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My experience with the Hornbill WiFi G2 Gateway Smart Door Lock Hub (2024)

My thoughts on Hornbill G2 Gateway for smart home integration: remote access, security alerts, setup, voice commands, and minimalist living.

John Goodrich


January 2, 2024


I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of a smart home where technology simplifies life, not complicates it. Striving for a clean and minimalist lifestyle, I found that integrating the Hornbill G2 Gateway with my home gadgets hit the mark. It’s an example of how smart technology can blend into a minimalist approach, providing comfort, security, and ease without adding clutter.


Property Value Property Value
Brand hornbill Special Feature Keyless
Lock Type Key Lock Style Modern
Color Silver


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Remote Access Convenience

Hornbill wifi g2 gateway smart door lock hub 1

Harnessing the power of the Hornbill G2 Gateway has significantly enhanced my home’s accessibility. This discovery has proven invaluable in the pursuit of convenience. Here are some tangible benefits:


  • Easy setup: I appreciate the straightforward installation process. The convenience of locking and unlocking the door from a distance is a significant improvement.

  • I take great comfort in being able to check if my doors are locked from anywhere, granting me peace of mind and eliminating the anxiety of forgetting to secure them. With this feature, I can travel or run errands without the constant worry of returning to find an unlocked door. Peace of mind is a valuable commodity, and the assurance that my home is secure while I’m away is priceless.

  • Integration with current smart home setups: Connecting my Ring doorbell to Alexa lets me see who’s at the door and unlock it verbally, expanding my smart home’s capabilities.


  • Device compatibility with only 2.4 GHz networks can present significant WiFi limitations for users with advanced 5G routers. This issue necessitates an additional step of configuring settings, which may be inconvenient and time-consuming.

  • The gateway doesn’t come with a specific Mounting bracket. I made do by improvising a solution instead.

When using Hornbill G2 Gateway for remote access, I find its real-time tracking function invaluable. This feature sends notifications to my smartphone when someone locks or unlocks the door, keeping me informed at all times. The instant updates bring me peace of mind while I’m away.

The process of connecting the gateway to my smart locks was effortless. Although instructions were limited, I found a useful YouTube tutorial that guided me through the setup swiftly. It followed the typical plug-and-play method, which aligns with my preference for straightforward tech experiences.

However, I’ve encountered an issue with voice control. Despite being advertised, it doesn’t work with some devices, which is disappointing for those, including me, who face mobility challenges.

In the support interaction, Tara was dedicated in resolving my issue. This individualized assistance instills trust in my purchase decision.

All things considered, the benefits of smart home devices outweigh the challenges. Though there may be occasional inconveniences, these are usually addressed through easy solutions like workarounds or updates. The journey to smart home excellence may not be perfect, but with products such as the Hornbill G2, it’s more seamless than anticipated.

Real-Time Security Notifications

Hornbill wifi g2 gateway smart door lock hub 2

The Hornbill G2 Gateway is a valuable addition to my smart home setup. I’m particularly drawn to its Real-Time Tracking feature. Receiving instant notifications on my phone when the door is locked or unlocked gives me reassurance, especially when I’m away from home. It’s reassuring to know that my house is secure and I can monitor who comes and goes in real-time.

Real-Time Security Notifications:

  • Immediate Notifications: My phone alerts me promptly for every lock or unlock action.

  • Monitoring Function: Useful for tracking family members or monitoring service personnel.

  • Security Insight: Gives a clear understanding of when the house was accessed, crucial for security.

While I’m content with the security features of the gateway, I’ve encountered some compatibility issues. For instance, it only works with smart home devices using TT lock/Next lock protocols. Although most modern devices are adaptable, this could be a problem for those with diverse ecosystems, as not all devices may support this specific compatibility. Furthermore, the absence of a bracket for easy installation made mounting difficult.

Using the Hornbill G2 Gateway is generally smooth. Notifications arrive promptly. I feel secure knowing that I won’t face the consequences of forgetting to lock the door. I frequently check my phone for reassurance while away from home, a habit formed post-installation.

However, the real-time tracking feature is not perfect. If your Wi-Fi goes down or you lose internet connection, you might miss a notification. Additionally, some people may find the initial setup difficult if they’re not tech-savvy. However, with some research and perhaps a few YouTube tutorials, most issues can be resolved.

The 30 days free return and exchange service, and the promise of lifetime technical support, are comforting, although I haven’t had to use these services yet (touch wood). The assurance does help smooth over any small issues I’ve had, like figuring out the setup without detailed written instructions.

Overall, the Hornbill G2 Gateway suits my preference for a simple and intelligent home setup. I’m satisfied with its functionality and the enhanced security it offers. The device is contemporary, unobtrusive, and delivers on its promise – monitoring the safety of my home in real-time.

