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My impressions of the Hornbill Pro Smart Lock Set with Keypad and Knobs (2024)

My thoughts on the Hornbill Pro Smart Lock: installation, security, battery backup, and smart home synergy for a minimalist lifestyle.

John Goodrich


January 8, 2024


I recently took the leap to transform my home into a smarter, more minimalist space with the addition of the Hornbill Pro Smart Lock. As someone who is always looking for ways to reduce clutter and simplify life, this smart lock seemed like the perfect step forward. It promised not only increased security but also a way to streamline the entry process into my home.


Property Value Property Value
Brand hornbill Pro Special Feature Fob Unlock, Anti-Peeping Password, Passcode Unlock, Auto-Lock, One-Touch Lock
Lock Type Biometric, Deadbolt, Keypad, APP Lock, Keyfobs & Key Lock, Keypad, Smart Handlesets for Front … Item Dimensions LxWxH 2.36 x 0.96 x 5.26 inches
Material Aluminum


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Hornbill pro smart lock set with keypad and knobs 5 Hornbill pro smart lock set with keypad and knobs 27 Hornbill pro smart lock set with keypad and knobs 26 Hornbill pro smart lock set with keypad and knobs 22 Hornbill pro smart lock set with keypad and knobs 23 Hornbill pro smart lock set with keypad and knobs 12 Hornbill pro smart lock set with keypad and knobs 9


Ease of Installation

Hornbill pro smart lock set with keypad and knobs 1

Embarking on the smart home project, I explored the Hornbill Pro Smart Lock for its ease of installation. Based on my experience:

  • Easy Installation: The installation process was simpler than expected. Clear instructions were provided, making it accessible for individuals with limited DIY experience. This lock suits both right and left-handed doors and fits perfectly without requiring additional drilling. Regardless of expertise, completion should take less than 20 minutes if adhering to the manual or video guide.

  • No Extra Holes Needed: It’s a huge bonus that this smart lock fits into the existing deadbolt configuration on most doors. This means less fuss and no unsightly extra holes on the door.

  • Versatile Door Lock: This lock suits doors with thicknesses ranging from 1.49 inches to 1.88 inches. Users need not fret about compatibility with standard doors.

However, I encountered a few issues to mention:

  • Issue with Battery Installation: The lock’s design for simple installation was helpful, but I faced an issue during battery replacement. Despite inserting new batteries several times, the lock failed to power on. This experience left me worried about being unable to unlock it in case of a power failure.

  • Durability Concerns for Doorknob’s Silver Finish: The doorknob’s silver finish seems attractive at first glance but raises concerns regarding its durability. The rough texture of the knob may make it susceptible to damage from everyday use, potentially impacting its appearance over time.

Nonetheless, the disadvantages didn’t outweigh the advantages for me. As someone who prefers practical solutions in smart home technology, installing the Hornbill Pro Smart Lock was simple and aligns with my minimalist lifestyle. Eliminating the need for keys also means one less thing to worry about mentally and physically.

In a crowd of smart locks, Hornbill Pro Smart Lock outshines others due to its easy installation process. The lock’s creators have not only focused on advanced security features but also made installation user-friendly. Though there may be challenges initially, once set up, the lock becomes an integral part of daily life.

For those starting an installation, bring extra batteries and a power bank as backup. The process should generally be straightforward.

Security Features

Hornbill pro smart lock set with keypad and knobs 2

In my quest for enhanced home security, the Hornbill Pro Smart Lock has offered a plethora of features to make my daily life both safer and more convenient. Delving into its security features, I’ve found a mix of innovative technology and traditional methods that put my mind at ease while considering the limitations of such devices.

Here are the notable points from my experience:

  • Different Ways to Unlock: I’m pleased that I can enter my home using various methods such as the app, a passcode, IC fob, or a mechanical key.

  • Anti-Peeping Passcode: The option to input random numbers before and after the actual passcode is a thoughtful touch to deter onlookers from catching your code.

  • Adjustable Auto-Lock: This feature allows me to set desired lock intervals, preventing accidental forgetfulness and ensuring my door remains secure.

  • One-Time Passcode: It’s convenient to set temporary codes for visitors without risking permanent access.

  • Remote Control Functionality: Controlling the lock using Alexa is a convenient feature, even with extra costs.

On the flip side, no product is without its drawbacks. I’ve encountered a few minor issues that could be a concern:

  • The keypad’s texture and doorknob’s surface, with their distinct tactile feel, might not hold up well with extended use. Reports suggest some functional mishaps, such as a lock that works only when connected to power despite new batteries. These functional mishaps could cause anxiety for users relying on the tactile feedback of these elements. Managing the features through the app may pose a challenge for those less tech-confident.

