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Great smart security system: the Abode 4-Piece (2024)

My thoughts on the Abode 4-Piece Smart Security System: easy setup, integration, customization, and reliable smart home security with minimalism.

Mary Goodrich


January 8, 2024


I recently obtained the Abode Smart Security System and have been testing its capabilities. As a person who prioritizes smart home technology while maintaining a minimalist living space, my goal was to discover a security system that could harmoniously integrate into my life. The key requirements were offering intelligent functions and effortless expandability, all without adding clutter or complicating my routine.


Property Value Property Value
Brand abode Color Black and White
Power Source Battery Powered Compatible Devices Smartphone
Connectivity Technology Wireless


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Abode 4 piece smart security system   homekit, z wave, zigbee front Abode 4 piece smart security system   homekit, z wave, zigbee installing Abode 4 piece smart security system   homekit, z wave, zigbee installed


Smart System Setup

Abode 4 piece smart security system homekit, z wave, zigbee installed

The process of setting up the Abode Smart Security System was an engaging experience. The system includes a central security hub, motion sensor, key fob, and mini door/window sensors. Featuring a built-in 93dB siren, the hub exuded robustness and added peace of mind to my home security setup. The hub’s compatibility with Ethernet for connectivity increased my confidence in the system’s stability, while its backup battery ensured uninterrupted operation during power outages. Additionally, the integration with voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri enabled voice controls, adding a futuristic touch to my home environment.

Here’s a clear explanation of my first impressions:

  • Setup Experience: The setup process was simpler than expected. Clear instructions guided me through each step, and all components paired successfully.

  • The compatibility and expandability of our smart home solution with Apple HomeKit significantly broaden the ecosystem’s scope and streamline customization. With this feature, adding new sensors or cameras to your system is an uncomplicated process that ensures seamless integration into your existing setup.

  • Affordable Professional Monitoring is a beneficial feature. Its reliability, though, can only be fully assessed through extended use.

Connecting additional devices, such as Z-Wave and Zigbee accessories, enhanced my home’s smart capabilities. The key fob and mini door/window sensor were popular additions due to their ease of use and effectiveness. Adding sensors was a straightforward process, eliminating the requirement for professional installation.

Downsides? While the system may require a higher upfront investment, the savings come from low monitoring fees. Keep in mind that efficiency of professional monitoring can differ between systems. I’ve had no dispatch problems with Abode yet, but remain vigilant as issues can occur in any system.

If you own an alarm system from Vivint or ADT and have encountered issues with triggering, you may need to reach out to these companies for assistance. However, based on my personal experience, Abode’s customer support has been prompt and effective in addressing any concerns. Keep in mind that delays are possible when contacting Vivint or ADT about incident handling.

A more straightforward issue for me was the outdoor siren. I struggled with the settings before discovering a mislabeled option that kept the strobe light from sounding. It required a call to support, and it was identified as a known glitch.

In summary, my experience with the Abode system was generally good, with only minor issues that didn’t significantly affect its functionality. The system’s potential for expansion makes it an attractive option for those seeking a smart home security solution without the need for a professional installer’s schedule. Its ability to grow and adapt to new technologies ensures long-term effectiveness and improvements, which I remain hopeful about with the expected updates of the Abode Smart Security System.

Integration with Smart Home

Abode 4 piece smart security system homekit, z wave, zigbee front

Integrating a smart home security system, specifically Abode Smart Security System, enhances my living space by combining convenience and safety. Abode seamlessly connects with popular platforms such as Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant. This multifunctionality offers flexibility and control that I value in my daily life.


  • With Apple’s broad compatibility emphasis, you can effectively control and monitor your system using the iOS Home app. This feature ensures seamless integration for all Apple users, allowing for the convenient management of various devices and applications across different platforms.

  • Interconnectivity: As it serves as a Z-Wave and Zigbee hub, connecting a variety of other smart home devices becomes relatively straightforward and centralized.

  • Voice Control: With voice commands through Alexa or Google Assistant, you can easily control the system: arm or disarm it without having to use your hands.


  • Initial Setup Hiccups: While generally user-friendly, the initial pairing with some third-party devices may require a bit of troubleshooting.

  • To enhance the mobile app experience, App Improvements are necessary, particularly in advanced features such as geofencing for seamless integration. These improvements will ensure a more efficient and user-friendly interaction between users and the application.

From a personal perspective, the Abode system allows me to customize alerts and automate tasks based on my location. This feature makes the system feel responsive and effective in addressing security concerns without requiring my continuous attention. Checking on my home using my smartphone is convenient and provides peace of mind without the need for a complicated learning process.

However, I encountered some small issues while configuring specific features, like the outdoor siren’s strobe light. Fortunately, these problems should be resolved with future firmware updates, which Abode has committed to releasing.

