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My thoughts on the YR YRHAND Smart Lock: Fingerprint, WiFi, Keyless (2024)

My thoughts on the YR YRHAND Smart Lock: installation ease, security features, smart home fit, and support—key for a minimalist home.

John Goodrich


January 9, 2024


I recently upgraded my home security with a YR YRHAND Smart Lock. As someone who values both smart home technology and a minimalist lifestyle, this seemed like the perfect fit. It promises easy access, a range of entry methods, and the ability to control it all from an app, while keeping my space looking clean and modern.


Property Value Property Value
Brand YR YRHAND Special Feature Fingerprint, Smart Lock, Wifi
Lock Type ttlock smart handle Item Dimensions LxWxH 6.06 x 2.7 x 9.2 inches
Material Aluminum Alloy+ PC+Arcylic


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Yr yrhand smart lock, fingerprint, wifi, keyless, silver 7 Yr yrhand smart lock, fingerprint, wifi, keyless, silver 1 Yr yrhand smart lock, fingerprint, wifi, keyless, silver 5 Yr yrhand smart lock, fingerprint, wifi, keyless, silver 10


Installation and Setup

Yr yrhand smart lock, fingerprint, wifi, keyless, silver 1

Embarking on installing the YR YRHAND Smart Lock, I aimed for a balance of modern convenience and security. The setup process is manageable, though it has some noteworthy quirks. This lock offers multiple entry methods including a PIN code, fingerprint recognition, and backup keys, enhancing its dependability and adaptability in a minimalist smart home context.

Here’s a clear explanation of the installation process:

  • Ensuring compatibility with my door dimensions and type
  • Installing the lock’s hardware components, which felt quite intuitive
  • Configuring the lock settings using the TTLock App
  • Enrolling fingerprints, which was a bit finicky but manageable
  • Connecting the lock to my Wi-Fi network via the optional Wi-Fi Gateway

In the setup process, I’m captivated by the front door system’s futuristic design, showcased through the modern touch panel and LED indicators that provide immediate feedback. However, I was surprised to discover that the optional Wi-Fi Gateway, necessary for remote functionality, comes with an additional cost – a detail that wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the product description.

The TTLock App is convenient for users, providing simple key management and access history review. I’ve encountered no major problems myself, but there have been reports of poor customer service from other users, which leaves me slightly apprehensive about future support needs.

Admittedly, I encountered challenges with the auto-lock feature and could have benefited from clearer instructions for situations like keeping the door unlocked during social events. Additionally, while the fingerprint sensor is advanced, it requires precise finger placement which may not be convenient in rushed situations.

From a practical standpoint, the convenience of keyless entry and keeping track of who accesses the area are significant advantages. Nevertheless, it’s important to address potential issues with support and longevity that might detract from an overall positive experience using the YR YRHAND Smart Lock.

To summarize, the lock enhances my smart home with its advanced features, fitting my minimalistic preference. Although it has minor complications in setup and potential support concerns, overall it’s a valuable addition that adds both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Security Features Breakdown

Yr yrhand smart lock, fingerprint, wifi, keyless, silver 2

In evaluating the security features of the YR YRHAND Smart Lock, my attention naturally gravitates towards a few key components. Firstly, the variety of entry methods it offers is impressive. You have the PIN code, fingerprint, smart card, key, and app control at your fingertips. Having these options means convenience and customized access tailored to each user’s preference.

  • Here’s a quick rundown of the security features:
  • PIN code access for a classic, yet secure method.
  • Advanced 3D Fingerprint Sensor for quick entry.
  • Smart card access as a contactless option.
  • Physical key entry as a reliable backup.
  • TTLock App for control from anywhere at any time.

The advanced 3D fingerprint sensor is impressive. It can hold up to 100 unique fingerprints and identifies a person in 1-1.5 seconds. This makes it ideal for various age groups, including kids and the elderly. Its quick identification process gives me peace of mind, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access.

Another significant feature is the TTLock App’s remote manageability. In today’s smart home era, this capability is crucial. You can send virtual keys and control access remotely, making it convenient for managing visitors or Airbnb guests. Keeping track of unlock history adds to the feeling of control and security.

However, there are some disadvantages. You need a separate WiFi Gateway for remote features, which is inconvenient due to the extra cost and setup efforts. The app’s usability could be enhanced. For instance, the passage mode should be easier to access, and the short authorization time within the app can be quite frustrating.

