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Using the August Smart Lock Pro (Connect: keyless entry, wifi) (2024)

My thoughts on the August Smart Lock Pro: smart home device enhancing security, convenience, and minimalism.

John Goodrich


January 20, 2024


I recently added the August Smart Lock Pro to my home, and it’s been a game-changer for embracing a minimalist and smart living approach. No longer do I need keys to enter my house - I’ve noted some areas that could use improvement though. More on my thoughts below.


Property Value Property Value
Brand August Home Special Feature Keyless, Auto Lock
Lock Type Cylindrical Item Dimensions LxWxH 3.4 x 2.22 x 3.4 inches
Material Plastic Metalic


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August smart lock pro with connect   dark gray wi fi keyless entry wifi August smart lock pro with connect   dark gray wi fi keyless entry installed on door August smart lock pro with connect   dark gray wi fi keyless entry in box August smart lock pro with connect   dark gray wi fi keyless entry front in box


Installation and Setup

August smart lock pro with connect dark gray wi fi keyless entry front in box

Installing the August Smart Lock Pro was a straightforward process despite my initial apprehensions. I had anticipated challenges, but the instructions were clear and easy to follow. The prospect of a home that intelligently adapts to my coming and going was appealing, and the installation proved to be an unexpected breeze.

Here’s a quick rundown of my experience:

  • Installation Time: Contrary to my expectations, the setup took less than an hour—far quicker than I imagined.

  • Tools Needed: Merely a Philips head screwdriver, which is a tool most people already own. No need for a complicated toolkit.

  • Video Walkthrough: The August app includes a step-by-step installation guide, making it nearly impossible to go wrong.

  • Retaining Existing Hardware: The lock’s design allows you to keep your original external lock and keys. This was a huge relief, as it meant not having to deal with key replacements or lock changes.

However, placing the August Connect caused issues. This device acts as a bridge between the lock and Wi-Fi network for remote access. It required proximity to both the lock for Bluetooth connection stability and the router for network access. After experimenting with different positions, I managed to establish a dependable connection.

Another potential issue is the reliance on smartphone battery life for keyless entry. If your phone dies, there’s a possibility of being locked out. Once this happened to me, but I was able to use the lock’s manual override with my key to gain access.

The physical lock boasts an unobtrusive interior placement, ensuring that it blends seamlessly with my house’s interior design. Its solid and durable metal parts radiate a sense of strength and protection, yet remain discreetly hidden from view. To passerby, it appears as if a traditional lock is installed on the exterior, retaining the house’s classic appearance and potentially discouraging tech-savvy burglars with its unassuming build.

In conclusion, the August Smart Lock Pro installation is straightforward and doesn’t require many tools or expertise. It seamlessly blends into your home and includes a manual backup for peace of mind. Although there were initial connectivity issues and phone battery dependency concerns, the ease of installation and added convenience make it a worthwhile upgrade.

Day-to-Day Convenience

August smart lock pro with connect dark gray wi fi keyless entry wifi

The day-to-day use of my August Smart Lock Pro offers a combination of advanced technology and functional benefits. I find the hands-free Auto-Unlock feature particularly noteworthy; it’s convenient to arrive at my front door with loaded arms and have it open automatically. However, its geofencing can be overly sensitive, unlocking even when I’m merely strolling around the neighborhood. Key features include:

  • With a Seamless Entry system in place, I can effortlessly gain access to my house without having to manually unlock the door. This feature comes in handy when I’m in a rush or have full hands.

  • Remote Monitoring: I can check if I’ve locked the door from anywhere, providing me with peace of mind.

  • Digital Keys for Guest Access: Provides convenience by allowing visitors entry without requiring physical key copies.

On the downside, Auto-Lock function occasionally locks me out when I step away from my phone briefly. This serves as a reminder to keep my phone or keys with me at all times.

The HomeKit integration is my preferred smart feature. I say “Unlock my door, Siri” as I arrive home, which I find exciting. Home compatibility with other smart devices was a key consideration for me, and August fulfills this requirement.

However, I’ve encountered some unexpected behavior with the Auto-Unlock feature. It’s not a major issue, but it’s worth noting. The device is also larger than I’d prefer, making its presence noticeable despite not being overly intrusive.

The August Smart Lock Pro suits my smart home setup and preference for simplicity. Eliminating the need for keys, it simplifies my home entry process. Although there are occasional issues, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, making my daily routine more convenient and efficient.

