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My review of the Wireless WiFi PIR Motion Sensor Alarm with 100dB Siren, USB, Alexa Compatible (2024)

My thoughts on the Wireless WiFi PIR Motion Sensor Alarm: feature-rich, smart home integration, and minimalist appeal.

John Goodrich


January 9, 2024


I recently integrated the SENCKIT WiFi PIR Motion Sensor into my smart home setup. As someone who appreciates both the convenience of smart home technology and the clean, uncluttered aesthetics of minimalism, finding a device that fits these criteria is important to me. This sensor promised to offer not just security but also the sleek functionality I look for in smart home devices.


Property Value Property Value
Brand SENCKIT Color White
Power Source Battery Powered Item Weight 3.52 Ounces
Maximum Range 40 Feet


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Wireless wifi pir motion sensor alarm with 100db siren, usb, alexa compatible 28 Wireless wifi pir motion sensor alarm with 100db siren, usb, alexa compatible 45 Wireless wifi pir motion sensor alarm with 100db siren, usb, alexa compatible 44 Wireless wifi pir motion sensor alarm with 100db siren, usb, alexa compatible 52


Product Features and Connectivity Options

Wireless wifi pir motion sensor alarm with 100db siren, usb, alexa compatible 1

As I examine the SENCKIT WiFi PIR Motion Sensor, I’m drawn to its diverse features addressing various requirements. Here are the main points:

  • Sound Light Alarm & APP Alerts: Upon detection of movement, the 100dB alarm and simultaneous app alert ensure I’m well informed.

  • Four Adjustable Modes: Easily customize the sensor for my needs with choices such as Sound and Light, Silent, No Light, and Secret.

  • Timing: Scheduling control is beneficial; it enables the device to operate according to my daily routine.

  • The “Tuya Smart”/“Smart Life” apps offer user-friendly interfaces and allow for APP Control without the need for a separate hub.

Without a doubt, the ability to control the sensor via an app, such as “Tuya Smart” or “Smart Life”, and its compatibility with Alexa adds a layer of comfort and modernity to my smart home environment. It’s convenient to make adjustments or check the status from anywhere, as long as there’s an internet connection. Moreover, the 90° detection and 360° flip design are thoughtful, covering a broad area up to 40 feet, so I can use one device instead of multiple to cover the same space, which aligns nicely with a minimalistic approach.

On the negative side, despite the sophisticated features, some criticisms cannot be disregarded. For example, sensitivity can be problematic; it’s adjusted to detect real movement but results in occasional false alarms, particularly in motionless areas.

Although the SENCKIT sensor is widely praised for its versatile connectivity features and ability to upgrade home appliances, it’s important to note that its compatibility with Alexa is limited. This means some advertised functions may not be accessible via voice commands, which could pose an issue for certain users.

Another area of disagreement is the loudness of the alarm. Some find it adequately loud, while others believe it’s too quiet. This factor is significant to consider, particularly when using it as a potential intruder deterrent.

When evaluating SENCKIT for my home automation project, I find its combination of connectivity and functionality to be quite appealing. Although some users have reported issues with certain features, I remain optimistic that future updates or new models will effectively address these concerns and further improve the device’s performance.

Installation and Power Management

Wireless wifi pir motion sensor alarm with 100db siren, usb, alexa compatible 2

Having recently added the Smart Wireless WiFi PIR Motion Sensor to my smart home setup, I found its installation and power management features impressive, albeit with some complexities. I aimed to integrate this device into my minimalist home design while improving security. This is how it went.

The motion sensor is easily placed and versatile in its installation. You can put it on a flat surface or mount it to a wall, making it suitable for various spaces. I chose the wall-mounting option, which was hassle-free and did not necessitate drilling or complex hardware.

When using the SENCKIT motion sensor for charging, you have two options:

  • Battery-powered for a wire-free setup

  • USB cable for continuous power

While using the **2*AAA batteries gives you the convenience of placing the sensor anywhere, it’s worth noting that frequent alarms can drain the batteries quickly**. This can be a bit of a drawback if you’re away often and can’t change the batteries as needed. It would be beneficial if the battery life was more robust or if there were a rechargeable option.

On the positive side, using the USB cable as a power source is convenient. I chose this method for ease and to prevent frequent battery replacements. However, the provided USB C power cable is rather short, which might restrict placement options if you don’t have a longer cable available.

To optimize energy usage, I utilized the timing function for the sensor. This feature enabled me to customize security settings according to my schedule, preventing unnecessary activation during normal activity periods. Ideal for those prioritizing sustainability and power conservation.

