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Review: Using the Gateman G-Swipe Biometric Vertibolt Rim Lock (2024)

My thoughts on Gateman’s biometric lock for enhancing my smart home with secure, minimalist design.

John Goodrich


April 21, 2024


I recently obtained the Gateman G-Swipe Rim Lock. As someone who values security while maintaining a clutter-free, modern home, this lock seemed like an ideal choice. With its high-tech features and sleek design, it wouldn’t compromise my home’s aesthetics.


Property Value Property Value
Brand GATEMAN Special Feature Keyless, Auto Lock, Fingerprint
Lock Type Keypad Item Dimensions LxWxH 2.36 x 1.18 x 0.04 inches
Style Modern


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Gateman g swipe biometric vertibolt rim lock front on door Gateman g swipe biometric vertibolt rim lock batteries Gateman g swipe biometric vertibolt rim lock in box Gateman g swipe biometric vertibolt rim lock installed


Aesthetic and Design Quality

Close-up of the sleek keypad with hairline finish

When considering the Gateman G-Swipe Rim Lock’s aesthetic and design quality, I find it elegant with its diamond-cut design adding sophistication to any doorway. The traceless hairline keypad blends well with modern decor. The lock effectively combines form and functionality without compromising on either.

Here’s a breakdown of my observations:


  • The diamond-cut edges give a sophisticated appearance.

  • The keypad leaves no smudges, ensuring a consistently clean appearance.

  • The lock has a slim size (2.36 x 1.18 x 0.04 inches) that enables it to suit various door designs.


  • The installation may expose aesthetic issues for some users, such as the keypad not lying flat against the door.

  • If you’re new to DIY lock installations, be aware that the exterior may appear complex if not properly aligned.

I appreciate the UNI-BODY construction’s sturdiness, which gives a feeling of durability often missing in other locks. This robust build, combined with the interlocking hook mechanism, makes the lock more than an aesthetic addition to my home; it becomes a reliable security measure. The Easy Scan 2.0 feature is efficient and quick in reading fingerprints, making it a significant improvement over other biometric systems I’ve encountered.

The voice guide feature is a thoughtful touch, offering auditory assistance during programming, which I find quite helpful since the manual, although in both English and Korean, can be a bit sparse on detail. The lock’s keyless and auto-lock capabilities add to its modern flair, a definitive win for someone like me who appreciates tech-savvy conveniences.

The lock’s appeal is undeniable, however, its lack of no wireless capabilities may pose a substantial drawback for those aiming to create a cohesive smart home environment. Adding wireless modules is an alternative, yet potential compatibility issues make this a risk I’m hesitant to take, particularly when considering other marketed devices boasting built-in wireless functionality.

The fact that installation doesn’t involve major modifications is reassuring for my old door, maintaining its authenticity. I appreciate this non-intrusive method to incorporate smart technology.

In short, the Gateman G-Swipe Rim Lock offers an attractive blend of traditional charm and modern security. It’s not without its minor hurdles, but the positive aspects like its robust construction, sophisticated design, and ease of use override them, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their home security without sacrificing style.

Installation and Setup Process

Gateman g swipe biometric vertibolt rim lock front on door

As someone who appreciates traditional designs but prefers modern technology, I’ve had a tough time finding a lock system that satisfies both preferences. The Gateman G-Swipe Rim Lock piqued my interest due to its claimed seamless fusion of classic and contemporary elements. Several notable features emerged during the installation process:

  • Easy Installation: This lock features a simple installation process. You won’t need major door modifications, which is beneficial for owners of vintage or custom doors. The steps are: mount the plates to the wall, attach the keypad and main lock body, then install the latching plate on the door frame.

  • No Need for Heavy Tools: It was a relief to see that the installation didn’t necessitate heavy machinery or professional help. Basic tools did the job, keeping the door’s integrity intact.

  • Programming Ease: Programming was manageable once I got the hang of it. It is a non-complicated process that can be executed following the instructions or referring to online tutorials.

However, the lock had some issues:

  • Absence of Wireless Features: The unit lacked wireless capabilities out of the box; a downside for those of us who prefer the convenience of remote access.

  • Region-Specific Limitations: The lock system is tailored to the Korean market, which means dealing with potential app restrictions and unavailability of customer support in other regions.

These are small issues for a lock that generally works well and is convenient to use. It’s keyless, offering an automatic lock and fingerprint access for hassle-free entry – features that significantly improve the daily user experience. The lock is suitable for individuals like me who require a sliding door lock or need to upgrade vintage doors without major alterations.