Compatibility and Installation

Hornbill wifi g2 gateway smart door lock hub 3

The integration of smart home devices is increasingly becoming a staple in modern living, and the Hornbill G2 Gateway is a testament to how far we’ve come in making our homes more connected and secure. However, while it shines in many aspects, no product is without its quirks.

Compatibility and Installation

When installing the Hornbill G2 Gateway, users can look forward to a plug and play setup experience with most smart locks. The intuitive design makes it easy to connect these locks with Hornbill’s system, ensuring a smooth integration. However, it is important to note that not all smart locks are compatible with this plug-and-play setup; some may require additional configuration steps.

Here’s a description of my compatibility experience:


  • This paragraph means that the TT Lock/Next Lock App is compatible with a wide range of locks.

  • This device only needs a standard 2.4 GHz WiFi connection for use.

  • The device supports voice commands. You can give instructions using Alexa or Google Home.


  • A single-band router is unable to support 5G WiFi. To access 5G WiFi, you need a dual-band router instead.

  • Some users might be disappointed if not all smart lock brands receive official support.

  • All features may not be compatible with Google Home for voice control.

It’s clear that while the device claims wide compatibility, it isn’t perfect. I found its connection to a 2.4 GHz network useful, as this is still the most common WiFi band in households. However, for those exclusively using 5G WiFi, this could be a disadvantage. Dual-band routers are increasingly popular nowadays, offering a solution.

The idea of voice control is appealing as it lets you unlock doors using Alexa or Google Home. This feature can make you feel like you’re in a futuristic home. However, I found that this functionality isn’t consistent for non-Hornbill locks, making it frustrating.

Nonetheless, kudos for the exceptional customer service. Dealing with an incompatible door for a new system can be challenging. But reps like Tara make it easier. They propose alternative solutions when the product doesn’t fit, providing impressive service that enhances the tech value.

On the positive side, individuals skilled in DIY projects may find this product appealing for its creative potential. The absence of a mounting bracket required me to devise a custom solution using an adapted bracket, which proved effective—crafting my own fix adds a sense of accomplishment for any homehandy person.

In sum, the Hornbill G2 Gateway is a user-friendly smart home product, but it may not be suitable for all setups. I recommend checking compatibility with existing devices before purchasing. If devices are compatible, users can expect convenience and security benefits.

Voice Control and Sharing

Hornbill wifi g2 gateway smart door lock hub 4

Amid the evolution of home automation, one feature that stands out to me is voice control. This capability has felt like a leap towards the futuristic home we often saw in sci-fi movies. Utilizing Hornbill’s G2 Gateway, I have experienced added convenience with its voice control compatibility with Alexa and Google Home. Here’s how this smart home device integrates into a lifestyle rooted in minimalism and tech:

  • Simplicity: Voice commands like “unlock the door” are straightforward and align with minimizing clutter, be it physical or mental.

  • Access Management: Remotely managing e-keys enables me to grant access to friends or service providers without requiring in-person key exchanges, ensuring a streamlined and secure process.

  • Voice Commands for Convenience: Voice commands are useful when multitasking, such as carrying groceries or looking after a child. This feature enhances the user experience by allowing hands-free control.

However, the voice control feature comes with some disadvantages. Users must enable smart lock authorization which may raise privacy concerns. Additionally, some systems don’t support voice commands, indicating inconsistent experiences.

In adhering to the minimalist mantra of ‘less is more,’ the sharing feature in Hornbill’s system offers a significant convenience. This function enables me to regulate who can access my home and when, while reducing the requirement for numerous physical keys that may lead to clutter and confusion. Sharing, modifying, and deleting e-keys is an easy process, making it helpful when collaborating with family members and guests. By managing digital keys in this efficient manner, I effectively implement the minimalist mantra within my smart home setup.

In practical terms, Hornbill’s technology offers both efficiency and security. However, users may find a dependable internet connection, required exclusively on 2.4 GHz WiFi, as a possible limitation.

The amazing Hornbill G2 Gateway, with its modern design and silver color, has become an impressive addition to my home decor. Its contemporary and innovative look is not only stylish but also a reflection of my preference for smart technology. Installing and connecting this amazing product was a breeze, and I’m consistently delighted by its ability to significantly improve my living environment towards a more intelligent, secure, and minimalist lifestyle. The inclusion of smart technology in its modern design has been truly astonishing.

In essence, using Hornbill’s G2 Gateway enhances my smart home security. It’s a vital component in achieving a connected yet uncluttered living space. Its ease of use, adaptability, and peace of mind it provides make it an essential tool for me.