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Review: Trying out the HOIDURY Home Security System (8-Piece WiFi Alarm Kit) - (2024)

My thoughts on HOIDURY Home Security System: easy setup, smart app, customizable options, and dependable for my minimalist smart home.

John Goodrich


January 22, 2024


I recently purchased the HOIDURY WiFi Alarm Kit for my home security. I quite value simplicity and effectiveness - hence this system appealed to me as it promised to keep my house safe without adding unnecessary clutter. The setup process and app control is quite user-friendly as well as customization options - more on this below.


Property Value Property Value
Brand HOIDURY Color Home Alarm
Power Source AC/DC Compatible Devices Smartphone
Item Dimensions LxWxH 7.32 x 6.6 x 3.6 inches


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Hoidury home security system, 8 piece wifi alarm kit side Hoidury home security system, 8 piece wifi alarm kit in box Hoidury home security system, 8 piece wifi alarm kit installed Hoidury home security system, 8 piece wifi alarm kit installed on door


Product Setup Experience

Hoidury home security system, 8 piece wifi alarm kit installed

Embarking on the journey of outfitting my home with the HOIDURY WiFi Alarm Kit presented a blend of simplicity and the occasional challenge that one might anticipate with any tech setup. Having heard the horror stories of smart home installations gone awry, I faced this task with both excitement and a twinge of apprehension.

Initial Impressions:

  • The package arrived with a sturdy base station. The instructions didn’t suggest a delicate gadget; it appeared capable and prepared for its task.

  • The Free SmartLife App is easily obtainable with no hidden charges.

  • I opened the package to find the base station, sensors, and two remotes inside, suggesting a straightforward setup process.

Starting with the base station, I was happy to find all accessories paired. I didn’t need to spend time syncing everything up manually. However, establishing a stable connection to my 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network was crucial and required some patience. My router presented some challenges, necessitating troubleshooting steps. But with the helpful guidance from the app, I successfully linked the device.

The physical installation of door and window sensors was straightforward. Their design featured a strong adhesive backing, eliminating the need for wall drilling. However, aligning the sensors within the 0.4-inch requirement demanded precision and a steady hand.

The Highlight of My Setup Experience:

  • Simple installation: No tools required, instructions are clear.

  • Immediate functionality: Sensors and base station worked seamlessly out of the box.

  • No Subscription Fees: Use this app without any ongoing costs. Its design is easy to navigate.

  • Expandability: The accessory addition capability is impressive, enabling up to 99 accessories.

There were some issues I encountered. The device required a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection, which temporarily affected my router’s performance. Furthermore, the anti-tamper feature during setup was excessively sensitive, causing a false alarm as I adjusted the base station’s position.

Ensuring the backup power switch is on activates the five-hour battery. This step provides reassurance, but don’t forget to charge it initially.

I appreciated that each sensor’s LED indicator signaled both successful operation and low battery status. This detail ensured system functionality and integrity.

The HOIDURY WiFi Alarm Kit, despite a few simple setup steps, proved to be an effective addition to my home security system. Its expandability, which appealed to me as a tech enthusiast, and user-friendly design, perfectly suited my minimalist lifestyle, making my experience with the HOIDURY WiFi Alarm Kit less intimidating than challenging.

Smart Features & App

Hoidury home security system, 8 piece wifi alarm kit side

As a tech-savvy individual, I was drawn to the HOIDURY WiFi Alarm Kit due to its smart features and app integration in my quest to join the smart home movement. The free SmartLife App that comes with this kit is a major advantage for me as it not only manages all components of the system but also offers the convenience of being no-subscription-required – a significant contrast to the monthly fees common in many other home security systems.

Here’s what struck me about the app and its smart features:

  • Push Notifications are an essential feature on my phone, providing me with real-time updates on various events. I receive these Push Notifications for instances such as a door being opened or a sensor’s battery running low. These timely alerts keep me informed and allow me to take prompt action when necessary.

  • Remote Control Functionality: With the remote control feature, I can arm or disarm the system using my smartphone, ensuring security even when I’m away.

  • With Custom Alerts in place, each sensor in the app can be named for personalized alert notifications. This feature allows you to easily identify which location requires your attention when an alert is triggered.

The system’s expandability is a notable feature. It begins with an 8-piece kit, allowing up to 99 additional accessories for expansion. This flexibility accommodates various home sizes and security requirements by incorporating extra sensors or sirens as needed.