Another component to consider is the notification sound options on your phone or tablet. It would be advantageous to have more control over the notification sounds, such as a silent alert on the smartphone, to avoid disturbances when a discreet check is all that’s necessary.

Although it’s a minor gripe, I must mention that the product’s alarms aren’t exceedingly loud, which for some could be a drawback where a more noticeable deterrent is needed. However, for my purposes, the alert level was sufficient and not disruptive to my home’s serene environment.

In summary, the SENCKIT motion sensor is simple to install and offers considerate power options, although there’s room for enhancements in its user experience. It’s a worthwhile investment for those aiming for minimalism while ensuring home security within their smart living space.

Experience with Alerts and Alarms

Wireless wifi pir motion sensor alarm with 100db siren, usb, alexa compatible 3

In my investigation of the Smart Wireless WiFi PIR Motion Sensor, I’ve discovered both impressive features and limitations to consider. Here’s a summary:


  • The 100dB alarm and app notifications provide quick alerts when there’s unexpected motion.

  • Alexa compatibility improves hands-free use and provides additional convenience.

  • Customizable arming modes provide various options to suit individual preferences and situations. Users can choose between sound and light, silent, no light, or secret mode.

  • A Timing function for arming and disarming offers convenience in line with modern living.

  • Simple installation is a significant benefit, offering options for both flat placement and wall fixing.


  • Some users may find the device too sensitive, resulting in unnecessary alarms that can be Annoying and may undermine confidence in the system.

  • Battery life may not last long if the alarm is frequently triggered, necessitating use of the 5V USB adapter for power.

  • Integration with Alexa plays a significant role in managing smart home setups for many users. However, it is essential to note that the integration is not flawless, and some features are missing that could impact heavy users of Alexa considerably.

Personally, I prefer having a smart motion sensor for my home security system due to its intelligence. The Tuya Smart/Smart Life app is easy to operate, making the process of controlling and monitoring simpler. Instant alerts on my phone keep me updated about any activity at home, even when not present there.

However, some users have reported problems with false alarms and sensitivity issues, which can be significant concerns. I haven’t experienced these problems myself, as the sensor placement and mode settings work effectively in my surroundings.

The ability to power the device through USB has been my preferred method, primarily because of the limitations with battery longevity reported by other users. While not ideal for everyone, having access to power outlets where I need the sensors has been quite beneficial.

Despite the limitations in battery life and Alexa compatibility, this WiFi PIR motion sensor is an excellent choice for individuals seeking to upgrade their home security or interested in automating alerts for property movement. It may not meet every user’s expectations, but it has effectively added a layer of smart, adaptable security to my home.

Integration Challenges and Final Verdict

Wireless wifi pir motion sensor alarm with 100db siren, usb, alexa compatible 4

In the modern pursuit of a smart, minimalist home, devices like the WiFi PIR Motion Sensor hold the promise of high-tech security alongside sleek simplicity. However, integrating such devices into one’s daily life often comes with its unique set of challenges. Drawing from my hands-on experience, there are certainly highlights to mention yet some drawbacks that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Here’s a simple comparison:


  • No hub required for connectivity

  • Multiple arming modes

  • Remote control via app

  • Easy installation options

  • After-sales support


  • Potential for false alarms

  • The battery doesn’t last long without being plugged in.

  • Lack of full Alexa integration

As a minimalist, I appreciate the simplicity of using the Tuya Smart or Smart Life apps without a hub. These devices blend seamlessly into the background but become active when necessary. The four arming modes cater to various needs, reducing false alarms. However, they’re not completely reliable as some sensitive triggers have caused unexpected nighttime disturbances.

The ease of installation is a notable advantage. The SENCKIT sensor allows for both flat placement and wall fixing, making it convenient for keeping a tidy space. Its USB power option functions effectively as a temporary solution even during power outages.

From a user’s perspective, while the product features prompt notifications and remote control, its battery life is a concern, particularly when frequent alerts drain AAA batteries quickly. In contrast, the USB power cable provides a reliable solution for those who prefer avoiding battery changes.

The after-sales support and strong warranty are reassuring, even though they should be the norm. These benefits help mitigate the disappointment of Alexa’s limited compatibility, which could affect users deeply involved in the Alexa ecosystem.

Within a modern home, the SENCKIT WiFi PIR Motion Sensor functions as an effective security addition. Although it doesn’t make loud noises to announce its presence, it blends seamlessly into the living space. Its primary duties and the ease of remote control provide peace of mind. Nevertheless, extending battery life and addressing false alarms warrant further enhancements for optimal performance.