I took note that the Gateman G-Swipe Rim Lock offers adaptability and ample security with multiple access options, but there may be challenges for those outside of Korea. For those comfortable with manual programming and less reliant on customer service, this lock is a good choice as it combines traditional charm with modern efficiency. Overall, my experience was generally positive, as the lock met most expectations for a blend of classic design and technological convenience.

Technical Features and Access

Gateman g swipe biometric vertibolt rim lock batteries

The Gateman G-Swipe Rim Lock showcases an impressive range of technical features and offers a variety of entry methods. Users can choose from various options such as a Master-PIN, User-PINs (up to 30), an Onetime-PIN, Visitor-PIN, and fingerprint recognition for up to 20 users. This variety of entry methods benefits households and businesses with numerous users by ensuring convenient and secure access for all. A Onetime-PIN is particularly useful for granting temporary access to visitors.

  • Master-PIN is required for controlling access when other methods aren’t sufficient.

  • Up to 30 users can be accommodated through User-PINs. This number is generally sufficient for most scenarios.

  • Onetime-PIN: Great for giving someone temporary access without compromising security.

  • Fingerprint recognition grants secure access for up to twenty users efficiently.

The biometrics, called Easy Scan 2.0, upgrades the feature with faster and efficient fingerprint recognition. Its robust design includes a powerful interlocking hook mechanism and uni-body construction, enhancing security against forced entry.

The voice guide feature is especially appreciated, guiding through programming and operation— a boon for those less tech-savvy. However, it’s vital to point out that this unit doesn’t have out-of-the-box wireless capabilities. The potential to add Bluetooth and WiFi via additional purchases may be there, but it’s not confirmed how well these features integrate, especially considering the apparent geographic restrictions on the Gateman app.

The manual’s manual language options are currently limited to English and Korean, which may pose a challenge for users who do not speak these languages. However, the prevalence of English instructions might alleviate this concern for a significant number of users. It is important to note that the manual language options refer to the available languages in which the instructions and information in the manual are provided.

Despite the improvements, some users have reported issues with the external keypad’s attachment to the door. This can be addressed by using a stronger mounting solution instead of double-sided tape. However, I suggest the manufacturer finds a long-term solution to ensure a secure fit on doors.

When considering a door thickness range of 35-65 mm for your purchase, keep in mind that this may not cover all installable door thicknesses. To avoid compatibility issues, it is essential to measure the thickness of your existing doors before making a decision.

In sum, the Gateman G-Swipe Rim Lock combines old-fashioned security with advanced technology. It offers a large capacity for both PIN codes and fingerprints, as well as a robust construction. This makes it an attractive option for those who want to upgrade their rim lock without losing their doors’ historical character. However, potential buyers should be mindful of possible installation issues and the current lack of wireless functionality.

Product Support and Usability

Gateman g swipe biometric vertibolt rim lock in box

In considering the Gateman G-Swipe Rim Lock, its blend of traditional security and smart home features appeals to those who value minimalist design in their homes. However, the user experience could be improved.

Pros of the Gateman G-Swipe Rim Lock:

  • Retrofit Capability: I appreciated being able to upgrade my lock without drastic changes to my door, maintaining its integrity and character.

  • Fingerprint Access: No need for keys anymore. Fingerprint recognition is a more secure alternative than using a PIN code.

  • Auto Locking Function: This feature secures the door automatically, beneficial for individuals who often forget to lock it manually.


  • No US Customer Service: The product is impressive, but not having readily available U.S.-based customer support poses a major issue. The company should expand its customer service presence in the U.S.

  • Complex Programming for Some: Manual programming can be straightforward for tech-savvy individuals. However, it may pose a significant challenge for those less familiar with the procedures, especially in complex programming scenarios.

  • I’m disappointed that this device doesn’t come with No Immediate Wireless Capabilities. This means I have to make additional purchases to enable wireless connectivity. While I can still use it without this feature, having wireless capabilities built-in would certainly make the device more convenient and versatile.

My experience with the voice guide is positive. Although some may find keypad programming time-consuming, I believe it’s a worthwhile investment for increased security and convenience.

I’ve also encountered an issue with the keypad attachment of the lock, in addition to its sturdy construction and seamless operation. This could be an isolated incident, but it’s crucial to share this information for others who might face a similar situation.

It’s clear there is a difference between what international consumers require and the product’s present support infrastructure. Gateman should address this disparity. In a smart home market that prioritizes seamless integration and simplicity, this lock has several desirable features but could benefit from enhancements in user assistance and global connectivity options.

In summary, if you’re comfortable with DIY projects and willing to troubleshoot, the Gateman G-Swipe Rim Lock is a good choice for combining traditional and modern designs. On the other hand, if you need constant support or a hassle-free smart home experience, consider your technical abilities before buying.