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My thoughts on the Ecolink Zigbee Wireless Siren Audio Detector (2024)

My thoughts on the Ecolink Zigbee Siren Audio Detector: setup, performance, support, and smart home integration.

John Goodrich


January 11, 2024


I recently decided to modernize my home safety system without undergoing a major overhaul. The Ecolink Zigbee Siren Audio Detector piqued my interest as it could integrate with my existing smoke alarms by detecting their sounds. This solution seemed ideal for my minimalist approach as it required minimal alterations to my living space and compatible with my home’s intelligent technology.


Property Value Property Value
Brand Ecolink Style modern
Power Source Battery Powered Color White
Item Weight 31 Grams Alarm Audible


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Initial Impressions & Compatibility

Ecolink zigbee wireless siren audio detector, white 1

As an enthusiast, I was drawn to the Ecolink Zigbee Siren Audio Detector. This device detects specific siren tones from UL-listed smoke detectors and alerts a compatible Zigbee hub. It’s a viable solution for those wanting to update their older smoke detectors without full replacement.

I appreciated that the detector worked with major hubs like Alexa Zigbee Hub (Echo Plus) and Samsung SmartThings. This allowed easy integration into my existing smart home setup.

Here’s a clear explanation of what grabbed my attention:

  • I’ve used the Brand Ecolink products before, renowned for their smart home devices.

  • Modern design in white: The device boasts a versatile Style & Color that seamlessly integrates with various home decors.

  • Battery-Powered: This feature allows for flexible installation. However, it’s essential to monitor battery levels regularly.

  • In my decision-making process, the appeal of Installation Simplicity played a crucial role. Having previously dealt with the intricacies of installing a complex module that demanded hardwiring, I deeply appreciated the ease and convenience that this aspect offered.

That said, the smoke detector’s test alarm wasn’t recognized by my unit, which could be problematic in an emergency. The battery status showed “Unknown,” causing minor annoyance over time.

I also experienced difficulties pairing the device with my Zigbee hub through HomeAssistant. Despite extensive troubleshooting, I couldn’t activate the device during alarm tests.

Despite the drawbacks, I remained hopeful. The detector’s capacity to receive signals from interconnected wired smoke alarms and send alerts to my monitoring system could improve my home security by integrating it with mine.

I want to be fair, but not every gadget functions perfectly right away. The instructions may need improvement, which could lead to pairing and usage issues. Additionally, the temperature reporting feature appears useful, but it requires precision for full effectiveness.

While I’m concerned about the hit-and-miss experience, the sales team’s responsiveness to replace my unit with a Z-wave version, which is reportedly more reliable, softens the blow. This level of customer support is encouraging, although it’s worth noting that even the Ecolink tech support suggests opting for the Z-wave variant over the Zigbee.

In summary, this device holds great promise for those seeking to combine traditional safety features with modern smart home technology. The setup process and reliability presented some issues initially, but the underlying concept remains strong. It’s a gadget worth considering, though it may require patience and additional support from customer service to reach its full potential.

Installation & Setup Experience

Ecolink zigbee wireless siren audio detector, white 2

When integrating the Ecolink Zigbee Siren Audio Detector into my home automation system, I encountered a mix of smooth and difficult experiences. Here’s what transpired:

  • The Ecolink device, known for its exceptional ease of installation, is renowned in the industry for this key feature. With its battery-powered design and sound detection technology, setting it up is a breeze compared to my past hard-wired modules. The ease of installation allows users to save time and resources without compromising security or performance.

  • The Pairing Process with the detector can be problematic. Despite claims of compatibility with hubs like Alexa Zigbee and Samsung SmartThings, some users, including me, encountered difficulties getting the device recognized.

  • Instruction Clarity: The instructions could use some improvement. They’re on the cryptic side, making initial setup a bit of a puzzle which can fray nerves if you’re not tech-savvy.

As I went through the setup process, finding the right position was crucial for the detector to consistently pick up audio from my smoke alarms. It required some experimentation to determine the best spot.

The detector’s color is white, making it suitable for various environments. Weighing only 31 grams, the detector’s light design allows for effortless ceiling installation.

A major advantage is this device’s modern design, which blends seamlessly with my minimalist living space. It effectively connects my traditional smoke alarms with my SmartThings setup.

However, in testing the product, I encountered some issues. The smoke detector’s test alarm didn’t elicit a response from it, and the sensor refused to change from “Clear” despite the siren blaring loudly. I contacted Ecolink’s tech support, which was an inconsistent experience. They acknowledged similar problems and suggested switching to the Z-Wave version, indicating their awareness of this flaw.

