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Wireless security simplified: My experience with the ELECCTV 2K QHD Wireless Security Cameras 3-Pack White (2024)

My thoughts on ELECCTV security cameras: installation ease, video clarity, real-world use, and customer support in a smart home context.

Emma Goodrich


January 2, 2024


I recently purchased the ELECCTV BW4 camera for my home security upgrade. I aimed for a seamless integration into my modern, clutter-free living space. Home safety is vital, and I required an uncomplicated system with minimal visual interference and efficient management. As a person prioritizing both a secure and streamlined environment, finding such a camera was imperative.


Property Value Property Value
Recommended Uses For Product Indoor/Outdoor Brand ELECCTV
Model Name BW4 Connectivity Technology Wireless
Special Feature 2K QHD (2304*1296), 2 Way Audio, Color Night Vision, Local Recording, Built In Light, Motion Se…


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Elecctv 2k qhd wireless security cameras 3 pack white camera Elecctv 2k qhd wireless security cameras 3 pack white phone Elecctv 2k qhd wireless security cameras 3 pack white camera Elecctv 2k qhd wireless security cameras 3 pack white unboxing Elecctv 2k qhd wireless security cameras 3 pack white camera


Setting Up My Security

Elecctv 2k qhd wireless security cameras 3 pack white front camera

After some thorough research, I chose the ELECCTV BW4 camera to improve my home security. I aimed for a dependable system without excessive complexity and a design that matched my minimalist home decor. Here’s what I discovered during my experience:

  • The impressive 5200mAh battery delivers extended Battery Life for uninterrupted camera operation. This means you can capture more moments without frequent recharging.

  • Connectivity: Setting up the 2.4 GHz WiFi connection was easy. I paired it with Alexa quickly, making it convenient for monitoring my home.

  • Installation: Setup was remarkably easy. With no wires to contend with, I attached the solar panel to a south-facing wall, and it was ready to go - a true plug-and-play experience.

  • IP65 Dust & Waterproof rated for enhanced protection: One of my devices, which boasts an IP65 Dust & Waterproof rating, had an unexpected encounter with water. Despite this incident, it seems to be an isolated occurrence and the device continues to function effectively, demonstrating the robustness of its design against potential water damage.

The advanced security features are noteworthy. The AI motion detection alerts me to possible threats, while two-way audio allows communication with visitors or deters unwanted guests. I value the siren and strobe light features for their additional deterrence.

The autonomy provided by the solar panel is one of the things I enjoyed most. Its environmentally friendly nature and requirement for no maintenance align perfectly with my minimalist beliefs. The peace of mind it gives me, free from worrying about power depletion, is a priceless benefit.

On the other hand, I encountered some issues with the camera failing to detect motion a few times. Although the free three-day cloud storage is beneficial, I chose to use a micro SD card for local storage instead to avoid extra costs. This solution has functioned effectively for me so far, but I might reconsider the long-term cloud storage option in the future.

Also, while the night vision is effective, it sometimes detects false motion from small insects at night. Adjusting sensitivity settings helps reduce these false detections, but finding the optimal configuration is an ongoing process.

The overall performance of the ELECCTV BW4 camera makes it a straightforward and effective home security solution, delivering reliable protection for your peace of mind. Its benefits, though not without minor hiccups, far outweigh any potential drawbacks, making this investment an astute decision for securing your property. The camera’s uncomplicated design further underscores its value as a dependable tool in ensuring straightforward and effective home security.

Video Quality & Features

Elecctv 2k qhd wireless security cameras 3 pack white with phone

When choosing a home security camera, video quality is vital for recognizing intruders or examining incidents. The ELECCTV BW4 exhibits both strengths and weaknesses in this aspect. Here’s my assessment:

  • Night Vision and Lighting: This camera’s night vision mode is impressive. It smoothly transitions between day and night, providing high-quality videos even in dim lighting conditions. The built-in light isn’t the strongest, but it enhances visibility during nighttime.

  • The Motion Sensor effectively detects movements and triggers recordings for review. Yet, I’ve experienced some instances where it didn’t sense motion as expected, which could pose an issue for those solely relying on it for security purposes.

  • Additional Features: This monitor offers beneficial extras such as two-way audio for interacting with visitors and intruder deterrents like alarm and strobe light options. Users can manage data through local micro SD card expansion or cloud storage, offering flexibility.

Despite these issues, I’ve encountered some problems. The motion sensor occasionally records falsely, requiring extra effort to filter through the data. I’ve experimented with various settings to reduce this occurrence but have yet to find a satisfactory solution. Additionally, although the device is marketed as IP65 Dust & Waterproof, I’ve noticed some reviews reporting water damage, causing concern regarding its durability in extreme weather conditions.

From a personal standpoint, the ELECCTV BW4 meets my requirements for home security monitoring. Its excellent video quality, dependable night vision, and additional security features make it a strong contender. I’m drawn to its solar panel feature due to my preference for sustainable and low-maintenance options. However, there is room for improvement, specifically in enhancing motion detection precision and verifying its durability against various weather conditions. Despite these concerns, I would still advocate for this camera, primarily due to its high-definition footage and adaptability for both daytime and nighttime use.

