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My experience using the GLOBE Smart Motion Detector (2024)

My thoughts on GLOBE Smart Motion Detector: setup ease, practicality, compatibility issues, battery life in a minimalist smart home.

Emma Goodrich


January 19, 2024


I recently added a GLOBE Suite to my home. Below are my thoughts on it.


Property Value Property Value
Brand Globe Electric Color White
Power Source Battery Powered Maximum Range 6 Meters
Mounting Type Wall Mount


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Globe smart motion detector wi fi battery operated white out of box Globe smart motion detector wi fi battery operated white boxed Globe smart motion detector wi fi battery operated white unpacked front view


Setting Up GLOBE Suite

Globe smart motion detector wi fi battery operated white unpacked front view

Jumping into home automation was an exciting experience for me, with gadgets promising to make life easier. I embarked on this journey with the GLOBE Suite setup for my home. Attracted by the convenience of controlling everything from one place, I found the setup process relatively simple, despite requiring some patience. Here’s a summary:

Download the App: Get the GLOBE SUITE™ App from the app store. The process was straightforward for me, similar to downloading any other app.

Syncing your smart devices with your smartphone is an exhilarating experience, transporting you into the future. The seamless integration of Sync Smart Devices feels like stepping into a technologically advanced world. Experience lights turning on in response to your presence – that’s the joy of living in a smart home.

Control Home Remotely: Manage your home from any distance for enhanced security and convenience.

Of course, there were challenges when trying to sync the device with Alexa. The motion detector needed to remain active on the network, but it didn’t. This was disappointing as I had assumed it would work smoothly based on the product information.

While some people might find this feature a deal-breaker, I was still eager to discover the benefits of using this device on its own. For example, entering a room and having the lights turn on automatically is a modern convenience. The GLOBE SUITE app’s Trigger and Automatic Scene features add a personalized touch to my home automation experience. However, it’s important to note that for optimal customization, you may need to invest in Globe Electric’s full product range.

In the device’s defense, I encountered some challenges. Apart from the Alexa incompatibility issue, the sensor’s habit of disconnecting from WiFi was perplexing. It frequently reported weak signal strength regardless of its proximity to the router. Moreover, the battery life raised concerns. Replacing batteries frequently could undermine the convenience it provides.

In conclusion, the GLOBE Suite shows promise but comes with some drawbacks. If you don’t require third-party integrations like Alexa and are willing to work within the same brand, there are several exciting features for you in the future of smart homes. However, be ready to face some challenges during the process.

Practical Use Cases

Globe smart motion detector wi fi battery operated white out of box

The GLOBE Smart Motion Detector, a vital component in automating my home, continuously monitors and alerts me of any movement within its range when I’m away. This device not only enhances convenience by turning on lights as I enter rooms but also adds an essential layer of protection against potential intruders or accidents. Furthermore, it ensures that all appliances are off when I leave, thereby streamlining my daily routine and saving energy.

Here’s a description of my experiences:

  • Receiving notifications on my phone about home movement in real-time while I’m away is reassuring. These timely alerts keep me informed and provide peace of mind, allowing me to stay connected to my property through constant updates even when I’m not physically present.

  • Custom scenes setup: I appreciate being able to set scenes to control multiple devices with a single command or condition-based triggers.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. While the initial setup was straightforward, the integration with other devices and platforms like Alexa turned out to be a sticking point. It’s a shame since I was looking forward to integrating it into my broader smart home ecosystem.

Another point to consider is the placement of the motion detector. The detection range is sufficient, but its performance heavily relies on where it’s installed. It performs optimally in areas with frequent activity where movement is likely.

Despite these challenges, a motion detector is valuable in a smart home. It turns on hallway lights when you enter with groceries, saving you the hassle of finding switches. Alerts are sent when pets access restricted areas, adding convenience and peace of mind.

Here’s a reflective list of my experiences: Positive:

  • Receiving motion alerts while away keeps me informed about my home security.

  • Customizable scenes mean I can cater the smart home experience to my particular needs. Downside:

  • Lack of consistent third-party integration is a missed opportunity for broader home automation.

  • Motion detection sensitivity and response time can be hit or miss, which affects the overall reliability.