Moreover, while the alarm is audible, it’s not as responsive as expected. I found myself needing to trigger it with a louder-than-normal siren at times. Additionally, the promised battery status and tamper signal reporting features were ineffective during my use, leaving me uncertain about the detector’s life span.

Yet, despite its drawbacks, this device enhances my home’s safety by alerting my monitoring systems when an alarm sounds. It fills a gap left by my interconnected wired smoke alarms.

Overall, the Ecolink detector offers straightforward installation and a sleek design as its advantages. However, it also has drawbacks such as finicky connectivity and fewer features than promised. Considering these points, users should assess whether they align with their specific requirements before making a purchase decision.

Performance & Reliability Issues

Ecolink zigbee wireless siren audio detector, white 3

In my quest to connect my traditional smoke detectors to my smart home system, the Ecolink Zigbee Siren Audio Detector seemed like a suitable option. This device aims to merge old safety equipment with contemporary smart home technology. However, despite its modern appearance and appealing features, the device has encountered some performance and reliability issues that require resolution.

Here’s a breakdown of my experience:

  • Simple Setup: This sound-activated link to my smart hub is easily set up. No need for wiring, and it’s battery-powered, making installation quick and effortless.

  • Compatibility: It’s designed to work with popular systems like Alexa and Samsung SmartThings, which ensures it should fit seamlessly into many smart home setups.

  • Performance Hiccups: Struggles with pairing and activating during alarm events have been notable. Whether this is a software glitch or a hardware misstep, it’s something potential users should be aware of.

  • Experiencing Test Mode Trepidation when smoke detectors emit test alarms can cause apprehension. Delving deeper into the intricacies of this mode would help alleviate the uncertainty and provide clearer alarm feedback.

Despite the issues, the Ecolink Audio Detector offers advantages. Its contemporary design and white color blend well with home interiors. The audible alarm is a practical feature. Additionally, the device can send a signal to your Zigbee HUB during an emergency, theoretically enabling your smart system to respond accordingly.

Battery power is a feature with benefits and drawbacks. It simplifies installation without wiring, but requires regular battery replacement to maintain detector functionality. The lightweight 31-gram design makes it discreet for placement in optimal spots without causing noticeable disturbance.

Feedback from users revealed mixed experiences with customer support. Some reported positive interactions, while others encountered issues with the detector’s performance. Ecolink’s readiness to exchange units and offer assistance is commendable – effective customer service can be a valuable asset when dealing with technical difficulties.

In summary, the Ecolink Zigbee Siren Audio Detector aims to blend old safety methods with modern technology. However, its performance and reliability concerns may discourage users who prioritize absolute dependability in their home security systems. As smart home tech advances, it’s essential that devices meet high-performance standards for seamless integration into our overall security infrastructure.

Customer Support & Final Verdict

Ecolink zigbee wireless siren audio detector, white 4

When using technology in a home automation setup, the desire for ease and productivity can result in some annoyance, especially when gadgets and customer service fall short of expectations. My experience with the Ecolink Zigbee Siren Audio Detector yielded contrasting emotions.

Here are the essential points about my customer support experience and the product:

  • Ecolink’s Responsive Sales Team stands out. They promptly addressed my concerns, even replacing my unit with a Z-wave version without complications.

  • Ecolink’s technical team acknowledged product issues, but their interactions with Ecolink’s Technical Support team add a layer of complexity. While transparency is valued, reliance on effective Technical Support is crucial for addressing these concerns and alleviating doubts about the product’s limitations.

  • Functionality with Monitoring Systems: A major plus is the device’s ability to connect wired alarms to my Cox Homelife system. The added layer of safety with monitoring center notification is undeniably valuable.

  • I experienced significant Pairing and Execution Hurdles while attempting to connect the device with my hub, resulting in inconsistent alarm detection.

My leaning is towards appreciating this device’s benefits despite its operational challenges. Innovative and aligned with minimalistic principles, it connects older smoke detection systems to modern smart hubs without requiring a full system replacement. This approach saves resources and reduces additional costs.

In conclusion, the Ecolink Zigbee Siren Audio Detector is a suitable choice for those looking to enhance their homes with smart technology using existing infrastructure. However, its functionality and dependability require enhancement. The company’s customer support is commendable, demonstrating their commitment to their customers. Yet, the product should ideally operate more smoothly after purchase.

If your interest lies in connecting legacy systems to your smart home, and you have the time and problem-solving abilities for potential challenges, this device could be a good fit. Stay informed about product updates and consider waiting for future versions for an easier experience.