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My thoughts on using the Hornbill Smart Lock with Fingerprint and Keypad (2024)

My thoughts on using Hornbill Smart Lock for a secure, minimalist smart home; covering installation, performance, service, durability.

Mary Goodrich


April 21, 2024


I decided to invest in a smart door lock for my home security upgrade. My preference was for a device that would enhance both my home’s protection and align with my minimalist aesthetic. Smart locks appeared to be an excellent fit, as they combine convenience and modern design.


Property Value Property Value
Brand hornbill Special Feature Lever back office business key exterior combo phone compatible biometric nickel silver security outs…
Lock Type Keypad Item Dimensions LxWxH 6.2 x 2.6 x 1.2 inches
Material Zinc


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Hornbill smart lock with fingerprint and keypad on door Hornbill smart lock with fingerprint and keypad in box Hornbill smart lock with fingerprint and keypad front Hornbill smart lock with fingerprint and keypad mounting


Installation Process Overview

Hornbill smart lock with fingerprint and keypad in box

Embarking on the Hornbill Smart Door Lock installation, I was both eager and slightly apprehensive due to the inconsistent feedback about smart lock installations in general. Surprisingly, the process proved simpler than expected, mostly aligning with the company’s claim of an uncomplicated setup. Yet, it wasn’t without challenges.

The unpacking revealed a well-organized lock set. This indicated careful planning that I hoped would continue in the lock’s design and functionality. Here is my installation experience:

  • First Step: Checking if the lock matches my door’s dimensions was essential. Its adaptability with typical US wooden doors and pre-existing holes was reassuring.

  • The process of Tool Gathering for our project was efficiently carried out when we discovered that all the required tools were already common household items, as listed in the manual. Fortunately, no additional or unexpected tools were necessary for this task, making this stage of the project both productive and cost-effective.

  • Attaching the Lock: The main unit fitted nicely onto my pre-drilled door hole, though I did encounter the common issue of long screws. A quick trip to the hardware store fixed this.

  • The app paired quickly with the lock and I found Programming access codes and fingerprints straightforward. However, I encountered occasional issues with fingerprint recognition.

  • Testing: Post-installation tests ran smoothly. Multiple access methods provided an appreciated redundancy.

The standout aspects of the installation process using the app were its exceptional user-friendliness and the adequacy of the included instructions, providing an ease that I found quite impressive. I appreciated the durability of the materials, which not only boosted my confidence but also added to the overall simplicity of the app during the installation. The Zinc Alloy lock body felt solid in my hand, exuding a sense of reliability and trustworthiness that further contributed to the effortless experience.

However, the installation encountered some difficulties. For example:

  • The manual didn’t exactly correspond with my lock’s model, resulting in some necessary guesswork.

  • The screws I received were too long for my door. I had to buy shorter ones as a solution.

  • To improve the locking mechanism’s performance, some modifications were necessary.

While these problems were minor and solvable, they’re worth mentioning for buyers who aren’t DIY-inclined or prefer a hassle-free setup.

My overall assessment of this smart lock is positively shaped by its advanced technology, attractive design, and remarkable versatility. The lock caters to both tech-savvy and traditional households through its various unlocking methods, showcasing admirable adaptability. Despite experiencing some challenges during the setup process, the lock’s exceptional quality and versatility far outweigh these concerns. With innovative and versatile unlocking mechanisms, this smart lock offers unmatched convenience and security to cater to diverse user preferences.

Functionality and Performance

Hornbill smart lock with fingerprint and keypad on door

When using the Hornbill smart lock in my daily life, I’ve discovered its functionality and performance are impressive. It offers a variety of features, which I found mostly work as advertised. Here’s a list of the main functions and their results:

  • Fingerprint Access is a convenient way to unlock devices, but I’ve experienced occasional recognition issues that require sensor cleaning.

  • Unlocking Doors Remotely: I can open my door from any location with ease using the app, demonstrating the smart functionality of the lock.

  • Using Passcodes and Access Codes for generating entry codes for guests is now an indispensable feature for me. This convenient functionality took me by surprise initially, but its importance has since grown significantly.

  • Voice Control with Alexa: A convenient method to manage my lock, albeit requiring a gateway acquisition.

The lock suits my smart home system perfectly, providing features for automatic locking and unlocking sequences. Its minimalist design aligns with my preferred aesthetic for my living space. The lock’s heavy-duty zinc alloy material conveys durability, while its sleek design meets my taste.

That said, the lock installation was easy, but I’ve experienced issues with the fingerprint sensor’s sensitivity and lock-outs. I’ve mitigated these concerns by using multiple unlock methods as backups. The lock’s smart features are impressive, but its reliance on technology necessitates occasional troubleshooting and dealing with app updates or connectivity problems.