In terms of additional GLOBE smart devices, I’ve had positive experiences with their plugs. Setup was easy, and integration with Google Assistant worked smoothly. However, there is room for improvement to ensure that all devices, such as the motion detector, match these standards of compatibility and user-friendliness.

Overall, while the GLOBE Smart Motion Detector may be beneficial, your experience could vary based on your integration expectations and performance needs. Consider if it matches your smart home concept before making a purchase.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Globe smart motion detector wi fi battery operated white boxed

In the world of smart homes, it’s crucial to have minimalist devices that work harmoniously together for an organized and productive living space. The GLOBE Smart Motion Detector, with its sleek design and unobtrusive presence, claims to deliver this – a streamlined, interconnected experience. However, a key factor in these devices is their ability to connect and collaborate seamlessly with your existing minimalist smart home setup.

Here’s the rub:

  • The ability to control smart devices from anywhere is a substantial advantage, offering Ease of Access and convenience. The GLOBE SUITE™ App is simple and user-friendly, eliminating the need for a hub and consequently contributing to a clutter-free environment. I strongly value a minimalist setup.

  • WiFi Connectivity at 2.4 GHz frequency is widely used and compatible, making it a convenient choice for many users. Nevertheless, one can find it frustrating that the connection isn’t always stable, especially for those who prefer keeping all their devices connected continuously.

  • Direct App Control: Managing triggers and scenes directly through the app is convenient for automation tasks.

Despite the promising concept, the implementation of automation using this device unfortunately faces an Alexa compatibility issue. I had anticipated hands-free voice control for seamless integration with my Alexa-enabled home system. However, my experience has been far from ideal as there appears to be a disconnection between the device and Alexa. The promised capabilities don’t align with the reality of my usage.

Moreover, setting up the device with either 3M tape or mounting kit is easy. However, its connectivity and compatibility with other devices need improvement. Although it functions well for notification of movement on its own, lacking integration with broader smart home systems like Alexa or Google Home reduces its appeal.

It’s not only issues for those in the GLOBE ecosystem with the motion detector. The unpredictable motion detection, as well as concerns about the sensor’s responsiveness and lag time, need consideration.

In the smart home context, ensuring new devices work well with your existing setup is crucial for an efficient and seamless experience. The GLOBE Smart Motion Detector holds promise but falls short in essential aspects of connectivity and compatibility.

Battery and Performance Concerns

Opened smart motion detector with battery icon displaying low power

In the field of home automation, people aim for convenience and efficient house management. I’ve purchased the GLOBE Smart Motion Detector due to its ability to initiate movement-activated scenes in my life. The appeal of turning on lights when entering a room or receiving alerts on my phone while away was compelling for my smart home and minimalist interests. However, like any technology, striking a balance between features and practical usage is essential.

Let’s discuss my thoughts on performance:

  • Battery Life: The battery life of the GLOBE motion detector is a significant concern. Replacing batteries frequently is inconvenient and goes against the purpose of having a minimalistic, ‘set and forget’ system.

  • Motion detector: The device can detect motion up to a range of 6 meters. However, the delay in activating connected devices can be frustrating. Instead of prompt illumination upon entering a room, you may have to wait in dimly lit conditions while the sensor responds.

  • Reliability issue: I’ve found that this device doesn’t consistently detect movement. Sometimes it fails to pick up motion until you’re very close, which can be annoying.

However, it’s not all negative. Here are the reasons I stay engaged:

  • The experience of setting up the app through its interface was exemplified by the term “Ease of Setup.” For me, it was a straightforward and uncomplicated process.

  • App Functionality: The GLOBE SUITE™ App facilitates setting up scenarios and activating them with motion detection effectively.

  • Design and Mounting: The device itself is unobtrusive, and mounting it is a breeze, keeping in line with a minimalistic aesthetic.

So why continue using GLOBE for smart home automation despite its challenges? The idea of a tidier living space and the benefits of reliable smart triggers keep me optimistic for future enhancements. For those embarking on this journey with GLOBE, be aware of the issues surrounding battery life and connectivity.

For minimalists who value efficiency and simplicity, consider if this device enhances or diminishes your setup. I appreciate the security of knowing that my house will detect any unusual movement, even with its responsiveness issues.

In summary, the GLOBE Smart Motion Detector is a useful device for creating a minimalist and automated home. However, its battery life and performance should be carefully considered to ensure a hassle-free smart environment.