Real-world Performance

Elecctv 2k qhd wireless security cameras 3 pack white back of camera

I approached the ELECCTV Camera with a mix of optimism and caution. Here’s my assessment:

  • Long-Lasting Battery: The 5200mAh battery provides extended usage with 10-second recordings. Frequent charging was not a concern for me.

  • Visual Clarity: 2K image resolution is as crystal clear as promised. The Wide-Angle Lens provides extensive coverage of my outdoor space.

  • IP65 Dust and Waterproof Rating: This feature is crucial for me as it ensures the camera can withstand various weather conditions, providing peace of mind.

  • Security Measures: The siren and flashing lights are effective in deterring potential intruders. However, I have concerns about their sensitivity to false triggers such as bugs and moving shadows.

  • Connectivity: I experienced no problems connecting to the 2.4GHz WiFi network. The Alexa compatibility is beneficial for smooth integration into my smart home setup.

  • Customer Base: The brand serves over 7.8 million customers. This fact influenced my decision due to the added trust it brings.

My thoughts on this camera system’s real-world usage focus on practicality and productivity. The battery-powered design and solar panel alternative offer convenience that suits my minimalist lifestyle.

Now, for a quick pros versus cons:


  • Convenient solar panel power or long-lasting battery

  • High-quality 2K video with clear night vision.

  • Durable build quality and easy setup

  • Smart home integration with Alexa


    • Motion detection responsiveness needs improvement.
  • The solar panel’s light is a bit dim

  • I experienced issues with using app features that involve cloud access.

The app’s interface is simple and easy to use. I’ve found the two-way audio feature to be effective. However, I’ve experienced some issues with the motion detection not activating as anticipated and recording insignificant movements like bugs.

My eco-friendly mindset is perfectly aligned with the impressive wire-free solar power efficiency. This technology consistently delivers uninterrupted energy without the need for manual recharging or wired connections. Its ability to generate power sans wires embodies the concept of true wirelessness, making it a sustainable and convenient choice for harnessing clean energy.

While the camera’s design and video quality are impressive, I have concerns about its inconsistent motion detection and water resistance. The moisture trapped inside the device at times affects the image clarity, suggesting potential weaknesses in its waterproof capabilities.

Overall, for those considering quality, cost, and advanced features, the ELECCTV is an ideal choice for a minimalist and smart home setup. Despite its drawbacks, the device’s flexibility, ease of use, and smart integration outweigh the cons, making it a valuable addition to my home security system.

Customer Service Concerns

Elecctv 2k qhd wireless security cameras 3 pack white unboxing

In the quest for a smart home that ensures security while maintaining minimalism, I discovered the ELECCTV Camera to be an ideal choice. Its design and functions are uncomplicated, requiring little attention thanks to its solar panel power source and wireless setup.

Here are my main takeaways:

  • Setup simplicity: It’s a relief to avoid complicated wiring; the camera connected to my Wi-Fi and phone app with ease.

  • Effortless power: The solar panel means I don’t fret about charging batteries, aligning with a minimalist approach of ‘set and forget.’

  • Our service offers you flexibility in managing your data with both cloud and local storage solutions. By providing these cloud and local storage options, you are not obligated to buy extra equipment needlessly.

  • The admirable image quality of the 2K resolution and night vision system ensures clear footage, significantly enhancing security with crisp and high-definition images. This advanced feature is crucial in providing effective surveillance, enabling detailed identification of individuals or objects even during low-light conditions.

The use of Apple products comes with several advantages, such as robust hardware and efficient operation. Nevertheless, there are drawbacks that cannot be ignored. The main concern arises from the customer service experience. Despite the strengths of the hardware, timely assistance is indispensable when encountering issues. I’ve experienced challenges with iCloud and found support to be unresponsive and uninformed at times. It can be disheartening to face inaccessibility to crucial recorded footage due to slow or insufficiently knowledgeable support.

Moreover, the occasional misfire in motion detection, or complete misses, makes me question its reliability as a security measure, which is slightly unsettling. It’s like having a guard dog that sometimes sleeps on the job. And after all, isn’t the very essence of minimalism to have items that serve their purpose without causing additional stress?

In sum, if you’re considering an Elect CCTV camera for your home:

  1. Enjoy the ease of installation and the tidy setup - a high point for minimalism.
  2. Delight in the high-quality visual performance but temper your expectations regarding motion detection.
  3. Prepare for potential challenges with customer support, especially concerning cloud-based services.

Though it falls short on some aspects, the pros largely outweigh the cons, cementing its place in the modern, minimalist home keen on smart security. Remember to weigh these points, particularly the service component—it’s something many reviews emphasize and could make or break your experience.

For a smarter home, you need reliable technology backed by strong support, and while this product shines in the tech aspect, it’s a good reminder to always stay informed and prepared when considering tech solutions—know the strengths and the limitations.