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My impressions of the MiLocks XFK-02P Digital Deadbolt & Knob, Polished Brass (2024)

My thoughts on the MiLocks Digital Deadbolt & Knob: keyless convenience, installation, smart home integration, and minimalist design.

John Goodrich


April 21, 2024


I’ve been seeking ways to make my daily routines more efficient and my home more functional. Following the minimalist and smart home trends, I chose to test the MiLocks Digital Deadbolt. This keyless entry system aimed to save time by eliminating the need for keys and fit perfectly with my goal of a less cluttered life.


Property Value Property Value
Brand MiLocks Special Feature Keyless
Lock Type Keypad Item Dimensions LxWxH 7 x 3 x 6 inches
Material Brass


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Milocks xfk 02p digital deadbolt & knob, polished brass installing Milocks xfk 02p digital deadbolt & knob, polished brass manual Milocks xfk 02p digital deadbolt & knob, polished brass front Milocks xfk 02p digital deadbolt & knob, polished brass front


Keyless Convenience Explored

Milocks xfk 02p digital deadbolt & knob, polished brass front

Navigating home security and convenience, I’ve found the MiLocks Digital Deadbolt noteworthy. I’ve utilized this keyless entry system for some time, bringing both ease and a slight learning curve to my daily routine.

Here’s a quick rundown of my thoughts:

  • Sharing code through various means offers significant Ease of Sharing compared to the cumbersome process of copying keys. This convenience simplifies access for family and friends without unnecessary hassle.

  • The Backlit Keypad is convenient for input during dark conditions. Yet, some keys may need multiple presses before registering correctly, which can be frustrating.

  • Battery Life: The warning for low battery doesn’t provide ample notice, requiring me to constantly carry spare batteries to prevent lockouts.

  • Smartphone compatibility: While it’s not WiFi-enabled, the ability to connect via a home automation system like INSTEON is a neat touch for those looking to integrate their locks into a smart home setup.

The prospect of not needing physical keys during runs or errands is truly liberating. Eliminating the need for multiple keys simplifies managing locks for property management. However, there are drawbacks to this keyless approach.

I’m particularly impressed with the 10 user code capacity and the inclusion of a remote. The remote has been a lifesaver when I’m arriving with my arms full - just one click and I’m in. However, I’ve had mixed feelings about the actual reliability of the buttons and the motor mechanism, as they sometimes require multiple presses or attempts to engage the lock, even with fresh batteries.

The direct replacement for standard doors was easy to install as advertised. However, concerns about build quality have emerged. The system feels less robust than expected, and the latch doesn’t always align properly without some effort.

While the brass material looks good, its smooth surface can be difficult to grip when hands are wet. This is an important factor to consider if you reside in areas with frequent rain.

Overall, the MiLocks system has been beneficial for my home despite some electronic glitches and durability concerns. Its features, including remote access and smartphone control, outweigh these issues. The MiLocks system is a step towards a keyless lifestyle, and although it has quirks, its advantages have made it worthwhile for me.

Installation and Design Quality

Milocks xfk 02p digital deadbolt & knob, polished brass installing

In my experience with the MiLocks Digital Deadbolt, the installation and design were crucial factors. Overall, I’ve had mostly positive experiences but have noted some drawbacks. Here are the key points:

  • Installation Process: The lock is a simple replacement for traditional deadbolts. My contractor finished installing it in a short time. Its adjustable latch was beneficial as it fitted various door sizes and preparations. The programming process was also uncomplicated, reducing setup duration.

  • Design: Visually, I found the lock to be appealing, with its sleek brass material giving my door a modern look. The backlit keypad was a significant advantage for night-time access, although the smooth, round knob posed a challenge when my hands were wet.

While installing the lock, I encountered some minor issues. For example, after installation, the lock felt a bit unstable and needed to be wiggled to properly latch. This raised concerns about its long-term durability.

Early on, I experienced a problem with the deadbolt sticking. After contacting customer service, they promptly sent me a replacement. The support team was both efficient and helpful.

Here’s a clear explanation of my findings:


  • Quick and simple installation process

  • Easy programming of keypad and remote

  • The keypad is backlit, improving visibility in darkness.

  • The customer service was attentive and provided useful assistance.


  • The construction could be stronger; it seems rather fragile.

  • Designing knobs smoothly can be challenging with wet hands.

  • If there’s a problem with the initial mechanism, replace the prompt.

Though there were occasional issues, such as unresponsive keypad inputs and motor strains during door unlocking, these problems did not persist. New batteries temporarily resolved most glitches.