However, using a 2.4GHz WiFi network for security cameras has a disadvantage. Some modern routers favor the faster 5GHz band. This may cause compatibility problems for users with advanced networking setups. Additionally, while not having monthly fees is an advantage, it eliminates the possibility of utilizing professional monitoring services that some users might want for enhanced security.

Installation was easy with all accessories included. The anti-tamper feature is a useful security measure that sets off an alarm if someone tries to move the base station.

Furthermore, the device sharing feature of the SmartLife App is noteworthy. It enables family members to manage the system and receive alarm notifications. This collaboration enhances home security responsibility, a beneficial aspect I highly value.

On balance, the HOIDURY WiFi Alarm Kit offers a convenient and customizable home security solution without extra costs. Its features include ease of use with the app, providing peace of mind for users. The system is an effective modernization choice for those aiming to improve their home defense strategy while maintaining simplicity.

Security System Customization

Hoidury home security system, 8 piece wifi alarm kit in box

As I explored home security systems, my focus was on customization. A system should adapt to your house design and specific security needs. The HOIDURY WiFi Alarm Kit stood out for me due to its flexible setup. Here’s why:

  • Expandability: The standard kit includes sufficient sensors for most doors and windows in an average-sized home. For larger homes or those with unique layouts, up to 99 additional accessories can be added.

  • I used the user-friendly SmartLife App, with its controls providing an intuitive interface for managing my system from a distance. The SmartLife App offered me a hassle-free experience and came with the added benefit of being free, saving me any unnecessary monthly fees. With this convenient app control at my disposal, I was able to easily arm and disarm it as needed.

  • Utilizing Sensor Naming in customizing sensors is advantageous as it facilitates swift identification of the affected area when an alert occurs. By clearly labeling each sensor, this practice saves time and eliminates guesswork about which window or door to inspect first.

Despite all the advantages, there are some drawbacks. The system uses a standard 2.4GHz WiFi network, but this can be problematic if my network is not working or if it doesn’t work well with advanced mesh networks.

One of the notable features is the anti-tamper alarm. This feature alerts when someone tries to disable or remove a device, enhancing security. Not all systems provide this level of protection.

I monitored battery levels carefully to prevent dead sensors. The kit includes low battery notifications but I prefer longer battery life for less maintenance.

Integrating with Alexa was straightforward. I could now use voice commands to control the system, adding a contemporary feature towards a smart home.

The panic button provides me with essential safety. In an emergency, I can activate an alarm promptly, ensuring swift response.

In essence, the HOIDURY kit provides numerous features for creating a DIY home security system. Although there are areas for improvement, the customization options give me control, making my house safer and adapted to my routine.

Reliability & Performance

Hoidury home security system, 8 piece wifi alarm kit installed on door

In my quest for a secure yet minimalist smart home, I’ve put the HOIDURY WiFi Alarm Kit to the test. Over time, I’ve come to appreciate its solid performance and reliability, albeit with a few hitches along the way. Here’s a rundown of my experiences:

  • Reliability: The system functions consistently. Sensor triggers are prompt, and app notifications are delivered in a timely manner. I feel secure knowing my home is effectively monitored through this smart security system.

  • Performance: The siren emits a loud sound of 100dB, acting as an effective deterrent for intruders and alerting neighbors. Its sensor range is extensive, ensuring swift responsiveness for the system.

  • Battery Performance: Low battery alerts help prevent unexpected sensor shutdowns. The base station’s backup battery provides reassurance during power failures.

  • User-Friendly Experience: The integration of the system with the SmartLife app is smooth, enabling arm/disarm functions from any location. Customizing sensor labels and granting control to family members enhances the overall user experience.

However, installation can be challenging if you’re not tech-savvy. The sensors’ setup gap must be precise to function correctly. The components have average build quality, functioning well but lacking a premium feel. The system is compatible only with 2.4GHz WiFi networks.

For me, the HOIDURY WiFi Alarm Kit is an ideal addition to my home due to its essential features without unnecessary extras. I appreciate its cost-effective security solution with no monthly fee or contract.

Ultimately, while there are room for improvements, the HOIDURY WiFi Alarm Kit generally meets my requirements for a home security system. It’s easy to use yet efficient, providing both DIY flexibility and smart features that complement contemporary minimalist lifestyles.