Overall, the Abode Smart Security System is a strong choice for a secure and connected home. Setting it up with other smart home devices can be done smoothly, but may take some time and technical expertise. A few issues occurred during the setup process, but I’m more impressed by its advantages than put off by its disadvantages. I anticipate improvements from future updates.

Customization and Expansion

Abode 4 piece smart security system homekit, z wave, zigbee installing

Having set up my Abode Smart Security System, I was impressed by its flexibility and customization options. The basic package provided a good starting point, but I could expand the system to suit my specific needs. The variety of additional sensors and devices I could integrate is impressive, though initially overwhelming.

Here are the essential points for personalizing and augmenting the system:

  • Expandable: The base kit includes essential components, but I’ve added sensors for every door and window, plus a couple of extra motion sensors.

  • Compatibility: It operates with both Z-Wave and Zigbee protocols, which opens up a wide selection of third-party accessories.

  • As an Apple user, obtaining HomeKit Certification for my devices is highly beneficial. This certification ensures seamless integration with my existing iOS ecosystem, allowing me to control and manage my smart home devices in a user-friendly way through Siri or the Home app.

  • I chose Professional Monitoring for my security system. This means emergency services are notified automatically if needed, although I haven’t had to use this feature yet.

The customization doesn’t just stop at the hardware; tweaking settings within the Abode app allows for personalization of the security system’s response. I’ve had to play around with the settings a bit, particularly with the outdoor siren strobe, which was a bit buggy at first. Thankfully, a workaround was available, and Abode’s customer support was helpful in resolving this.

Now, the system comes with a significant investment, but its value becomes clear with affordable monitoring fees compared to competitors. Keep in mind that costs may increase when adding new devices to the system, which is important if you have budget constraints. Adding devices is usually straightforward, but the geofencing feature in the app has been inconsistent for me. Although the concept of automating home security based on my location is appealing, it doesn’t always disarm as intended, resulting in unwanted alarms.

My experience with the system has been mostly positive, and the process of attaching sensors and expanding it has been easier than with my previous systems. Despite a few issues, such as the louder base station compared to Nest Secure and ADT, I feel more secure. Most concerns can be addressed through firmware updates, making me hopeful for future functionality improvements. Setting up new sensors is a straightforward process that I appreciate, especially in comparison to more restrictive systems of the past.

The exploration of the Abode Smart Security System’s customization and expansion possibilities reveals its forward-thinking design. It goes beyond current functionalities, offering potential for a personalized smart and secure home.

Performance and Reliability

An open door with a sensor attached highlighting the alarm activation

In my experience, the performance and reliability of the Abode Smart Security System have been mostly positive, with just a few hiccups along the way. As I delve deeper into my use of the system, I’ve uncovered some notable aspects:

  • High-Quality Equipment: Abode doesn’t compromise on manufacturing their equipment. The keypad is robustly built, and the sensors function effectively. Each component appears meticulously crafted.

  • Highly Responsive Sensors: These sensors respond quickly and accurately to every action. They ensure nothing is missed, providing immediate alerts if necessary, enhancing my feeling of security.

  • The base station’s siren, featuring a notably high siren volume of up to 110 decibels, is significantly louder than ADT and Nest Secure models. Siren Volume: this distinct feature is an essential aspect in emergency situations, as it effectively alerts neighbors and draws attention to the location of the alarm activation.

  • Expanding the System: I can easily add new sensors or cameras to my security setup without requiring professional assistance. This is beneficial as it allows for flexibility in upgrading the system according to my needs.

I’ve experienced some inconveniences with my security system, but they aren’t major problems. The keypad can be unresponsive at times, which is frustrating. There have also been occasional issues with the alarm system, such as needing to adjust settings for the outdoor siren strobe to function correctly. The motion sensor with camera doesn’t offer high resolution images, but that’s reasonable given it’s battery-operated and primary function is to detect motion.

The most problematic aspect is the app’s geofencing feature. It doesn’t work consistently, sometimes failing to deactivate the system when I’m near home. I believe this can be resolved through software updates.

Moreover, the professional monitoring option is beneficial in many ways. It’s an affordable and dependable choice that ensures help will be dispatched quickly if required.

From a simplified perspective, the system easily blends into my home without excess gadgets or intricate configurations. The unobtrusive designs of the sensors and hub take up minimal space. Additionally, the system’s flexibility allows me to only incorporate what’s essential.

Overall, the Abode Smart Security System effectively suits a smart home and minimalist lifestyle. It’s an efficient, unobtrusive, and customizable choice. Despite some issues, its sense of security and ease of use outweigh these minor concerns. If future software updates rectify existing worries, it could merit a perfect rating.