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My experience with the Sifely G2 Smart Lock Wi-Fi Gateway (2024)

My thoughts on the Sifely G2 Gateway: effortless setup, remote management, sleek design, smart home functionality, and its limitations.

Mary Goodrich


January 19, 2024


The Sifely G2 is quite a great Wi-Fi Gateway me due to its simple security features and uncomplicated setup process. It appealed to me as it promised a clutter-free way to integrate smart locks into my home - and it indeed does.


Property Value Property Value
Brand Sifely Special Feature Sifely Model G2 Gateway
Lock Type Model Name: G2 Item Dimensions LxWxH 2.76 x 2.76 x 1.02 inches
Material Abs


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Sifely g2 smart lock wi fi gateway manual Sifely g2 smart lock wi fi gateway on table Sifely g2 smart lock wi fi gateway cable


Effortless Setup

Sifely g2 smart lock wi fi gateway on table

In the realm of smart home security, adding a new device can be a daunting experience. However, I found the setup process for the Sifely G2 Wi-Fi Gateway to be surprisingly uncomplicated. Here’s a concise account:

  • Unbox the Gateway box. Upon opening, all components are clearly visible.

  • Find an outlet near the lock and Plug In.

  • Connect: Follow the app’s step-by-step guide, and you’re virtually done in minutes.

The entire Sifely app setup was simple and straightforward. I didn’t encounter any issues during the process, unlike with other smart home devices. The app is user-friendly and didn’t leave me confused at any point.

One important point: check your Wi-Fi band before setting up the G2 gateway. It needs a 2.4GHz network. This could be an issue if you’re unaware of your current network specifications. However, once connected within the recommended 10 feet range, communication between the lock and gateway is reliable.

Despite the occasional trouble with fingerprint recognition when managing my smart lock remotely, I continue to value the numerous benefits this feature offers. The ability to use various entry methods, such as codes, app control, and physical keys, ensures flexibility and convenience. Although the fingerprint recognition issues can be frustrating and cause some trouble at times, the overall benefits of remote management outweigh this minor inconvenience for me.

Furthermore, I value the gateway’s ability to support multiple locks, which may facilitate whole-home setups. This feature is beneficial, but concerns have been raised regarding compatibility issues when connecting locks from different brands at once. I haven’t experienced this personally, yet it’s a consideration for those planning a smart lock ecosystem with various brands.

The bottom line: The Sifely Smart Lock WiFi Gateway (Model G2) simplifies life. It’s a good choice for those aiming to enhance home security with minimal hassle and maximum remote door lock control. Although not flawless, its advantages outweigh the minor inconveniences. The simple setup process further strengthens this device’s appeal.

Remote Access Perks

Sifely g2 smart lock wi fi gateway manual

The Remote Access feature of Sifely G2 Wifi Gateway enables users to control the door lock from a smartphone anytime, anywhere. This convenient and secure function allows homeowners to grant access to visitors or family members remotely, providing added peace of mind.

Here’s a simplified version of the advantages:

  • Anywhere Access with my device gives me the freedom to manage my affairs seamlessly, regardless of where I am - be it running errands or traveling.

  • Immediate Alerts: Receive notifications right away when someone enters or leaves a area.

  • Activity Log: Recording who uses the door and when improves security monitoring.

But it’s important to acknowledge some downsides:

  • The device can work with multiple smart locks, but it may not connect to different brands at the same time, which could limit certain setups.

  • The Gateway may not function optimally in a household with only a 5G network due to its compatibility with 2.5G networks.

The use of Sifely’s Wi-Fi gateway for remote access offers significant convenience in managing guest access to the HOA clubhouse door. I can easily grant or deny entry to visitors from a distance, providing an added layer of security and convenience for all residents. Sharing access with family and friends is also simple and intuitive, making user management effortless. The app interface, which prioritizes convenience, ensures that managing access to the clubhouse door is quick and hassle-free.

On the other hand, the lock’s fingerprint recognition can be unreliable. It often requires several attempts before recognizing my print. Despite this inconvenience, there are alternative methods for gaining entry. However, it introduces a minor frustration to an otherwise seamless experience.

There’s also a drawback: mounting the keypad on top due to its design may not please everyone, particularly those with advanced or pricey front door arrangements. However, this is a minor aesthetic issue in comparison to the device’s functionality and security benefits.