The lack of smart-home integration was not an issue for me due to my preference for a more secure, WiFi-independent home security system.

All things considered, the MiLocks Digital Deadbolt provided more advantages than drawbacks in my usage. Its keyless entry feature brought significant convenience and modernity that overshadowed minor design and installation issues. This lock is a worthwhile investment for those aiming to simplify home access without compromising security substantially.

Functionality and User Experience

Milocks xfk 02p digital deadbolt & knob, polished brass manual

As someone interested in smart home technology, the MiLocks Digital Deadbolt and passage knob combination caught my attention as a keyless alternative. The ability to share access codes instead of physical keys is convenient, especially for situations with children or when going for a run. However, this device comes with certain complexities.

Here’s a rundown of my experience:

  • Installation: Installing this new lock was straightforward on my standard door. The process went smoothly as anticipated.

  • Backlit Keypad: The keypad is illuminated, making it easy to use in low light conditions without struggling.

  • Ease of Programming: Adding or deleting users is straightforward. I had my family set up in minutes.

  • Battery Life: The lock’s convenience comes with a battery requirement, meaning you need to have spare batteries available. The low battery warning could be more prompt, as I’ve experienced being locked out unexpectedly.

Despite the convenience of keyless entry, I faced an issue seven weeks into use. The lock bolt became sticky, requiring manual intervention with the lever or key. This undermined the benefit of keyless entry and caused some annoyance.

I do value not having to give out spare keys to neighbors or friends. The remote is a useful addition, enabling contactless entry. However, recognition can be inconsistent, sometimes requiring several attempts due to button sensitivity problems or background noise.

A point of concern is the build quality. The deadbolt felt slightly loose and required adjustment to align correctly, falling short of the durability I anticipated.

I’ve had a varied experience with this product. Some features like fob functionality and easy programming worked effectively, enhancing its appeal as a smart home solution. However, durability and mechanics demand careful evaluation to avoid any unwanted issues, especially when reliability is crucial.

In terms of security, lacking Wi-Fi connectivity means less risk of hacking. However, it also means you can’t control the lock remotely using a smartphone, which is essential for some people’s concept of a smart home.

Overall, my experience with MiLocks system has been mostly positive but with some issues. It offers a good blend of convenience and dependability, though there are occasional glitches.

Reliability and Long-Term Use

Milocks xfk 02p digital deadbolt & knob, polished brass front

In the realm of smart home systems and minimalist lifestyles, long-term reliability is crucial for gadgets like keyless entry systems. Markdown lists come in handy when summarizing the features and experiences of such devices. My observations on the MiLocks Digital Deadbolt reveal its dependability and usage over time. Here’s a summary of my findings:


  • In families or living situations where multiple individuals require access to secured areas, Convenient Code Sharing is a practical solution. This method is more convenient than utilizing traditional physical keys.

  • Master Code Feature: Programming a master code is a significant convenience, particularly for those managing multiple properties.

  • Backlit Keypad: This feature is useful for entering data in the dark without having to struggle with keys.

  • A remote control adds convenience to our daily lives by enabling access without the need to use our hands. This feature is especially valuable during moments when we are carrying heavy items or in a rush, such as when entering our garage with Remote Entry systems.


  • Battery Life: Changing batteries frequently can be inconvenient and may leave you stranded without access.

  • Mechanical Issues: Instances of the bolt jamming or electronics failing, reported by some users, raise concerns about construction quality and durability.

  • Sensitivity Issues: The occasional unresponsiveness of buttons necessitating multiple presses can be irritating.

Adhering to minimalist concepts, the MiLocks system streamlines my home entry interactions. Eliminating the requirement for a physical key aligns perfectly with this philosophy – reducing clutter and fewer keys on my ring, ultimately leading to less daily management.

However, the device has a disadvantage: its battery life is short. This means I need to keep spare AA batteries at home to avoid unexpected lock malfunctions. While I’ve avoided this issue so far, it adds an unnecessary mental burden as I must remember to check battery levels regularly.

I have experienced some issues with the keypad, requiring extra pressure or repeated presses at times. Despite being a minor annoyance, there’s potential for enhancement in this area.

In conclusion, the MiLocks Digital Deadbolt has its flaws but suits modern homes with its smart features. Weighing the advantages of easy access and enhanced security against minor inconveniences, I find it a worthwhile investment. Continuous performance improvements and dependability are crucial for the product’s enduring appeal in the market and my home.