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My experience with the HEANTLE Smart Door Lock, Keypad, Biometric Fingerprint, Silver (2024)

My thoughts on HEANTLE Smart Door Lock and its role in smart home security and minimal living: installation, versatility, remote features, durability.

John Goodrich


April 21, 2024


I’ve always valued both the convenience of technology and the clean look of minimalism in my home. When it was time to upgrade my home security, I chose the HEANTLE Smart Lock for its sleek design that wouldn’t disrupt my minimalist aesthetic and its high-tech functionality that I desired.


Property Value Property Value
Brand HEANTLE Special Feature Keyless, Reversible, Fingerprint
Lock Type Biometric, Keypad Material Alloy
Style Modern


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Heantle smart door lock, keypad, biometric fingerprint, silver installed Heantle smart door lock, keypad, biometric fingerprint, silver box Heantle smart door lock, keypad, biometric fingerprint, silver on handle Heantle smart door lock, keypad, biometric fingerprint, silver unboxing


Installation Simplicity

Heantle smart door lock, keypad, biometric fingerprint, silver installed

When it comes to installing the HEANTLE Smart Lock, I was initially skeptical about setting it up myself. The thought of messing with door hardware usually sends me running for a locksmith. But, to my surprise, the installation was more straightforward than I anticipated.

Here’s a simplified version of my steps:

  • Remove the existing deadbolt.

  • Place the new deadbolt from the smart lock kit.

  • Install the touchscreen keypad on the outside.

  • Install the interior mounting plate and thumb turn.

In less than 20 minutes, I installed the smart lock using only a Phillips screwdriver. No specialized skills or extra tools were required, making the process efficient and hassle-free.

Upon making my purchase, I came across a few minor concerns. The door’s orientation required a particular installation method for the reversible handle to function correctly. For those who value the convenience of remote features such as WiFi Gateway, an extra cost and installation step will be necessary.

One aspect I appreciated is the lock’s compatibility with US wooden doors. This means I didn’t need to drill new holes or modify my door for a proper fit. The IP63 rating provides confidence that it can endure various outdoor conditions.

From a maintenance standpoint, battery life is satisfactory. I haven’t reached the 12-month mark yet, but it’s reassuring that standard AA batteries power the device. A reminder will alert me when battery replacement is necessary. An additional feature allows using a power bank to provide emergency power to the lock.

In terms of design, the smart lock appears contemporary and is constructed from durable alloy material, ensuring long-lasting use and reliable performance. Aesthetically, it harmonized with my home’s decor without being a distraction.

Anyway, the HEANTLE Smart Lock was an uncomplicated DIY project for me. Although requiring an extra purchase to access all its features is a slight drawback, I appreciate the ease of installation and durability of the lock. It offers a suitable blend of convenience and security - a priority in my smart home purchases.

Unlocking Flexibility

Heantle smart door lock, keypad, biometric fingerprint, silver box

The HEANTLE Smart Lock provides enhanced flexibility for home security. It allows unlocking through various methods such as fingerprint scanning, passcodes, IC cards, app control, and traditional keys. This diverse range of options caters to different user needs, be it children arriving from school or temporary access for visitors.

Here’s a quick rundown:


  • Multiple unlocking methods

  • This device can be controlled using voice assistants like Alexa.

  • Remote access with additional gateway

  • Easy self-installation

  • Durable materials

  • After-sales support


  • Remote features require separate purchase.

  • Potential concerns with smart technology reliability

It’s empowering to have precise control over home access through timed Ekeys or codes for guests. The integration with smart home ecosystems is a significant advantage, but the separate purchase of the Wi-Fi Gateway feels disappointing for complete convenience.

The quick response time of the fingerprint scanner is impressive. The lock’s high-quality materials suggest durability, making it not only smart but also built to last. However, I have concerns about the reliability of smart technology in general. We’ve all experienced glitches with electronic devices, and the risk of being locked out due to a technical issue is present, though small.

I’m particularly drawn to its robust weatherproof rating, which instills confidence in its ability to perform well in various climate conditions. This feature is especially important to me given my need for an outdoor device. Moreover, with a battery life of over 12 months, I am assured of long-lasting use and relief from frequent replacements.