Overall, I find the advantages of using Sifely Wi-Fi Gateway for remote access greater than the disadvantages. I would suggest this product to anyone aiming to enhance their home security with smart technology. Despite its imperfections, it’s a good investment towards a more intelligent and safer home.

Build Quality and Design

Sifely g2 smart lock wi fi gateway cable

When assessing a smart home product like the Sifely G2 Wi-Fi Gateway, I focus on two key aspects:

  • Compactness: Measuring just 2.76 x 2.76 x 1.02 inches, the gateway doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in my home.

  • Construction: ABS material ensures a strong, robust feel when holding the unit.

  • Aesthetic: The sleek design with a minimalist approach seamlessly blends with other smart home gadgets.

Getting down to business, I was impressed by the build quality of this gadget. Its ABS material body strikes a nice balance between durability and lightweightness. The design team carefully considered both form and function in creating this device, ensuring it fits well with my home’s aesthetic without being an eyesore.

That said, no product is without its drawbacks. For instance, even though the lock type (Model Name: G2) suggests a sophisticated and advanced capability, the occasional reliability issues with its companion smart lock’s fingerprint recognition can be a frustration. However, from my observation, this seems more of a gripe with the lock rather than the Wi-Fi gateway itself.

Additional limitations of the gateway include its inability to function with locks from various brands at once. Contrary to the assertion that it can connect to multiple locks, these locks must all belong to a limited number of compatible brands. This constraint could be problematic for users who have diversified their smart home investments across different brands.

Despite these issues, the Sifely G2 Wi-Fi Gateway’s excellent build quality and design make it a strong contender. I value devices that offer both functionality and an uncluttered look, and I believe many others do as well when creating an intelligent and stylish living environment.

In the world of smart home security and connectivity, having reliable hardware is just as important as functional software. The Sifely G2 strikes a good balance. It’s a dependable component in my smart home system. While there is room for enhancement, it represents progress for modern, minimalist homeowners.

Functionality and Limitations

A split image showing a green check mark on one side and a red cross on the other against a background of a door and a wi-fi signal

In the smart home security market, the Sifely G2 Wi-Fi Gateway is a noteworthy acquisition for my basic system. Unlike common smart locks, this device offers several advantages.


  • Compatibility with multiple brands: This Gateway’s ability to work with Sifely, samtechT, and Dermum is beneficial for those aiming to expand their smart home system.

  • Flexibility: Unlimited lock pairing provides numerous options, especially beneficial for larger homes or properties with multiple units like an HOA clubhouse.

  • Immediate alerts: Instant notifications for entry and exit help keep you informed in real-time, ensuring you stay engaged with your investments.

  • Remote convenience: Managing access from afar is a game-changer, offering both practicality and peace of mind, especially when I’m traveling.


  • Fingerprint sensitivity: I’ve noticed it takes a few tries for the lock to recognize a fingerprint, which can be a slight hiccup in an otherwise smooth experience.

  • Single network limitation: It’s a bit of a letdown that the Gateway is restricted to 2.4G connections, which can be a limitation for those with 5G networks.

  • I was eagerly anticipating Apple HomeKit integration for a harmonious iOS experience; however, the Apple HomeKit incompatibility is disappointing.

The simplicity of managing multiple users and accessing my home remotely through the Wi-Fi Gateway aligns perfectly with my preference for minimalism. It eliminates the need for physical keys and offers digital control instead. I can grant access to my house with a few taps on my smartphone, decluttering my entryway and providing peace of mind knowing that my home’s security is both advanced and accessible from anywhere.

However, the fingerprint recognition issue needs attention. I’ve addressed this by registering multiple fingers. Yet, it may not be correct on the first attempt, requiring patience. Despite this minor inconvenience, the convenience of a keyless system outweighs it.

Moreover, I value the advanced technology, but I’m concerned about relying on a single network bandwidth for my smart home. It needs adaptability, and this limitation is something I hope will be resolved in future developments.

The lack of Apple HomeKit compatibility affects my desired smooth smart home experience. While alternatives are available, this is a significant disadvantage.

Stepping back, I evaluate the Sifely G2 Wi-Fi Gateway in my modest smart home setup. Its uncomplicated design aligns perfectly with my less-is-more philosophy. Although it has minor imperfections, this gateway streamlines home access while keeping me connected to my residence, emphasizing the capability and promise of smart home technology.