On the practical side, having a Micro USB port for emergency power and backup keys are advantages, as they prevent being locked out. However, monitoring battery levels adds to household maintenance responsibilities.

In essence, the YR YRHAND Smart Lock offers numerous features for improving home security. Its adaptability and smart connections are major advantages, despite minor usability issues and a complicated initial setup. The lock’s security benefits and convenient access options make it an appealing choice for upgrading home entry while maintaining peace of mind.

Smart Home Integration

Yr yrhand smart lock, fingerprint, wifi, keyless, silver 3

Integrating smart devices into a home necessitates cautious planning, particularly regarding security. I began my journey into the smart home ecosystem using the YR YRHAND Smart Lock, and this is an account of my experience with this advanced lock system:

  • Access Options: Using a PIN code, fingerprint, smart card, or app ensures I can always access my account.

  • Remote Access: Managing access remotely is beneficial for granting temporary permissions to guests.

  • The User-Friendly App’s main features are easy to use, making it an ideal choice for users of all tech savviness levels. However, setting options could be more self-explanatory to further enhance its user-friendliness.

The TTLock App is crucial for my use, enabling me to grant virtual keys and oversee entry and exits. I value the convenience of checking the lock status remotely—a vital aspect for a smart lock integrating into a home system smoothly.

However, I’ve noticed some drawbacks to the smart integration. While the 5-in-1 entry options cover all bases, the reliability of the fingerprint sensor can be hit or miss, requiring precise finger placement. Thankfully, most of the time, it registers correctly, though I wish it were less sensitive to finger positioning.

Another point to consider is the requirement for an extra WiFi Gateway for remote functionality. This information was not clearly stated in the product description, so it’s important to account for this additional cost. However, once set up, I found the added convenience to be worth it.

The concept of being able to send an access code in emergencies is revolutionary to me. This single feature has eased many worries about accidental lockouts or providing access to family members when I’m not around.

Unfortunately, the product’s support is a concern. I haven’t needed assistance yet, but the possibility of unresponsive support teams is disquieting.

From battery life to design, the YR YRHAND Smart Lock enhances my home’s entry points with modern features, including the advanced auto-lock functionality. This convenient feature ensures that my doors are securely locked behind me as I leave, while the entry logs provide valuable control and enhance overall security.

While it has some flaws, the lock suits my smart home configuration nicely. Its stylish look aligns with my preferred minimalist décor, and its capabilities match my habits. However, prospective buyers should adopt a cautious optimism, acknowledging the reliance on customer support and the finicky nature of certain features.

Durability and Support Experience

Yr yrhand smart lock, fingerprint, wifi, keyless, silver 4

In my quest for a minimalistic home with advanced security, I purchased the YR YRHAND Smart Lock. Its durability and smart capabilities piqued my interest.

Here is my straightforward account of using this lock:

  • Ease of Use: The lock’s advanced 3D fingerprint sensor is impressive, despite sometimes requiring precise finger positioning. It’s sleek, not obtrusive, and adds a touch of modernity to my doorway.

  • Worries about Durability: I have concerns about the lock’s longevity due to its location’s windiness. However, it has functioned flawlessly so far. Its resistance to harsh conditions is evidence of its strong construction.

  • I had concerns about the Customer Support due to the company being based in China. However, my experiences have been positive. My issues were addressed in a timely manner, although it required patience on my part.

  • The integration of the smart lock into my home automation system was largely seamless, but to ensure Smart Home Compatibility for remote access, a WiFi bridge was required, which incurred an extra cost. However, the investment in achieving Smart Home Compatibility was justified given the enhanced functionality it provided.

  • Control and Access: Giving friends and family their own access codes and virtual keys offers control that suits my minimalist approach. Fewer physical keys mean less clutter and greater peace of mind. I can grant or revoke access as needed.

Despite its advantages, there are some disadvantages:

  • The automatic locking feature has a maximum time limit of 999 seconds. Why isn’t this set to an hour or longer?

  • The app’s authorization time is brief, causing potential inconvenience.

  • The lock’s responsiveness isn’t perfect, which could affect its dependability for various users or situations.

My overall experience with the smart lock has been generally good, but there are issues to be aware of. While the idea of a stylish, effective lock that improves my home’s look and ensures security is appealing, potential buyers need to prepare for potential customer service problems and app glitches.

In the modern smart home, the YR YRHAND Smart Lock offers a straightforward solution for granting access without complications, contributing to my daily peace of mind.