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My impressions of the Yale Assure Z-Wave Keypad Lock with Valdosta Lever (2024)

My thoughts on the Yale Assure Z-Wave Keypad Lock: smart home integration, access control, design, installation ease, and a minimalist approach.

Emma Goodrich


April 19, 2024


I’ve always sought technology that improves my home and simplifies life. As a fan of smart homes and minimalist living, finding suitable devices is essential. The Yale Assure Lock Keypad with Z-Wave has been a notable upgrade for me.


Property Value Property Value
Brand Yale Special Feature Keyless
Lock Type Keypad Item Dimensions LxWxH 3.5 x 2.75 x 5.25 inches
Material Bronze


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Yale assure z wave keypad lock with valdosta lever mounted Yale assure z wave keypad lock with valdosta lever box Yale assure z wave keypad lock with valdosta lever manual Yale assure z wave keypad lock with valdosta lever on door Yale assure z wave keypad lock with valdosta lever app


Seamless Integration Process

Yale assure z wave keypad lock with valdosta lever mounted

Upgrading my home to a smart home, I’ve found the Yale Assure Lock Keypad with Z-Wave Valdosta Lever to be a seamless addition. Here’s what the integration process entailed:

  • Connecting my new device to my Z-Wave system was straightforward. It synced successfully during the first attempt.

  • Setting up access codes through my smart home app, like Samsung SmartThings, proved to be straightforward — even easier than I anticipated.

  • The installation didn’t need a locksmith or complex tools. A regular screwdriver was all that was required instead.

It’s important to remember that this system functions best with a hub and smart app. The advanced features might be overwhelming for users who are less tech-savvy or don’t have a well-established smart home setup. Fortunately, the BILT app offers comprehensive documentation and step-by-step instructions to help simplify the process.

The use of unique access codes is a valuable asset when it comes to controlling access to my home. This feature allows me to issue distinct codes for different individuals and set specific entry times. The capability to generate unique access codes provides an added layer of security, as each code can be revoked or changed at any time. Additionally, the option for auto-relocking ensures that my home remains secure even when I’m not there.

On the negative side, the lock’s battery dependence can cause concern. I haven’t had to replace batteries since installation, but there’s always the worry they may run out. A backup physical key is recommended as an emergency plan.

I’ve noticed that the bronze material of the lock provides a solid feel and matches my door hardware’s appearance nicely. My trust in Yale’s brand is strengthened by its high build quality and compatibility with smart home platforms like Ring and SmartThings.

In summary, the experience of incorporating the Yale Assure Lock into my smart home system has been generally beneficial:

  • Easy synchronization with Z-Wave.

  • Code setup is effortless using smart home apps.

  • Straightforward installation process with common tools.

The few disadvantages include reliance on technology and concerns over battery life. However, these issues are outweighed by the convenience and control this smart lock offers. For improving home security and embracing minimalism without physical keys, it strikes an ideal balance for me.

Smart Home Compatibility

Yale assure z wave keypad lock with valdosta lever box

The Yale Assure Lock Keypad with Z-Wave is a notable contender in the smart home market due to its compatibility with various smart home platforms. Its keyless convenience is alluring, and the ability to integrate seamlessly with multiple systems makes it an excellent addition to modern connected households. Here are the smart home platforms this lock supports:

  • Ring Alarm

  • Samsung SmartThings

  • Wink

  • Vera

  • Honeywell


  • Qolsys

Interfacing with multiple smart home systems offers several benefits. I can remotely lock and unlock doors, monitor access, and create temporary or permanent codes using the apps. This flexibility means I’m not restricted to one ecosystem, enabling me to upgrade my setup without compatibility concerns. Granting unique entry codes to family and guests is effortless through the smart home apps. Revoking these codes is equally straightforward for enhanced security.

On the downside, this lock requires a Z-Wave hub for operation, leading to an additional setup process. If the hub malfunctions, some smart features may no longer function. Not all systems offer the same features, which could be confusing for users. Battery life is another factor to consider; while my experience indicates long battery life, it’s essential to monitor it to prevent lockouts.

