individuals with thick mattresses or who prefer numerous pillows, it might become concealed. This issue didn’t influence my decision as I opted against using a box spring, resulting in an ideal height for me.

The frame provides enough under-bed clearance for low-profile storage containers or a sleeping cat.

To sum up, the Zinus Dachelle offers straightforward assembly and considered design elements, making it a strong alternative to less user-friendly furniture. Although there are minor compromises in maneuverability and headboard height depending on your setup, the ease of constructing this bed frame and convenient features leave me with a positive impression.

Here’s an assembly guide provided by Zinus that echoes the simplicity I experienced—definitely worth a glance if you’re considering this frame.

Sturdiness and Build Quality

Zinus dachelle upholstered platform bed frame 3

I’ve been using the Zinus Dachelle Bed Frame for some time now. Despite my budget constraints, I was pleasantly surprised by its sturdiness and build quality. This frame outperforms its price point in these aspects. Initially, I didn’t expect much, but it has proven to be a solid investment.

The main frame, constructed from robust steel, exudes a sense of solidness and stability, acting as an unyielding foundation for the entire structure. I failed to detect any bending or twisting even during my nephew’s energetic jump-fest, be it the accumulation of laundry or his boisterous playtime antics. The innovative design featuring wood slats secured with Velcro attachment further enhances this sense of solidness, ensuring a tranquil and secure fit while effectively eliminating the common issues of shifting slats encountered in less expensive bed frames.

When it comes to the shortcomings, if you can call them that, I’d point out the headboard height. If you pair this frame with a thicker mattress, be prepared for the headboard to play a bit of hide and seek. It’s not a deal-breaker by any means, but something to consider if you’re aiming for a certain look in your bedroom setup. A higher headboard would have allowed for more versatility with mattress height.

Another remarkable feature are the plastic legs at the corners. I had doubts about their durability at first. But they have proven to be strong and sturdy. Although metal might offer longer lastingness, these legs have held up well without any signs of wear yet.

To touch on a more straightforward point, the bed frame’s size and weight may be an issue for some people. It is a heavy item that could pose a problem if you need to move it in the future. While the weight reflects the quality of materials used, consider this factor if you plan frequent relocations.

The decision to conceal frame components in the headboard’s zippered compartment during shipping demonstrates Zinus’s focus on efficiency and convenience. This approach simplifies unboxing, optimally utilizing product space.

For those wanting a deep dive into the materials used, Zinus doesn’t disappoint. You can easily find the specifications on their official website, though I’d like to see a little more transparency about the sourcing and manufacturing process, which could give users more confidence in the sustainability and ethical considerations of their purchase.

The Zinus Dachelle Bed Frame showcases impressive sturdiness and build quality, instilling confidence in customers from the very beginning. A closer look beneath the mattress reveals a solid foundation that doesn’t compromise on structural strength or affordability.

Aesthetic and Comfort

Zinus dachelle upholstered platform bed frame 4

When choosing a bed frame, aesthetics matter as much as comfort and functionality. It’s not only about getting a good night’s sleep but also feeling good in your personal space. The Zinus Dachelle bed frame excels in the aesthetic aspect with its sleek design and contemporary upholstery. It offers an unexpected touch of elegance for its price point.

The fabric softens the look of the metal frame, adding warmth. I bought the dark grey version, which matches the online photos closely, but shades may vary slightly. It’s a neutral tone that fits well with different color schemes in the bedroom, making it adaptable.

On the comfort end of things, the Zinus Dachelle stands out. The slats are quite supportive and the spacing is optimal for my foam mattress, which means no sagging in the middle. It gives a solid foundation without the need for a box spring, a design feature I appreciate for both the cost savings and the lowered bed profile.

One downside of this bed frame is its tall headboard may conceal a significant portion of a deep, plush mattress, which could be an issue if the headboard’s visual appeal is important to you. Additionally, the low frame sits near the ground, restricting under-bed storage, a feature I value for keeping my space clutter-free.

I haven’t experienced squeaking problems with my frame. I regularly tighten the bolts for maintenance.

For those requiring specific details, the slat spacing, which is essential for mattress support, falls within the suggested range of around 2.95 inches. This spacing eliminates the necessity for added bunkie boards. Moreover, non-slip tape on the slats enhances this support and keeps the mattress securely in place.

In terms of the overall experience, this bed provides a mostly positive impression. It balances aesthetics with comfort, though there are design features that may impact individual preferences, such as headboard height and clearance.

I’m monitoring its durability over time, but currently, the Zinus Dachelle appears to be a good option for those seeking both fashionable comfort and functional design. This bed frame offers an appealing blend of style, convenience, and a peaceful, comfortable slumber, making it an enticing choice for many individuals.

Long-Term Use and Durability

Zinus dachelle upholstered platform bed frame 5

Having owned the Zinus Dachelle Bed Frame for an extended period, I can comment on its long-term use and durability with confidence. It has held up well, which I attribute to its solid construction. No signs of wear and tear have appeared, and there’s been no creaking or wobbling. I was hesitant about purchasing a bed frame online without inspecting it first, but this product has impressed me.

One key feature that has ensured the bed’s longevity is the Velcro on the slats. I had reservations about this at first, thinking it was a subpar alternative to a more robust solution. However, despite my skepticism, the Velcro has kept the slats securely in place. The bed remains as quiet as ever, even during my regular entry and more strenuous activities. No noise is produced by the bed.

The frame has passed the test during my move without any scratches or damage to the headboard fabric or the frame’s material. I expected some wear, but it looks as good as new. In contrast, previous frames showed signs of aging after relocating.

The height of the headboard is an essential aspect that could use enhancement in bedroom design. Thicker mattresses have grown increasingly popular, leading to headboards being partly obscured. Despite not affecting the bed frame’s functionality, this disadvantage arises from a visual standpoint, especially when attempting to highlight the headboard as a focal point in bedroom décor.

The bed frame showcases remarkable strength and stability, but it’s important to note that the materials used are not high-end luxury. The fabric provides durability without being extravagant, while the legs ensure sturdiness without featuring premium materials.

Overall, for those seeking a durable, affordable bed frame that offers both style and functionality, the Zinus Dachelle is an excellent option. It provides good value for money without being overly pricey. While there may be more extravagant and luxurious frames available, this model stands out for its balance of affordability and practicality.

In the world of affordable bed frames, the Zinus Dachelle stands out. Its durability makes it a wise investment for those seeking a new frame. With reliable long-term performance, I wholeheartedly recommend this product to buyers who prioritize both practicality and style.