Would I recommend a smart home security system? Yes, if you value convenience and are open to occasional tech issues. It goes beyond locking doors; it merges physical security with the digital world, offering a glimpse into future living, despite challenges.

Smart Home Integration

August smart lock pro with connect dark gray wi fi keyless entry installed on door

Integrating the August Smart Lock Pro into my smart home setup has had its ups and downs. Here are some observations:

  • Pros:

  • Seamless HomeKit integration allowing voice commands through Siri on my Apple devices, including my Apple Watch.

  • Compatibility with other smart home gadgets like Nest and myQ enhances the unified control of home security.

  • Ability to share virtual keys with visitors and contractors, granting them access without physical key handovers.

  • Cons:

  • Occasional hiccups with auto-unlock predictability, requiring manual interaction.

  • Dependency on Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity can be problematic, especially if there are any network issues at home.

Starting with the advantages, unlocking my door by giving a command to Siri as I approach is an advanced feature. The HomeKit compatibility is reliable, providing a consistent experience within my smart home setup. This level of integration goes beyond convenience; it brings a sense of refinement and contemporary flair.

Another huge advantage is its compatibility with my other smart home devices. This feature enables Nest thermostats and myQ garage systems to communicate with the lock, streamlining security measures. For instance, leaving the house triggers the thermostats to adjust and the garage to secure simultaneously as the door locks behind me.

Now, for the downside. The auto-unlock feature can be unreliable, which is disappointing given the rest of the system’s consistency. I frequently check if the door has truly unlocked as I approach, undermining the “auto” in auto-unlock. Although rare, the dependence on a stable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection means any disruption can hinder the lock’s performance.

Another minor issue is the use of the August Connect module. I prefer Wi-Fi capabilities built into the lock itself for a simpler setup and fewer devices connected to my outlets. However, this is a small compromise for the convenience of remote access.

Despite these challenges, the benefits significantly outweigh the drawbacks. The ability to grant and manage access to my home remotely is priceless, especially when my schedule doesn’t permit me to be home for every visitor or delivery.

From a personal perspective, the August Smart Lock Pro suits my smart home concept: easy to use, connected, and subtly integrated. It functions like a digital doorman who recognizes when to unlock for me and grants access to authorized individuals, all while retaining the essential security of a physical key. A vital aspect of advanced home automation.

Potential Improvements

August smart lock pro with connect dark gray wi fi keyless entry in box

Living with the August Smart Lock Pro has significantly enhanced my minimalist lifestyle through the promotion of simplification and convenience. Daily routines have become streamlined as a result of this device, allowing me to focus on the essentials in my quest for a clutter-free and uncomplicated existence. However, there are areas for further improvement to make this device even more effective in promoting simplification:

  1. More Reliable Auto-Unlock: As a minimalist, I prefer devices that fit seamlessly into my daily life. However, the Auto-Unlock feature has been inconsistent, sometimes failing to recognize when I’ve arrived home. This results in a minor but frustrating inconvenience.

  2. Reduced Radius: The current auto-unlock feature engages when I’m within a 200-meter radius, which is too far for my small living space. A customizable and tighter radius would be an appreciated improvement.

  3. Wi-Fi: Including an external module for Wi-Fi integration seems needless. Having internal Wi-Fi capabilities would simplify setup and reduce physical and mental clutter, enhancing a minimalist appearance.

4. Dynamic Guest Access: Sending virtual keys to guests through August is beneficial, but the process could be improved. A guest without an August account should be able to obtain temporary access using a simpler method, preferably without installing an app. Integrating directly with phone contacts could make this feature more user-friendly and less disruptive.

  1. Improved Battery Indication: An advanced battery level indicator helps in predictive maintenance by providing early warnings, preventing unexpected battery replacement. This aligns with the minimalist ethos by eliminating last-minute scrambles.

6. Enhanced Customer Support: A more effective customer support system from August would have saved time during setup issues. Tech support should quickly determine if a device needs replacement.

  1. Improved Lock Design: Though it’s a small concern, the lock’s size is noticeable. A sleeker model would align with my preference for a minimalist living space.

In conclusion, despite some room for improvement, my experience with the August Smart Lock Pro has been mostly positive. Enhancements in automation, security, and discreetness would make it an even more desirable smart home accessory. The lock’s potential as a truly automated, secure, and unobtrusive device is almost achieved, and I am excited for future developments that align with these principles.

Amazon reviews often mention similar experiences, and I share the sentiment that, despite its flaws, the August Smart Lock Pro has become an indispensable part of my smart home setup.