The automatic locking feature is convenient as it ensures the door is secured even if forgotten during hectic mornings. Yet, I maintain a traditional key as a backup for any unforeseen technology issues.

Installation was straightforward, completing in a short amount of time with only a screwdriver. The free BILT app provided clear instructions. This DIY approach saved both time and installation costs.

I feel secure and in control of my home’s access with this smart lock. It simplifies my lifestyle by eliminating bulky key rings and messy key storage. The Yale Assure Lock makes my home transition to a smarter living environment a seamless process. Consider the advantages and disadvantages carefully before introducing this lock into your personal space for optimal integration into your smart home system.

Enhanced Access Control

Yale assure z wave keypad lock with valdosta lever manual

When considering a smart lock, the convenience is apparent. I’ve struggled with keys numerous times, especially when my hands were full or it was dark. The Yale Assure Lock Keypad offers a simple solution. Its keyless entry captivates me. You input your code on the backlit keypad and enter instantly.

However, using smart locks comes with some disadvantages. If technology fails, such as glitches or dead batteries, you could be locked out. Therefore, I always carry a physical key as backup or keep my phone charged to use the lock’s advanced features.

Here are my pros and cons so far:


  • Keyless entry is a useful feature. It allows you to easily unlock your vehicle without the need for a physical key.

  • Creating and managing codes for various users is straightforward and enhances security.

  • Auto Relock option: Ensures door is locked consistently.

  • Installs easily with a screwdriver, minimal effort required.

  • Z-Wave compatibility allows this device to work seamlessly with my current smart home system.


  • Batteries requiring replacement may cause temporary lockouts.

  • Potential issues that may affect lock functionality.

  • A high price tag comes with this lock compared to a standard one.

The ability to create codes for family and friends is a feature I appreciate. It has made sharing access to my home secure and simple, without the need to duplicate keys. It’s also reassuring to know I can delete codes whenever necessary, further controlling access to my home.

I’ve experienced the benefits of automated home security firsthand, and the ease of installation of this Yale lock made it a reliable component in my setup. The straightforward installation process ensured that I was up and running in no time, and its seamless integration with my smart devices allowed me to control access to my home effortlessly. While smart locks require an investment, the advantages, including the ease of installation and seamless integration with other systems, outweigh any potential issues.

Despite my mostly good experience, it’s essential to be vigilant when using tech for home security. Regularly check battery life and install updates to maintain consistent service. Keep the customer support contact handy for troubleshooting, knowing help is available if needed.

Design and Installation Ease

Yale assure z wave keypad lock with valdosta lever on door

Upon installing the Yale Assure Lock Keypad, I was impressed by its modern design and simple replacement process. As home automation grows in popularity, integrating advanced technology into my smart home’s minimalist aesthetic is essential. The lock’s Valdosta Lever enhances this trend with its stylish yet clean appearance for my front door.

Here’s a quick breakdown:


  • Keyless entry system

  • Easy to follow instructions

  • Auto Relock feature


  • To use the smart features, you need a compatible hub.

  • Batteries need monitoring

While the installation was simple, a screwdriver was all that was needed. I suggest using the BILT app to prevent any issues. The thoughtful design enables easy installation on most doors without drilling new holes or dealing with intricate wiring.

The idea that I no longer need to carry keys can’t be understated. The lock’s keypad is backlit and user-friendly, letting me grant access to family and friends through unique, customizable codes. The option of enabling the Auto Relock feature gives me peace of mind, knowing that the door will always lock itself after I leave. However, I’m conscious of the battery life, as its failure is the only thing that might necessitate the use of a physical key. Thankfully, the battery replacement is neither difficult nor frequent, at least based on my current usage.

I chose the bronze finish for my door frame. It enhanced its appearance and harmonized with my home’s minimalist architecture. However, it required a compatible Z-Wave hub to utilize all smart features. New users should consider this extra cost if they don’t have a system like SmartThings or Ring Alarm already.

In conclusion, the Yale Assure Lock Keypad with Z-Wave offers a functional, stylish design with tech integration. Although it requires a hub, this trade-off brings convenience and control to my smart home environment. This lock simplifies my daily routine and suits my minimalist lifestyle.