** however,** the cons of the Hornbill Pro Smart Lock are not major issues. The lock’s sturdy construction, made from aluminum, conveys durability. With regular maintenance, I believe it will last a long time.

While concerns exist about the lock’s potential to jam and the need for a battery pack, these issues are uncommon. The benefits of having a built-in alarm system triggered by incorrect passcodes and flexible access control outweigh these concerns. I feel reassured that my property is secure.

In essence, the Hornbill Pro Smart Lock provides security features that meet my expectations for a modern lock system. It effectively combines advanced technology with essential dependability. Although there may be some minor issues, I believe this product is a worthwhile purchase for those wanting to enhance their home security with technology.

Battery Life and Backups

Hornbill pro smart lock set with keypad and knobs 3

With the Hornbill Pro Smart Lock, managing battery life is important for uninterrupted security. The lock uses 4 AA alkaline batteries, which aren’t included but last approximately 12 months. This feature is beneficial for those worried about frequent battery replacements or recharging.

Here’s the explanation of power management:

  • Long Battery Life: A long battery life is beneficial as it reduces the need for frequent replacements and provides reassurance during extended absences from home.

  • Low Battery Alerts: The Next Lock and TT Lock apps as well as the locks themselves notify when batteries require replacement. This feature simplifies battery maintenance.

  • Emergency Charging: An excellent feature is the USB-C port for emergency power; use a power bank to charge if batteries suddenly run out.

These features demonstrate Hornbill’s focus on enhancing the customer experience, striking a good balance between advanced technology and usability. This is crucial in home security where dependability is non-negotiable.

However, there are some drawbacks to this product. Firstly, you can’t check the battery status on the lock itself, so you must rely on the app for updates. Secondly, batteries aren’t included in the package, making initial setup a longer process. Lastly, if you miss or ignore the low battery notification, there’s a risk of being locked out.

Despite minor concerns, the emergency USB-C port provides a reassuring backup plan for forgotten battery replacements. The ability to check battery levels through the app is a modern convenience that fits well with our interconnected lifestyles.

In summary, the Hornbill Pro Smart Lock ensures reliable battery management for smart home security systems. It prevents lockouts caused by dead batteries, demonstrating Hornbill’s focus on detail and customer service. Carrying a power bank as backup is recommended.

Smart Home Integration

Hornbill pro smart lock set with keypad and knobs 4

Integrating the Hornbill Pro Smart Lock into my smart home setup was an easy process, enhancing my minimalist lifestyle with its modern design. The lock seamlessly syncs with different smart home platforms, providing advanced functionality and convenience through automation and remote control.

The Highlights:

  • App Compatibility: Compatible with a range of smart platforms, it’s effortless to connect with the Hornbill app and other integrations like Alexa and Google Home, rounding out my smart home system.

  • Alexa Voice Control: Using Alexa Voice Control adds hand-free convenience when managing my home, though it necessitates an additional WiFi Gateway.

  • Remote Access: I can lock and unlock my door from a distance. This is convenient when I’m not at home or unable to get up to do it myself.

However, despite the Hornbill Pro Smart Lock’s rich features, it has some weaknesses. Here are its shortcomings:

  • External Gateway Purchase: The need to buy a separate WiFi Gateway to enable some of the smart features, including remote access and voice control, is an additional cost and another device to manage.

  • App Learning Curve: While the app opens up a realm of functionalities, there is a learning curve, and some users might find the multitude of options overwhelming at first.

In the minimalist style, the door knob’s aluminum design enhances my home’s interior. I have concerns about the finish’s durability. The push towards a keyless lifestyle simplifies my entryway and reduces daily items.

I am weighing the advantages and disadvantages of connecting this smart lock to my smart home platform.


  • Enhances the minimalistic design of my home

  • Streamlines home access for family or Airbnb guests

    • Remotely controlling and monitoring a lock is convenient for a busy lifestyle.
  • Keyless entry: This means you don’t have to carry physical keys with you.


  • Additional costs for full integration

  • Finish on the doorknob might not be durable in the long term

  • It might be complex for non-tech-savvy individuals at the outset

In sum, the Hornbill Pro Smart Lock enhances my smart home experience with its useful features for both convenience and security. It’s a valuable addition towards a future of easier home management, despite requiring some initial patience and investment.