The thought of not using physical keys was freeing. Yet, maintaining electronic devices with sufficient charge or carrying backup power sources is necessary when using a smart lock.

From a practical standpoint, the Hornbill smart lock is an excellent option for individuals aiming to enhance their home security system with advanced technology and convenience. Although the integration of tech into a door lock might initially appear daunting, the heightened security and ease of use it provides are clear benefits. If you’re someone who enjoys combining technology with everyday household items and is prepared to tackle occasional technical issues, this smart lock could be an ideal fit for your home.

Customer Service Experience

Hornbill smart lock with fingerprint and keypad front

My interactions with Hornbill’s customer service have had varied outcomes, leaning towards positive overall. Here’s what happened:

  • Prompt Customer Service: The team always responds promptly when I raise concerns. Their responsiveness puts me at ease, knowing help is easily accessible.

  • The team’s extensive troubleshooting knowledge and deep product knowledge, coupled with their proficiency in Troubleshooting & Knowledge, make them an indispensable asset for efficiently diagnosing and solving complex issues that arise with the products. Their combined expertise in both areas allows them to effectively address intricate problems that may surface.

  • Resolution Time:*Problems were typically resolved** within a satisfactory time frame, but there were instances where it felt like a bit of back-and-forth could have been avoided with clearer communication.

Addressing the concerns, I’ve found that some technical explanations can be too complex. I suggest using clearer language for those who are not tech-savvy. Additionally, while the responsiveness is good, the solution sometimes seems predetermined rather than customized. In cases like mine, this approach may take longer when the suggested steps don’t instantly resolve the issue.

On the brighter side, I’ve found their genuine will to make things right impressive. For example, when one of the locks I purchased had a manufacturing defect, they offered a replacement without much hassle. This proactive approach to customer satisfaction has made me feel valued and more tolerant of the rare hiccups in service.

Another standout feature of Hornbill is their extensive knowledgebase. I found their installation videos and FAQ sections invaluable during my self-installation process. This resource was rarely seen in products of similar nature, making it a valuable asset for me.

The Hornbill customer service team, which is known for its genuine commitment to substantially elevating customers’ experiences, provides excellent support overall. Although some challenges in communication and customization persist, their proactive approach to ensuring satisfaction, quick response times, and self-help resources significantly improve the user experience, thereby substantially elevating customer happiness and loyalty. I encountered certain problems but remain thoroughly impressed with their attentive and caring service. Hornbill’s dedicated team, which genuinely cares for its customers and is committed to providing top-notch service, is commendable. Other companies could learn from this approach, adding value to their smart locks and creating substantially elevated customer bases.

Long-Term Durability Concerns

Hornbill smart lock with fingerprint and keypad mounting

As I reflect on my journey with the Hornbill Smart Lock, my overall impressions have been shaped by its functionality and modern design, which fit harmoniously within my smart home and minimalist lifestyle. However, the long-term durability of these innovative locks has been an underlying concern throughout my ownership. Here’s a summary of my experiences thus far:


  • The lock suits my smart home system effectively, providing both functionality and aesthetics.

  • Unlocking methods offer flexibility, minimizing the requirement for actual keys.

  • Installing the new fixture improved my front door’s appearance, enhancing my home’s minimalist design.


    • The fingerprint sensor is prone to malfunctions over time.
  • Issues have been raised regarding the durability of the hardware, particularly when used in adverse weather conditions.

    • Concerns about the durability of electronic parts in the lock over a long period.

Based on my use, the Hornbill Smart Lock functions well in the short term. It provides several convenient unlock options including fingerprint scanning, key fobs, and smartphone control which are beneficial in a minimalist home focusing on simplicity and efficiency. The lock’s design is modern and sleek, fitting harmoniously with my interior decor without any superfluous features or complexities.

However, I’ve encountered some issues with the fingerprint sensor. Some users have reported similar or even more severe problems related to wear and tear or weather conditions. Although convenient, the thought of potential malfunctions causes concern, especially when away from home.

The quality of materials and electronic components used in the lock are another area of focus. While the Zinc Alloy material gives the lock a sturdy feel, one cannot help but wonder about the longevity of the internal mechanisms, especially since some reviewers have encountered early failures. Nevertheless, my Hornbill Smart Lock has held up well so far, keeping my home secure without any major problems. It’s worth noting that my smart lock is sheltered from direct exposure to the elements, which likely contributes to its enduring performance.

As someone who prefers a clutter-free and tech-integrated living space, the Hornbill Smart Lock suits me well, though I monitor its performance closely. Its streamlined design and intelligent features simplify my daily routine, and so far, the advantages outweigh the concerns. Long-term durability is still under assessment, but the lock is currently an essential component of my smart home configuration.