Still, being battery-powered comes with a limitation - a depleting charge that requires replacement. I appreciate the low battery notification, and the power bank backup is an added convenience, preventing unexpected lockouts due to insufficient power.

Overall, I find using my phone app to unlock my door via Bluetooth very convenient. It’s a hassle-free way to access my home.

While the HEANTLE Smart Lock enhances home security, it doesn’t provide complete peace of mind. Its advanced features make it an attractive option for those embracing smart home technology. However, traditional access methods are still available as a backup for reassurance.

Remote Access Control

Heantle smart door lock, keypad, biometric fingerprint, silver on handle

The HEANTLE Smart Lock offers me remote access control, letting me lock and unlock my door from anywhere using my smartphone with the aid of the optional G2 WiFi Gateway. This feature provides the convenience of managing home access while at work or on vacation.

Here’s a clear look at the advantages and disadvantages:


  • Remote access from anywhere

  • Real-time access logs for monitoring

  • Grant temporary access to visitors when needed.

  • No need for physical key handovers


  • Additional cost for the WiFi gateway

  • Remote features require a consistent internet connection.

  • App control through apps may raise privacy issues.

Now, granting access to guests like Airbnb visitors or dog walkers is easy by using a code or ekey with scheduled validity. This eliminates the risks of lost or stolen keys. However, while this enhances the lock’s functionality, it also requires a gateway and relies on your home internet connection, which could be a disadvantage if the network goes down or if there are digital security concerns.

One minor issue I’ve encountered is the need for regular battery replacements since the smart lock runs on AA batteries. The app alerts me when batteries are low, and there’s an option to use a power bank in emergencies. However, this requirement for regular battery replacements can be inconvenient. The smart lock also raises privacy concerns; any device controlled via an app poses potential risks, so good cybersecurity practices are necessary.

I appreciate the lock’s compatibility with voice assistants like Alexa. However, this is an extra feature that necessitates the separate purchase of a WiFi gateway. While convenient, it’s essential to account for this additional expense when calculating costs.

Overall, the HEANTLE Smart Lock provides more advantages than disadvantages. Controlling and monitoring my door lock from a distance has brought me great convenience. However, be aware of the expenses involved in unlocking its full features and ensure you have a stable internet connection for optimal use.

Security and Durability

Heantle smart door lock, keypad, biometric fingerprint, silver unboxing

When it comes to the security and durability of a smart lock, I prioritize these aspects highly since my home isn’t just a place of rest – it’s where I harbor my life’s valuables. The HEANTLE Smart Lock leans favorably on the pros side but isn’t without its cons – let me break it down.


  • Advanced Security: This lock includes an anti-peeping password feature. By entering a random password before or after the correct one, it provides extra protection against unauthorized access. The automatic locking function adds to this security, ensuring the device is secure at all times.

  • Robust Construction: The lock’s alloy build ensures durability and reliability for daily use. I require a lock capable of withstanding regular wear and tear, and this one meets that requirement.

  • Weatherproof Rating, specifically an IP63 rating, ensures equipment is durable for unpredictable weather conditions. This means it can withstand occasional downpours and resist water splashes from all directions, making it ideal for outdoor use in various climates.

  • Battery Life: A single set of AA batteries lasts over a year, which is highly convenient. Additionally, using a power bank to jump-start the lock is a useful backup feature.


  • I find it inconvenient that in order to access remote features, I must purchase a separate Remote Access Add-On as an add-on cost, which seems unnecessary.

  • Battery Dependence: While long battery life is great, I’m always concerned about being locked out if the batteries die unexpectedly. The low battery notification is helpful, but staying on top of it is crucial.

Connecting the HEANTLE lock to my smart home aligns with my preference for a clutter-free, high-tech living space. With this lock, I eliminate bulky keyrings and traditional locks that detract from my minimalist design. It enhances my pursuit of an efficient and technology-integrated lifestyle, ensuring security doesn’t disrupt the aesthetic of my home.

To conclude, after carefully evaluating several smart locks, I find the HEANTLE Smart Lock to be an excellent choice due to its strong security features and durability. A minimalist home does not necessitate compromising on robust security measures. The lock offers a satisfying level of security along with modern elegance, even with minor drawbacks that can be addressed through regular maintenance. The alignment of practicality, durability, and aesthetics with my values makes the HEANTLE Smart Lock a wise investment for a secure and minimalist home.